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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Divine Encounters of the Angelic Kind

Have you ever met an angel? In my life, I have had numerous encounters with these magnificent creatures. Whether it's a garden cherub, an antique religious relic or another divine objet d'art, these mysterious entities have enchanted my heart. However, in honor of the month of February when the ubiquitous cherub abounds and strikes lovers' hearts, I would like to honor a new friend who has been a real life angel for me. Sherry from Edie Marie's Attic has walked me through some of the many steps to enhance my blog. Merci mille fois mon amie, mon ange! She is a beautiful woman who will most definitely have a place among the angels for her amitié in this life to a complete stranger. Therefore I am bestowing upon her the prestigious Angel Award from Castles Crowns and Cottages for reaching out with acts of kindness and friendship! You shall receive a real crown that will not tarnish from the King of Kings! Please visit her gorgeous blog and get to know her wit and charm at
Acts of kindness cannot be produced by a stone relic or artistic respresentation; charity is of flesh and blood and will resonate in our memories for a life time and continue into eternity. Art however, has attempted to freeze in time the beauty of angels, and here are some of my favorites.
The intense colors and textures of the subject and purity of the dove's white glow in Stillman's Love's Messenger (1885) recussitate an angel. Next, a series of magnificent home and garden angels take center stage at Que Sera, an opulent and elegant shop at the Galleria Mall.
A cast stone replica of an old provençal relief hovers over my tea cabinent and a happy little bronze cherub waits still in the wee hours of the morning. I've had another sweet encounter with an angel this valentines day in my own home; as I was standing in my front room, I caught a glimmer of light bouncing off my end table. As I studied the dance of colors piercing through the crystals, POOF....I was suddenly blinded by flashes of love and laughter. The next thing I saw was a golden crown...then I heard a faint symphony of heart strings and finally, la voilà! The most beautiful harp with a sitka spruce sound board and bronze crown was sitting there silently, ready for me to play. My own resident angel, Mr. B., ordered this back on Chrismas and had it built at Lyon and Healy in Chicago. Tu fais vibrer les cordes sensibles de mon coeur cheri! Therefore, I bestow upon the illustrious and generous Mr. B. the Angel Award for being le plus généreux mari du monde! I have a weakness for fine art, but these objects will never replace the people I love and admire. Merci. Please visit my side bar for more French lessons! A la prochaine!