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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Surprised by Joy

Laughter is divine and there are many things that make me chuckle or guffaw. My husband's dry, sarcastic humor and my students' creative and sweet spirits are among the precious strongholds that put a smile on my face. However, another venue to connect with the lighter side of life has been blogging. I always say that I need to work on my photography skills and think about creative ways to display my passion for art, home decorating, vintage wares and French life. I have however, found another treasure that outweighs all of the beauty of these passions and serves as a muse for the art of life: friendship. Kindred spirits come together by way of common interests and inspiration has come to me by many unique individuals. I would like to honor one particular blogger pal who I can always count on for a giggle. She is an angel with a comic wit and a writing style that hits me in the right spot. I have never heard her voice, but the tone of her writing draws me in to her farm style kitchen where generous doses of laughter are served up and shared around her abundantly garnered harvest table. I therefore present the March Angel Award to Joy from and the must-visit If you like food, then the second site is for you; she offers down home cookin' with a French flair and elegance and a collage of mouth-watering photos. Visit her at either of these sites and she will draw you in with a twist of country music in FRENCH! She is a talented writer whose literary voice is honest and distinct. Thank you, Joy for the gift of laughter for "The joy of the Lord is my strength!" Isaiah 12:2. And now I share with you a collage of images that illustrate some of the other moments in life that make me smile.Smiling Angel
Provençal décor Nice, France 2002

My favorite: French bread - Antibes, France 2002

Meandering in the streets of my home away from home Eze, France 2002

Bumping into an apprentice boulanger first thing in the morning
Eze, France 2002

Traveling with my beloved in the South of France 2002

There are many more places, things and memories that are important to me but the greatest of all are the lives that have touched mine and to you my friends I say:

Cheer up my heart
and do not fear
The joy of Spring approaches near
Though Winter's threat intense may be
Take flight with my creativity
And now my soul I give to thee
A touch of His divinity
With prose and wit a spirit gives
From Joy whose gift within me lives. -Anita

Merci Joy! A la prochaine!

The Lady of Shalott by John William Waterhouse
All photographs, text and original poetry property of Castles Crowns and Cottages