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Thursday, March 5, 2009

BIENVENUE À SCÈNE 1 - Au Commencement

I dedicate this play to little Bronwyn, a true lover of nature, beauty and truth.

Le Petit Théâtre de Chimères
vous présente une pièce de théâtre en 4 scènes d'après l'auteure dramatique Camille Benoit AKA, Madame Anita! Make sure that your volume is up so you can hear the sounds...

Il était une fois une fillette
Once upon a time there was a young girl that lived in a little cottage carved out from an old oak tree nestled in the heart of the forest.

Her most beloved possession was a magnificent blue bird, whose feathers sparkled by the kiss of the morning sun and shimmered by the rays of the nocturnal moon. When the little creature sang, the sky would shed tears of joy, sending dainty droplets of sweet rain to nourish the forest while the sun would immediately follow suit in a symphony of warm tones and vibratos.

For long ago, the little songbird and her kind had been visited by the infant fairy Condelezza who blessed her with sweet harmony and sprinkled her wings with the blue gossamer dust of angels.

One early morning as they stepped out to the garden to pick wild lavender, the little bird's heart was overtaken by a desire to sing graceful melodies heard only where fairies dwell. Simultaneously, a magnificent being suddenly appeared; she was enveloped in roses as red and intense as passion itself.

She murmured to the little duo, "From where does this gentle music flow?" The child responded, "My lady, the sound you hear issues out from the soul of my sweet Isabeau." The lady slowly knelt on the mossy earth and whispered faintly, "I have found La Diva and she is destined to greatness; Isabeau shall come with me to present herself to the outside world and she will have all of Anastasie at her feet." The young girl's heart broke for she loved Isabeau greatly and could not bear the thought of being separated from her, for the sun was always warmer and the sky forever blue with the song of Isabeau in her soul. However, the child knew that she could not keep Isabeau from the great city of Anastasie, whose name signifies "resurrection. " And though it was painful, she made her farewells. Isabeau then flew away on the shoulders of the messenger in the direction of the great kingdom, while the young girl's eyes followed the waning trail of blue gossamer dust in the ashen morning sky.

La Fin de Scène 1


Champagne now served in the foyer. Scène 2 will begin next week so take your time and sip your bubbly slowly!

Painting by Charles Amable Lenoir - La Bergère

La Diva© is the creation and property of Camille Benoit of Castles Crowns and Cottages and although it is very amateur in nature, we would ask that you respect the author's copyright of all text and photography. Merci beaucoup!