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Friday, April 10, 2009

Envelope Please!

Welcome to the first annual Playwright's Award Ceremony hosted by yours truly, Camille Benoit! Please make sure your volume is up and click on the pictures!

Tonight we will celebrate the accomplishments of four wonderful, burgeoning writers. It takes a lot of time, thought and courage to share one's writing in public. Writing can be a window looking into the heart and intellect, and all those who are willing to share this intimate art with others are winners in my book!

But for the final act of LA DIVA, you the audience have made your choice. And now, the envelope please...The guest playwright of entry #2 is the winner with 10 votes, and the prize goes to...

Bonnie Silva of!

Please give a round of applause to Bonnie as she will be the recipient of the book La Diva which is in the process of being constructed by hand by moi:

Bonnie will be named as the author of the final act. If you have a chance, visit her and give her a warm congrats. Many thanks and kudos to the following talented guest artists and dear friends who contributed their work as well:

The sweet and talented Sherry from
The inspiring and noble Cathy from
The whimsical and creative Dutchess from

You have been patient and hardworking. BRAVO!

And now, the final act of La Diva, "Over The Rainbow" by Ms. Bonnie Silva...

Isabeau awoke after a fitful sleep. It was those first few moments before the dawn when the fog still covers the earth like a warm blanket. Bon, it must be done determined Isabeau. She emerged from her gilded quarters with her cloak hastily thrown over her shoulders. She walked gently so as not to attract attention but as soon as the castle walls were behind her, her gentle walk became fueled with an urgency like no other. Leaving the castle grounds was not an easy task but the guards had dozed off and an emboldened Isabeau made haste.

As the mist gave way to a verdant forest, Isabeau found herself home at last. Had she been gone all those years? Was it not just a dream? She was immediately consumed by overwhelming love and loss at the same time. Tears spilled from her eyes, and a sweet sad song emerged from the deepest part of her soul.

The melody caught the attention of all the forest creatures including a familiar young maiden. So captivated by the sound of love lost and then found, no one noticed the infant fairy Condoleeza approach. As Isabeau sang, the young fairy dusted Isabeau with the blue gossamer dust of fairies. The dust fell like ribbons winding through the mist and as the sun shone through the ancient trees the sad chanteuse began her transformation into the beautiful creature she had once been. Without thinking Isabeau flew to the young maiden.

Through tears of happiness the two whirled in circles until dizzy with joy they collapsed. As they lay laughing on the forest carpet, they realized the sweet scent of lavender had returned. Through Isabeau’s act of bravery and love, Condoleeza had ensured Isabeau would never suffer the cruel fate of the faded divas and the forest would continue to thrive forever vibrant and alive. To this day if you still your mind, open your heart and listen very carefully, you will hear Isabeau’s song of her beloved forest, so sweet, so tender.

La fin.

We here at Le Petit Théâtre de Chimères are grateful for your patronage. It was lovely having you in the audience and I wish you all a joyous Resurrection Sunday!