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Friday, May 22, 2009

Think Pink!

Thanks to Tristan from Enchanted Revelry, Karen at Scrapbook of Inspiration and Beverly from How Sweet the Sound, I have been inspired to try something new. Every Saturday is a delight chez eux where you can bask in a little pink frivolity, fluff and fun. I am going to show you some of the things that I find enchanting, kissed by this sweet hue of the color palate. But first, click on the video below and let the wonderful Kay Thompson tell you what to think:

Now that we're in the right frame of mind , here are a couple of my favorite pink things:

The smooth texture of pink fondant for special occasions

the daintiness of tea accompaniments

and the cozy establishments where we can sit on the terrace or in the garden and enjoy our favorite tea

in dainty little heart-shaped tea cups.

Now let's go inside and sit down and feel the elegance of pink in the great salon

and maybe they will let us order a glass of pink champagne

and put on beautiful pink diamond tiaras and feel like queens.

Now let's go to the fashion show and see what delicious pink things we can wrap ourselves in. The beautiful Audrey Hepburn made pink even more lovely with her gentle spirit

and she wore it well. Whether it was a sporty look she was after,

a soft, flowing skirt

or a bright and elegant gown,

she wore pink with style and grace

like a queen.

Now it's time to get our bags

and get back to the castle

and dream of fairy tales in pink...

Have a peaceful, magical and uplifting weekend my friends and visit Tristan, Beverly and Karen to get a taste of pink in their neck of the woods!

A la prochaine, Anita