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Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Art of Being an Angel

The art of friendship is a craft that requires time and endless supplies of kindness and love; the role of being an artist demands likewise. This month's recipient of the Angel of the Month of September goes to a very special artist and friend who has not only mastered her craft as doll maker, wool/felt artist, writer, painter, illustrator and marionette maker, but who has elevated her creativity to the humble heights of sincere friendship.

My words cannot express the quality and uniqueness of Patricia Cabrera's crafts, so I am asking you to take this photo tour of some of the most enchanting and diverse handmade art I have ever seen created by hand by one single person.

She works relentlessly and everything that you see is Patricia's creation from the doll molds, the little bunnies fashioned from wool from her own animals on her farm, the hauntingly beautiful marionettes and the miniature pottery from her own kiln. She has some of the most worked and priceless hands in the industry. Therefore, I have attempted to make a tribute to my friend, whom I admire for her perseverance, high standards and most of all, her friendship:

Lovely hands

creative hands

gently art creating.

Tired hands

tireless hands

always innovating.

With passion true

inspiration, too

these hands cease not to give

to weary souls and grateful friends

the art to love and live. - Anita

Please visit Patricia HERE, link on to her other blogs and see the magic for yourselves, you will not believe your eyes!

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Original poetry by Camille Benoit of Castles Crowns and Cottages
Photos courtesy of Woolytales