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Friday, September 11, 2009

Make a Single Line and Have Your Tickets Ready Please...Thank You Very Much...

We are full to capacity and then some....there are people standing, sitting and waiting impatiently in the aisles as the curtain will rise to reveal the final act of Good Night Sweet Prince, a four act play written by moi, your hostess, Anita or better known in the "wanna be" literary world as Camille Benoit!

Tonight, someone will win the title of "author of the final act" of this whimsical canine caper...oh mon Dieu! here are some late comers...depêchez-vous, Madame's standing room only folks!

Now, without further ado, the envelope please...uhummmm, I'm waiting...Merci beaucoup...

Drum roll please....and now, the winner of the title of "author of the final act of Good Night Sweet Prince" goes to the talented, wonderful and now two-time winner of the Castles Crowns and Cottages Playwright award is....

Let's give a hardy round of applause to Bonnie from Diamonds and Daisies!! Please click on her blog name and pay her a visit to congratulate her. She has a delightful blog and is a bright and wonderful writer! Bonnie is also the winner of La Diva which was posted back in February sometime. Bonnie captures our hearts, that is for sure!

Bonnie darling, you are just lovely in your lace gown! Please, come up and say a few words....

Let us now raise the curtain on the final act of our Summer Stock play and give a toast to our winner, a woman of great kindness, perseverance, and courage.


He went as fast as his legs could take him

this scruffy ragamuffin.

Through alleyways and boulevards he was on his way a puffin'.

Soon he would round the corner of La Rue de Sainte Honoré

through peoples' legs and winding streets he soon would find his way.

It was fine with the kids, all the hugs and kisses

but he belonged in the salon with society's minxes

how he loved to upset their apple carts

With his crazy antics, this little upstart

even Madame Chou Chou was heard to whisper

"How I dearly miss that little trickster."

M. Balzac entered the salon that day

"Fear not fair lady", he seemed to say.

"For I have come back for good at last to stay

Gone is my wanderlust, and to this day,

I will stay faithful to my friends forever

But I am still a scamp, a scoundrel and clever!

And if I do not hear a sincere "Merci"

Your shoes may make their way off the balcony!

Balzac! Monsieur Bergeron cried out with joy

Oh mon petit chien, my sweet little boy.

The clients were hushed by this beautiful scene

all their protests were just a silly smokescreen.

All’s well that ends well I believe they say

A sweet ending to this magnificent day!

Le Petit Théâtre de Chimères would like to honor and thank The Dutchess, entry #1 and Jaqueline entry#2 for the work and great thought they put into their drafts. I raise my glass to you dear friends and lovers of literature, beauty, and dreams. Et à vous tous, à la vôtre!

Good Night Sweet Prince.....

Good Night Sweet Prince is the property of Castles Crowns and Cottages