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Friday, January 15, 2010

Entering Into Someone Else's World

Friday evening, I crossed over into a portal of wonderment. After a hard day in the classroom, I had a tea date with a dear friend and fellow blogger, Julie from Gilded Moons. As I gingerly tip-toed my way up the icy steps leading up to her vintage cottage lovingly decorated in shades of pink

and lovely greens

I knew I was in for a journey of pure magic.

And there I was, spending time with my friend who I hadn't seen in over a year. She told me about her summer in Spain as we enjoyed some of the finest tea I have ever had the pleasure to sip.

She gave me a tour of her world, where every corner is elegantly arranged, sometimes purposely whispering a bare spot in order to showcase one, exquisite piece.

She then escorted me into a room where I encountered a sweet surprise. In Julie's beautiful sewing room, there sat the magnificent work of my sister-in-law's hands, of which I have never had the pleasure of seeing in person.

Nancy from Fête et Fleur, crafts some of the most beautiful and dainty paper shoes à la Marie Antoinette. Julie allowed me to pick up this delicate piece of my sister-in-law's art and though Nancy and I are miles away and many years separated from each other, I was able to catch a glimpse of her world of opulent shoes and sophisticated vision of luxe par excellence.

Wendy Addison's book, Theatre of Dreams also graces Julie's shelf

and is a work that requires a quiet, Saturday morning and a mind free from the cares of the outside world. As we gently turned the pages revealing a time past of magic theatres, ballerinas and whimsical thoughts, I again peeked into the window of another artist's mind.

The day after Thanksgiving 2009, I had the pleasure of hosting a blogger friend. The moment Ulla stepped into my home, it was as if we had already known each other

and just picked up where we had left off. Ulla's blog, Ullabenulla often reveals her trained artist eye and she is not only able to showcase other people's art, but she somehow knows a person's taste to ultimate perfection. We exchanged handmade souvenirs, and she overwhelmed me with the most original and beautiful Dresden embellishments I have ever seen.

Then, she stepped into my domain

and stepped back

and took interest, and sat with me on the floor and asked me about my world.

I felt pampered

and special.

Isn't it a Wonderful World when WE make it that way?

Have a lovely week mes amies!

Last two photos from the lovely blog trouvais
Photos of Julie's home from her blog Gilded Moons
Paper shoe Fête et Fleur designs