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Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's Party Time

There are some birthdays to celebrate, so step inside the Little Pink Tea House

where you will be greeted like Royalty

but before the festivities begin, you will need a crown

so make your selection carefully

or you might prefer a lovely paper hat

or better yet, a killer coiffe, à La Marie.

But don't feel silly or all alone in this masquerade

because Rosie, Violet, Tish, Dzintra and I will be all dressed up for our birthdays

in pink, opulent style. So pick up your costume

and if this style is a bit too cumbersome, our armoires are filled with various styles that might suit you

with accessories to embellish.

birthday dress
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So don't tie your corsets too tight Mesdames, because the best is yet to come; there will be a Raspberry Chocolate cake

ice cream cake by the slice

or by the sea

vanilla cake with dripping chocolate sauce

and a bizarre but beautiful Marie Antoinette fondant cake.

So now ladies, take your lovely serviettes made out of the finest fabric Carolyn Quartermaine can design

and daintily wipe your mouths

and follow the "sistahood"

down the corridor to the back of the little Pink Tea House

for a classic show just for you...please forgive the was the only one available, but the show speaks for itself...well, for some reason the show has been deemed "disabled" from this site, but you can still click on the screen and then click on WATCH ON YOUTUBE and see it for is worth the trip!

Now mes amies, I hope you enjoyed yourselves, and maybe you can leave tonight with a little something to write in your memoirs

of a memorable birthday soirée for Violet, Rosie, Tish, Dzintra and Me!!

Rosie - The week of April 12
Violet - April 24
Anita - April 23
Dzintra - April 17
Tish - April 25


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