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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What Legends Are Made Of

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Patina (pat'ne) n. [Fr. It., orig., tarnish] 1. a fine crust of film on bronze or copper usually green or greenish-blue, formed by natural oxidation and often valued as being ornamental. - New World Dictionary of the American Language 2nd ed.

For those of us who hunt for antique treasures, we often place a high value on an object the longer it has gracefully aged over time

having been doused with the patina

photo 1

of the Divine process of nature

photo 2

drop by drop

photo 3

year after year

photo 4

for the making of legends.

"Ornamental" in appearance, but a bedrock of wisdom deep below the surface

the patina of age is but a beautiful twinkle of hope to behold

photo 5

a surface upon which an underlying strength waits for us to compose the unforgettable history of our lives

no matter how small we think it may be.

It is what legends are made of.





and the COURAGE to be YOURSELF and to leave the natural glow of that beautiful patina of age

old fairy
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speak volumes.

WE are the most valuable treasures of all, to be discovered and valued for the weathered strength of our time on earth. What legends are you going to leave behind?

Thank you to Regan from A Fairytale of Photos for permission to use her photos. Photos 1-5 are her own work. Please visit her HERE and see the incredible magic of her photography skills!

Images of Judy Dench, Jamie Lee Curtis and Helen Mirren from