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Friday, November 26, 2010

Taguée Encore

I have been tagged again, all the way from

by the stylish and Fun Camille. Elle m'a posé ces questions

1) Why did you create your blog?

CURIOSITY. My sister-in-law Nancy's blog, Fête et Fleur beckoned me to push that BUTTON.

The rest has been an evolutionary process that has given me an audience for my writing and artistic endeavors and friendships to bless my life.

2) What kind of blogs do you follow?

Blogs that open the portal to creativity, friendship and positive thoughts such as WOOLYTALES.

French décor, bien sûr such as Belgian Pearls

Vintage white

Wit and whimsy

GLITtER by the sparkle queen, VIOLET

Tales with tails

Nature and silly animals

3) Favorite makeup brand?


Autrement dit, I am of the opinion that living as close to GREEN as possible

eating fresh vegetables


whole grains



getting plenty of rest

and recreation

MAKE UP your OWN BRAND that shows who you really are.

4) Favorite clothing brand?


whatever puts a spring in my step and makes me feel Young

and anything that Audrey would wear.

5) Your indispensable makeup product?

I keep things to a minimum. I use lipstick to enhance my smile and on occasion, mascara. C'est tout.

6) Your favorite color?

Turquoise and soft white.

7) Your perfume?

I don't wear any, but if I did, it would be

8) Your favorite film?

Lion in Winter.

The volatile chemistry between Kathryn Hepburn and Peter O'Toole ignites the screen with insult after insult, leaving you to believe that you are really watching Elinor and Henry ruthlessly plotting against each other. It' a chef-d'oeuvre of a meandering journey into one of Europe's most tumultuous love/hate affairs.

9) What country would you like to visit and why?

I will have to put "country" in the plural for these reasons:


to see Rosie, Koralee, Deborah, Margaret and CLAUDIE, for these women hold a link to my heart.


to explore states like Washington to visit

Jackie, Violet and Spencer

North Carolina and Tennessee

to visit some farm girls that have enchanted this city dweller.


to visit Frances, Dzintra and Julie

Germany and Bavaria- GUTEN TAG MARTINA AND JADE!

The Netherlands

to converse with a wee little mouse and her creator, my zuster, The Dutchess. Lili, Saskia and Sandra would also hear a bang on their doors for I could not leave this place without meeting them face to face.

Paris and the South of France

to see Mimi, Tish, Marie-Ange and vous embrasse mes amies.

10) Write the last question and answer it yourself.

What is your absolute favorite place in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD?

After a pleasant meal

a pot of tea

and after almost 29 years of marriage....

my favorite place is in the strong and loving embrace of my husband, Ruben.

Now put on your talons roses

and shuffle in ruffles on over chez Camille at Paris in Pink!



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