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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What I Do Know

I simply do not know. Christians CelebraTE the Advent of redemption.

Other faiths celebrate the glimmer of re-dedication

while most of the western world embraces the folklore

and fun of the season.

But there remain however, many unknowns. And while most everyone has traditions for home

and hearth

and feasts of wonder

with colors that enchant

tastes that delight

with the perfume of childhood memories

I JUST do not know when He actually arrived.

But what I do know is this:

Love One Another.

It was His opening scene

and His final act.

And as I was enjoying a holiday wreath in my home, I was stunned by a moment of reflection.

Have you ever noticed how much this symbol of the warmth and welcome of Christmas

resembles a LIFESAVER?

I pondered on this observation

and wept.

His arrival, whether welcomed in grandiose splendor

or in poverty

was an extended hand of assistance for living

AND for dying.

for you and for me.

Celebrate in health, joy and faith
and do ALL things

every day

in love

Merry Christmas to all my splendid friends around the world. NOW GO AND CELEBRATE!!!