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Friday, April 29, 2011

The World Needs a Faerie Tale

Big dreams start off small

and as tiny faeries find their momentUM

ANYTHING becomes possible.

But the world needs 

A Faerie Tale 

a living testimony 

of a reflective and WILLING human being who examines


and who joyfully tears through the veil of doubt

with a smile

in order to gently land on someone's heart

to meet a need.

This spring

the world witnessed a LIVE faerie tale wedding

where for several hours

it seemed like

 a LARGE portion of the world BELIEVED.

Such faerie tales come 

and go.


can make the difference every day when

you realize

The World Needs a 

Faerie Tale

and you're it.

Listen to a child. Really listen.

Ask an elderly person for advice.

Make someone laugh.


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Photo Credits:
All blue Tutus, childrens' clothes and rose fairy tent from Chasing Fireflies

Royal Wedding Photos - Reuters