Please listen to the music

Thursday, November 1, 2012

There are

that haunt us

about our destiny


and frequent us

les trois hommes via

for only as long 

as we keep them company.



Then the short season of

what we 


in obscurity


is replaced


by a  

new season 

of abundance in




Each step of 


that we strike


 to understand

our basic needs





illumines us to

comprehend our existence

and explore


and appreciate

what is beautiful.


via wild fleur




Self-fulfillment then greets

us at our door 

to escort us to

the other side to


to something greater

than our fears


in order to edify others 


they too can find 

their own

potential to greatness



and recognize

their relationship to 


 enigmatic and 

to what is 





  1. You are truly fabulous.

    The way you craft words...the pictures you use to make them shine.

    This was really a wow post.

  2. Lovely Anita, such a great post! Will ponder about that question - and look at the gorgeous pictures again. Am sad today - our cat is missing since 3 days ... Hope he come back! Hugs!

  3. Love all the more...for "perfect love casts out all fear."


  4. Beautiful and thought provoking. Your posts are so unique and always a pleasure to see and listen.
    Sarah x

  5. Lovely and we really like the Gothic elements. Some of the pix are just amazing but we loved the little girl with horse. Beautiful post and beautiful words. Nice one Anita. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

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  7. Christel said...
    What an inspiring post Anita, and such a great question to ask of ourselves. I think the fear of failure in all of us holds us back to what could be, or what might have been. We each have a "calling" perhaps some of us have several calls, and the path we choose at that particular moment determines much. If I were not afraid as a younger girl, I would have followed my dream of becoming a recording artist, but if not for that fear of failure, and rejection, I would have never found my dolls,or the dolls would have never found me, so it was a blessing in disguise for me. Thank you for your lovely words today, as always, you continue to make us examine, and reach for higher ground, a wonderful gift! xoxo Christel

  8. Perfectly stated in such glorious ways!!! What a lovely post my dear!

    ~ Violet

  9. Precious Anita,
    Those pictures and words are perfect and pure. You are a great artist with words!!!
    Have a nice week.
    Hugs, Liliane

  10. Oh Anita, what a great question, what a wonderful post!!!! You always reach my heart and my soul like nobody else!!! And I can´t thank you enough, for all your inspiration and all the light that you bring - what a joy to be here!!!! And thank you sooooooo much, for all your lovely are such a sweet girl and you make my heart sing ;)!!!!! THANK YOU for everything, my dear friend and have a wonderful weekend,

    hugs Jade & Sheila

  11. Fear is a dream killer. I'm trying to hold on throguh all the crazy trials we've been having lately. This construction feels like it's never going to end.


  12. Yes, you are truly fabulous and talented, Anita! Thank you for your constant inspiration and encouragement! (i also love the music you select)

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  14. Hello there, friend! This is such striking post-- the words as much as the very moving photos. I am so excited about the new season on the horizon. I've been praying for new inspiration and creativity. I think I'll add to that list, bravery to follow through!

    Did you get snow?


  15. A demon by the name of Fear
    Visits me from year to year
    and whispers softly in my ear
    "It cannot be done my dear!"

    Upon his footfalls
    I pace the floor
    I lean a chair against my door
    I find my voice and then implore
    Leave me, demon, come no more!

    His footfalls silent, I gain strength
    and wander to the door, at length
    I push the door ajar and peer
    Across the threshold is a mirror!

    My demon was inside of me
    and only I could set him free!
    Be wary, though, of demon Fear
    He may be at YOUR door next year!

  16. N'oublions pas de laisser une lumière ...
    Douce nuit ma belle
    Je t'embrasse

  17. I am so glad that i found your blog...we are friends forever fills my live with such a beauties......i love love love

  18. Better and better...and even more ...YOU

    Love T.D

  19. Anita, your posts are always filled with incredible images and words that make me listen and stop to think. Thank you for yet another post full of beauty.......Sarah

  20. I have just never read anything like you in all my days...and perfect music and photos to go with. Amazing!

  21. Dear Anita! This story takes us so many places. The dark beginning gave me a chill followed by lots of light, beauty and thoughtful photos. I was going to say that the light streaming through the window was my favorite photo.. then I thought about the horse and the little girl.. and then the hands! Beautiful and so meaningful. Thanks for sharing with your readers.

    Enjoy the weekend ahead.


  22. Bonjour Anita ~

    Fear, tis something to face head on. I love the bible verse about not fearing. I tend to believe that fear is actually a gateway to something great.
    Psalm 27:1
    The LORD is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; Of whom shall I be afraid?

    Pearl 13.1

  23. Realized, about 3 years ago, "What would I do tomorrow if I were not afraid?"


    It changed my days. Changed my life.

    Garden & Be Well, XO T

  24. I'm doin' it! ;)
    LOVE it all--esp. the dog hug pic.

  25. Anita,
    You amaze me with your posts, and this is something that I have been pondering for awhile now. We could do so much more if we weren't afraid of the unknown. I am so glad you are spreading this out to the world, and to me. The picture of the old man with the dog is so special. And I love the man looking across the vineyard with the grapes by his side sipping what he created. Whenever I'm afraid, I talk to God very close to my heart. The picture of the HANDS touched me, and is one of the most beautiful that I've seen. And all the RED on your Header got me right from the start. I love your post today, Anita, and it is a message to me that I really needed.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  26. Dearest Anita

    Another winning post. May you always have courage and that fear never enters your life. Once children and animals are involved my heart is moved and I love the horse and dog image.

    To a glorious weekend

    Helen xx

  27. I am pondering Anita....
    what an inspiration you are and these thoughts and images....beautiful!
    Hugs and more hugs xo

    Deborah xoxo

  28. Hello my dear friend,

    How are you? I have been thinking of you all week but know that you are incredibly busy so I have not emailed.

    This is a beautiful post! And I think the inspiration that we all need to realize that fear can be crippling if we let it!

    Take care my dear xoxo Elizabeth

  29. Beautiful and thought-provoking. A new season indeed is upon us. Blessings...

  30. you are such an artist of the highest order....A Bard of the New Century....I love how you craft entire philosophies in such few words, so succinctly with images which are each and every one to die for! utterly speechless.....I'm just hoping I'm not afraid..

  31. every single time i visit here, i am entranced!
    the photo of the large white hand and tiny
    black one seized my heart.

    if i were not afraid, i would start a program
    to enlist all the blessed people in my town
    to mentor a child in a povery stricken area.

  32. Bravo! I can´t get enough of this, I'm just waiting to se what you will do next. Hugs!

  33. This is where you shine.. So beautiful my dear friend.
    Love, Penny

  34. I'd wear that dress, first of all! It's beautiful! And I would play this music all of the time because I love it! And i would hang from that chandelier…ok…maybe I'm telling too much! LOL! But it's true! This post is fabulous! And I would dance with my grandchild because I love that picture of the man dancing with the precious little girl…I'm sure that made her feel proud!

  35. Connect (with your fear) and correct (your fear). Thoughtful post. Striking images of beauty.

  36. Thought provoking Anita. It's good to shake things up a bit every once in a while. There are 2 types of fear....1-fight or flight to keep us safe and 2-the fear that precedes great change.

    Most assume the second to be the first and stop whatever progress they are striving for.

    If you break through the second type, growth comes.

    This was part of a behavioral lecture I heard years and years has stayed with me to this day.


  37. Lovely, thought provoking post.
    What a terrible week this has been for us on the East coast. Horrific pictures of our favorite childhood memories at the New Jersey Shore ... no longer with us...out to sea. Complete ruin and despair. It's hard to look when your neighbor has lost everything and you can't do anything to help them.
    Please say a prayer for these people who no longer have what we take for granted: a home.
    Love to you, my friend...and thank you and Irina so much for checking on me. I truly appreciate it. xoxo

  38. Hello Anita:
    Just a few days ago we were in discussion with an artist friend of ours about fear of failure being a barrier to producing anything creative. He explained how he had to work daily within himself to conquer such fears and to, nevertheless, produce something knowing that in all probability the end product might be unsatisfactory, at least in his eyes.

    His words, as indeed the sentiments of your post today are so encouraging and uplifting. In so many areas of our lives anxiety and fear can hold us back from achieving our true potential and, indeed, make us fearful to let others 'fly' too. We need to constantly challenge these worries and push boundaries for, really, when one can stand up to looking failure in the face, then anything and everything becomes possible.

    And, at this particular time in the wake of hurricane Sandy, never were your words and images more appropriate and touching.

  39. Beautiful, talented have such poetry in your heart...
    I don't know anybody else who gets so many wonderful comments on their posts, you are FABULOUS!
    And I adore Keira on the swing...magical.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  40. Fear is such an oppressive spirit and keeps many of us from continuing on the path that leads to our destinies. Such a shame to be stopped dead in your tracks and never feel fulfilled.
    The Word tells us in 1 John 4:18 that "perfect love casts out fear".
    The more of the divine love of God that we receive into our lives,
    the less scope there is for fear to get a grip. Thanks for your BEAUTIFUL way of reminding me of this truth.

  41. What an awesome, awesome post! I loved it!! You are a master (mistress?1) at weaving posts together - such a beautiful mix of words and pictures - thank you!


  42. You always leave me speechless. I love coming to your blog and being surprised each week by a new header. The one you have today is striking. I'd move to Nantucket. I'm not sure if I'm not going not so much that I'm afraid, I just don't want to take Logan out of her High School. We'll have to see if I go in two years. I hope someday you and I get the opportunity to meet and talk in person - I just know it would be a deep conversation and we would connect on a special level! xo

  43. O, Anita I am late by a couple of days, and fear is always a battle in us. I think that I stay close to my comfort zone to not have to stair fear in the face, perhaps I should build stronger character in myself a take on a fearful challenge testing in myself what I am all about :)

    Thank you Anita for such a strong couragest post building character in all of us to face fear.

    Lots of fearless days ahead of you.


  44. This is STUNNING! To me, this is one of your best posts ever, my dear friend! Amazingly beautiful images, words that strike a cord, music that penetrates into the souls ...What would I do if I wasn't afraid ? ...
    Great question, which reminds me of a story " Who Moved My Cheese? by S. Johnson.
    I know, I am still afraid not only of real threats, but also of things I imagine and I still over think too much ...
    Thank you for making me do better!
    You are a true artist!

  45. W. O. W.

    anita, Anita, ANITA!


    the tone, the music, the poetry, the color, the flavor, the spices; all superb.

    In the words of my youngest granddaughter (that thrills to me bouncing her on my knee to the song,"horsey horsey, on your way. we've been together for many a day ...etc."), "DO IT AGAIN!"

  46. Evening my friend...such a beautiful though provoking thing I know for sure is that we must face those fears head-on if we are going to grow and with Gods help we can! God will not let us face our fears alone..He will stay close and help us to grow.
    I am hanging in there...still going for lots of tests but feeling satisfied that I am being taken care answer would be nice but I do know I am in the Best of care. xoxox Happy weekend.

  47. Lovely, artfully lovely again. That red and gray is icy pretty. I was worried about your middle school subbing...I tell you, some days are pure torture. I think I mentioned I avoided middle school sub days and when I need one these days I come back to all the stories of the horrible sub. "Really, kids? You are perfect and the sub was a crazy?" That's what they want me to believe. Happy sweet sub days. M

  48. Hello dear Anita,
    This is not the first time I come to read this post. I read just moments after you first published but was lost for words so didn't comment. I am still lost for words as so often with your posts, all I can think to say is " beautiful". Somehow that doesn't seem enough.

  49. Very Clock Work Orange Anita with that eyeball image, and are you all ready for election time this coming Tuesday.

    It seems like almost forever with all of the speeches and campaigning, so I say lets just get it on and pull the lever and get this done.

    This election to me has been so dirty I've found myself washing my own hands many times after watching those political ads on TV, and I think some would consider most politicians now to be lower than Amish manure! Richard

  50. Oh Anita...more to think about, what indeed would we do if we weren't afraid????

    Thank you for popping in....I'm just back from 3 full houses in a row....another show tomorrow....I seem to be living in the world as a Bobbie in Pirates of Penzance...and I don't want it to end! How cool that you are a fellow Thespian....this makes me just smile....Its's just after midnight here and I'm unwinding with a glass of red...sending a Cheers across to you 'Dearest....Love from Dzintra xo

  51. This is my second time here, and I had to come back to really take it all in (and listen to the music...a piece which moves me to tears every time....)
    Anita...this is a stunning work of art, so many gems to ponder...
    Fear...oh, how GREAT many of us could become if fear was stripped away...the things we could accomplish..the ideas and dreams made real...
    Thank you, dear one, for this most poetic and deeply beautiful reminder...
    May we all lift each other up beyond self-doubt and into a place of love and self-worth...
    Brava!!! LOVE YOU!!

  52. A question back to you my friend, have you been watching the show Once Upon a Time? Oh, how I love, love, love it! Dear Red and her wolf, the Queen and her magical is all so charming. Especially Prince Charming. If you have not peeked yet, you may love the town of Storybrook.

    Thank you dear heart for all your comments on my blog and appreciating the fact that the clock ticks on and we can change as we see fit. I am enjoying Pinterest so much. What an inspiration and I am actually using many of the ideas. I have a art show coming up Dec. 1st that I will have so much fun with. I will be selling my card designs and my matchboxes and a few gnomes that need to find new homes.

    This post is a well read poem. What would I do? I'd come see you of course!

  53. I need to come back here and read this over and over again... This old man with the flat cap tasting the wine looks exactly like my grandpa brings me to tears...
    Thank you again for this beautiful piece of art!
    I also wanted to congratulate you on your art being displayed locally. I am genuinely happy for you!

    Love your way, sweet Anita!

  54. Oh Anita, thanks for your kind comment. My son found our cat. He'd climbed into our cellar, where he had a little place he sometimes went to, when he wanted to be alone. Apparently, after asking so many people and a doctor, he had eaten a mouse that was poisoned with rat poison. It was horrible and heartbreaking to see him there, although he looked peaceful. It's a little consolation, he at least made his way home and now lies in our garden he loved so much. This will take a while to digest dearest - i see hime everywhere.
    Have a lovely evening though, we must treasure all the good things - i know you know this! Big hugs!

  55. bonjour ANita! i was just dropping by to say hello, an dhere i find a new story… what woudl i do is i was not afraid...gosh, where do i start!!
    hope you are well Anita, x sandra

  56. ...what indeed.
    i must go and ponder
    such a thought
    while working on
    finishing touches
    to my journal page!

  57. Your photos this time are especially captivating, drawing me in with their beauty and the challenge of your written word.

    What would I do....

    Think I'll sleep on that one, and dream....

  58. Dear Anita,

    Thought provoking question, dear friend and how can we be afraid with all the beauty you have shared.
    Thank you for this lovely post and for visiting me. I love the red in your header and tells us that Christmas will not be far away.
    Truly is great to know you.

    Hope that you are enjoying the weekend

  59. Ce serait bien de ne pas avoir peur, à ce moment là il ne faut plus regarder la télé, ni lire la presse. En France ces deux médias sont très anxiogènes, sans compter Internet qui ne diffuse que des mauvaises nouvelles.
    Je suis rassurée en voyant la photo de l'homme et son chien, il y a une telle tendresse que c'est un bonheur de les regarder.
    je t'embrasse chère Anita, à très bientôt. Fine.

  60. Hi again Anita, I've been busy again, but now I'm not photographing until Christmas is over so then I'll get more time and also time to enjoy this wonderful season! I absolutely love your quote: what would you do if you weren't afraid? I have tried to live my life after this and still I'm trying. It's so important to not let fear stop us from doing what we really want to do. It'a always nice to visit your beautiful page. Guess what, I just came back from Paris! It was beautiful as always!!! Have a blessed Sunday and a wonderful new week!

    love, Kristin

  61. Thank you again for listening to your inner self so well and then sharing with us ,your fans.If I had no fear I would travel this whole world in these dangerous times.To tell the truth it's really My Husband's fear -not mine(TEEHEE) I would go around the world the moment He said OK :)Denise

  62. Amazing... you are truly an earth angel!!! How ironic, this is just what I needed to hear today!!! Much love to you! xoxo

  63. *sigh* ... as always Anita, your words lift me up and inspire me. This is exactly what I needed to read today as I have been feeling fearful and questioning many things. I think for now ... I will just BE.

    Give my love to Ruben ....


  64. Hi Anita!
    Chris and I have been away to visit his family. My younger brother stayed with Dad while we were gone. I love this post and I LOVE the natural hair of the gorgeous woman in the turquoise dress!

    Off to make meatballs ... Dad's never had spaghetti squash... so we're having spaghetti squash and meatballs for supper!
    Wishing you a happy new week...and...
    Keeping our sweet friend in prayer ♥
    Many blessings to you always,
    ~ Maria

  65. Greetings, Anita ~
    Hope this finds you well. Thank you for another one of your signature posts! Divine!! You are a talented artist and writer. Have you thought about writing a book? You could write and design the layout. It would be a treat for us :)

    Let's see....what would I do? Perhaps open that second shop. One day....

    Happy Sunday!

  66. "Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see. "
    Arthur Schopenhauer

    Read this quote today and
    your post reminded me that
    before anyone can even use
    their talents to their full potential,
    they have to move beyond
    the fear of failure.

    Brilliant pictures, my friend!!
    I can't imagine how you find
    them all, nor how you keep
    them all organized, but so
    glad that you do : )

    xo Suzanne

  67. Thank you for stopping by my own blog Anita and I do love pot pies myself so your hubby is again a lucky man, and there's nothing like homemade so I'm sure yours will be turning out great!

    A chilly Sunday here and its going to be this way for a long while I think, and next week we have a weather front coming possibly our way again to the northeast but I think this one may only bring some rain and maybe some snow flurries.

    Rain is something that New York City and New Jersey can not afford right now, so it’s a wait and see for next week. Richard

  68. Mysteries haunt for only as long as we keep them company. Yes yes yes..and the photo of the man twirling the little girl touched my heart the most. I look forward to your posts that enrich my sensitivities to the max!!!!

  69. Oh Anita my Fellow much fun am I having at theatre...who ever would've thought that 3 years ago I would be doing this...and then to be told I can sing and hold a tune...I'm very very excited!!!!!!! Our show brings the house down every time...and only 5 to go boo hoo...I am loving it sooooo much!!!!

    Wishing you a wonderful week as you batton down the hatches as Winter arrives in a few weeks for you....Love and Hugs, Dzintra xoxo

  70. Hello My Dear Anita,

    I have missed you so much. I just now saw all these comments from my last post over the months. I feel so terrible about dropping off the face of blog world without any warning. I sit here almost in tears as I blog and write dear friends like you after it has been so long. I really had not planned on stopping to blog at all. Besides a lot of personal issues over the past months, my job that wasn't full time, suddenly became full time over night. That, coupled with other side jobs, has kept me busy day and night and on weekends since the last time I blogged. I do not complain for it is a blessing, but I had so many plans for my blog and Etsy. They are still in the back of my mind. And I certainly haven't forgotten about you.

    Your posts are still amazing as ever and this one is so hauntingly beautiful! How are you? How is life? I really do hope you are well. I had this urge to blog today, which is a good sign. I just feel so bad leaving for so many months. I hope one day to blog regularly again. I should at least once a month I know.

    Miss you so much friend! And I am so sorry for not coming back to blog land for so long.

    Lots of love,


  71. Bonjour ma belle!

    Lovely thought provoking words. We have to step out of our comfortable box and venture to the "what ifs and the what could be" in life.
    Hope the fall finds you and your darling hubby well and happy. I have been so busy I can't believe it. So many projects on my list this time of year. For you too I imagine.

    Sending lots of love & hugs! Sherry

  72. Oh Dearest Anita perhaps I have found myself too in a way...that is a lovely story you gave me about the girl across the road....why, just yesterday I too was shedding a tear as I don't want Pirates to end...can you believe that...I have had so much fun (in self discovery)....and to think that I wasn't even going to do this...Your words are always just right....with Love, Dzintra xo

  73. Things I like very much:
    1 Anitas poetry
    2 Kiera Knightly as Lizzie
    3 An atmosheric spooky lantern and crow
    4 Helen Mirren, all dolled up
    5 The older I get, the less fearful I become

  74. Anita hi! I'm here I have just been really involved with the events of last week. I do feel a poem coming on and perhaps I'll have one on my site in a few days. I am just looking forward to a (hopefully) calm and productive week. Take care my friend and I wish you three things; concentration, creativity and calm. see ya soon. :D

  75. oops ...forgot to let you know my granddaughters asked to see your site again while they were here. They loved the "eye with yellow", the two ballerina pics and the dog and girl together with her in the red cape. Just some further input. take care (hug)!

  76. Anita November is here !
    I love november !
    I just put something in the mail for you . Hope it comes to your house soon
    My children spoiled me on my birthday
    Giving me a coffeemachine , one with coffeebeans making the coffee
    Smells delicious .......
    I always love surprises but this one was huge ....
    It's an art to receive .......
    Hope your new week is a good one

  77. Dearest Anita, the prose the images and then the music, perfection! Glorious!

    Art by Karena
    2012 Artists Series

  78. Anita I changed the recipe that is on Jeans post because I had posted it before, maybe I'm getting old and my memory is fading!

    But the new one that I just posted is much better I think and the apple pie Image that I'm using over it is killer! Richard

  79. I love that question, Anita! Reminds me of the oft-used "What would you do if you knew you could not fail?" Such a fabulous perspective to give oneself. Wishing you a happy holiday season!

  80. Anita, thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. You are so good. I am happy to hear that your dreams are unfolding and your new life is revealing itself. Beautiful.

    I think there are many things I would do if I weren't afraid. The first one being to get myself educated, continue writing, many things.

    Your post really spoke to me. Email me at home (Ruben has my email) I want to know how your new life is panning out! I'm really curious. Sorry that Ruben is no longer blogging but I'm sure it won't be for long. Please give him my best. Love you so much Anita.


  81. Anita! The first comment that I saw says it all...yes, You are truly fabulous! What a talent you have...exquisitely done mon amie! Happy November to you ...ahh, what would I do if I were not afraid? Jump on a plane and go! (but then there is school, and football, and my business, etc etc etc...sigh!)
    Have a wonderful week,

  82. Wow, Anita! What an exquisite gathering of images. I have to say, I am not the sentimental type but the photo of the dog and man made my heart skip. Have been changing direction a bit with blogging, but have got you on my new sidebar so will stay more in touch! Xxxs...Anne

  83. Hi sweet friend..I stayed home today and had the most relaxing day was just what I needed. Hope your day was filled with many joys. xoxox

  84. Oh my Gosh!
    I fell inlove with all the photos. Love the man and dog, the child and horse and the woman in the blue dress looks like Helen Mirren.
    LOVE this post. yvonne

  85. Hi, Anita!!!!!!!

    This pictures are very pretty!!!!!! I love your blog!!!! It's so inspiring!!!!!!
    Kisses and have a nice day, dear!

  86. And yours is ALWAYS a place of refuge, wonder, and hope...
    Again, as much as I adore the images (oh, that dog!)...I find myself soaking in the WORDS. They do stand alone.
    Thank you, dear one, for your always beautiful visit...isn't Jocelyn's art wonderful?
    And you did recognize our photographer, yes?? ;)
    You got a huge order??? YIPPPPEEEE!!!! See you soon on e-mail, dearest.
    Love you.
    (Hope the shot doesn't hurt too much!)

  87. I just followed your blog from French Essence & was enamored by first your blog header (love red capes) & then your post! A dark yet uplifting... visually & written. I am sharing this post on twitter. I look forward to spend time reading your posts.

  88. Good evening Ms Anita, dear!

    How has this day faired?

    Just to let you know I have a new poem available.

    Here hoping all is well with you.

    My husbands truck is all better finally and back here where it belongs. Now my husband can go golfing tomorrow while I do some thrift shopping! Yay!

  89. Hello dearest Anita!!!!!
    I so enjoyed the photos in this new post!!!!! They are always very eye catching, beautiful, & unique!!!!
    I've had a busy week. I attended a Gucci store opening and a Shoe 10022 event at Saks to cover for my fashion blog. The photos will be featured in my blog in upcoming posts once I upload them....
    I went & voted today; it was about a 40 minute wait. The gentleman in front of us said his wife was there at 6:50 AM to vote and waited an hour!!!!! We arrived at about 3:45PM.... It was great to see so many people out to vote!!!! There were a few older grandfather aged veterans in the voting line. I always smile at them; I'm so grateful for their service to our country. They are so proud of their military hats.
    My parents are coming to our house for Thanksgiving this year. My mom broke her wrist!!!! She slipped on some wet leaves outside. I feel so bad for her!!!! She said the worst is having such difficulty doing the things we see as simple like buttoning her shirt!!!!
    Hope you are having a great week!!!!
    It's really cold here- that damp type of cold which is the worst. We had a cold rain the last few days that has been very dreary but completely the type of early winter weather in the Midwest....
    Have a great night!!!!
    Luv & Hugs,
    Shannon :-)

  90. A beautiful start to a very cold Dark November morning, your posts and inspiring words and pictures..
    Sending Twinkles ***
    love Maria x
    Thanks for kind words always.

  91. Dearest Anita, thank you for your kind words! This is really a tough time for me and us to go through, but - life consists of both light and shadow and we have to accept that. Hope you have lovely and peaceful evening, am sending my love!

  92. Dearest! Thank you so much for your MOST welcome visit.. So happy you enjoyed her!!
    This is such a beautiful post my friend.

  93. My Dear Anita, BEAUTIFUL REFLECTION! Your words are always so uplifting This is exactly the kind of inspiration I need,today.Thank you!

    BIG HUGS <3

  94. I heard that you were designing a paper bridal gown and wanted to let you know that I have some photos of "recycled fashion" in the display cases of the international terminal in Atlanta. I would be glad to send them to you or perhaps you can find them online.

    Wishing you all the best and sorry to be away for so long.


  95. you find the most beautiful and moving images to support your heart-ful words. Thank you for touching my heart.

    love this Mother Theresa message too~

  96. Anita, I just received a little mouse that I custom ordered from Penny, I must add that I was very precise on wanting her in all grey down to her ears, noes and shoes as well as her tutu.
    She is divine, I also noticed your visit to Penny and your someday wanting one just like mine, yes my friend do order one like her, you will not believe your eyes when you open her box to see her sweet face starring right back at you.

    We will have to start producing a stage program one that will be a performance of all holiday performances.

    See you soon my friend, for now the little mouse is tucked away in her box waiting for Hannah's arrival and she will be so surprised to see her new mouse addiction to her collections of mice :)
    You must have her create one for you, she is a French village mouse and is ready to perform on her stage of dance and song.


    Ps. I will see what name Hannah comes up with for her.

  97. I still don't know..... I know is a sad thing to be afraid and only those that goes under their skin knows how deep is the feelings of lost but ....there is hope, and is in Christ alone!
    You have brought a smile to my face this morning!!!!thank you darlin'!

    I am wishing you a WONDERFUL show... I cn hardly wait to her back from you....

  98. Oh dearest Anita....your kind words are appreciated so much xo Yesterday I bought a quilt (that I have had my eye on) as a memento to Paris. I shall copy her pic onto some of that fabric stuff to attach to the back of the quilt and this will be my 'Paris Quilt'.

    Little Paris ended up at the Vet's and that's where my Hubby picked her up from as I was busy getting dinner so I could do a performance...

    I know what both you and Irina mean about the pets...I'm thinking that too now...but we'll see...

    JoJo did cry that morning when she saw a photo of Paris...but she then said...funeral...get another one!

    Wishing you a lovely and hugs to you dear Anita...Dzintra xo

    Again glorious pics and touching I fearful?????I was....then I wasn' I am SOME things.....for me...not so much for my grand children...yes....But I think LIFE is a glorious journey that we must embark on full strength or we sit back and allow life to pass us by...
    loved those pics!!

  100. No THAT is the million $$$ question.
    What would you/me do if you weren't afraid.
    Probably LOTS of things
    But because I am somewhat insecure about some things, and yes afraid , I guess I'll never know. have to wonder if you filled the measure of your existence, what the Creator had planned for you
    because you let fear get in the way.
    I think FEAR (much of it) is from the adversary.
    We need to move forward.
    HA HA HA...listen to me.
    the consumate "fraidy cat"

  101. Oh dear!!! How did I miss this post, Anita??? Wow!!! You always find the words to go with the photos. I think you could write commercials. Seriously...that may sound strange, but you have this quality in your writing...along with the images that really "pulls" people in. You would be great in marketing.

    Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you have a good day tomorrow subbing. And then a good weekend and a successful art show soon!!!

    Take care,

  102. Good Morning Anita
    What a wonderful post so many moving images
    I hope you and Rueben are sheltered from all the terrible
    weather you came to mind so many times during all the storms
    All my best

  103. Anita, Thanks for great comment. I just looked at your post with my daughter for 3 time..

  104. ANITA!!! You too enjoy your weekend and relax through it. I sense your fast pace within your words. But, I so appreciate you taking the time to come on by.

    I am anxious for your next post but have completely enjoyed this one. I enjoy ALL of them.

    Today will be an 'office at home' day. I have much to catch up on around my computer and the mess I have accumulated here.

    Take some time for yourself (harp, writing poems or reading inspiration) and I will see you soon.

    Happiness and joy to you,

  105. You are at home today! Yahoo..busy as a little bee. I have my day off today..but was only back to school 2 days this week anyways. Feeling much better today. My old brain seems to be a lot clearer today! Feeling like doing something fun today...and getting excited about Christmas...I need you to inspire me. I would love to be watching you in your studio today...sipping tea and listening to Christmas music..feels like the perfect day to do just that! Your Thanksgiving is coming soon isn't it? Make it a great and hugs.
    Love to you.

  106. Merci mon cher ami.
    Anita, vous remonter le moral mon coeur avec tes paroles mélancoliques et des visites magnifiques.
    A bientôt et la beauté que vous créez



  107. Another gorgeous post my beautiful friend! Every picture worth a thousand words. Of course my favorite is the little hand on the big hand.

    This post spoke to me Anita!
    Yes our horses are very gentle spirits who love it when you wrap your arms around their necks for a big hugs. Except the two year old. He isn't quite there yet, but will be soon. My husband has a wonderful gift of training horses. He can take a young horse and spend just about an hour with it and by the time he is finished with the session the horse will follow him anywhere and let him touch him anywhere. Very few words are spoken. Most of it is through the lead line and praise and loving strokes. I am always amazed when I watch people who can train like that. My husband is very good at what he does and by the time the horse has some age and training on it the grandchildren are even able to lead them and ride them.
    sending hugs...

  108. Hello Anita,

    Nope - I didn't see this until last night! I would have remembered this post. Your header is quite stunning as well.

    Oh, I love that quote: "What would you do if you weren't afraid?" That's so thought provoking!!!

    Oh yes...I could see you doing some magazine spreads. So many possiblities with your talent, really! It would probably be a difficult avenue to get into freelance, I would imagine, BUT...Leave it to YOU! I'm sure you could DO IT!

    Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comments. It is so fun watching this little guy grow up. And I love being able to share he journey with YOU, my dear friend! How FUN to think about him doing science projects! I never thought I that until you mentioned it. It will be fun to long as I am NOT the experiment. He could use Kooky! Hee! Ohhh...there's a possible story.

    I need to do another Kooky story soon. :)

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!! Can't wait to hear about your upcoming art show.


  109. As always I am in awe of your photographic selections. Just breathtaking!

  110. WOW the red is so vibrant! Your post are always so inspiring and the photos so beautiful. I love the picture with the man and his dog.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)



"Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echos are truly endless." -Mother Teresa