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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A kinder, gentler world

I am so blessed to have received this acknowledgement from the one and only Sherry from She is the Angel of Blogland! Merci ma belle! In the next post, I will pass on this touching award to three other friends that have touched my heart.

There is something innocent and magical, if you will, about animals. For those of you who are not inclined to observe the behavior of beasts both great and small, then use your imagination and think about an ideal place where you would find wonder, kindness, laughter and peace. We are pretty hard-pressed to find such a place unless we create it ourselves, and in our circle of kindred spirits, I have encountered a sweet place where I often go to speak to the animals. The woman who has breathed life into a mouse who takes tea every afternoon, a frog who is a gourmet chef and a bear that goes to the theatre in a top hat is the recipient of the Angel Award for the month of April.

The home site for these lovable creatures is and if you need to slip into make-believe mode to decompress from the “reality” of life, then pay her a visit. The “Dutchess” is creative and bright and her choice of music and art fits the antics of her beloved creatures. Even if you are not partial to little rodents, reptiles or bears, you just might become infatuated with the likes of Miss Moussie, Gustave and Mozes, who possess a distinct personality thanks to the animated writing style of their mistress. The three of them got together with pen in paw and decided to put their writing abilities to the test:

Dear Dutchess,
We were taking our tea this afternoon and decided that it is high time that we thanked you for giving us the gift of life and a glimpse of a true angel. So, Gustave baked some biscuits, Mozes made a fine pot of Earl Grey, and me, Miss Moussie, I took to the pen and wrote you a poem:

Swirling whirling cooking clanging
Pots and teacups all around

Gustave cooking Mozes dancing
Listen to the haunting sound

Creatures singing speaking dancing
Mice and birds in the garden play

Angels writing drawing laughing
Give us something sweet to say

Now we wait for another chapter
In our book of tales tall

Oh Dutchess dear we wait in silence
For the life you give us all.

– Miss Moussie as told to her by Camille Benoit©

The Angel of the Month goes to The Dutchess, a sweet spirit that has made my blogging experience a kinder, gentler world. Merci, Madame.

Don't forget, if you are interested, send in a paragraph or two for the final act of La Diva! The give-away for the winner is a handmade book of the play. A la prochaine!