Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Twelve Years Ago

I published my first blog post


the content was based


what I knew and loved best:

My home.

In the last 12 years

I opened my garden gate and explored 

various paths other than home d├ęcor

that led me to 


Many of my readers inspired me, encouraged me

and they changed my life.

I took a year off from my teaching job

to open an Etsy shoppe.

I took writing classes that ignited a love for


I have been gifted fine photography equipment

to launch off my idea to compose

a written and visual collection of memoirs


my dreams continue to expand

I've shared my photos on


for the past five years.

But on this first day of a new decade

I return home


just a moment

to not only share a photo gallery of progress


to celebrate the child-like happiness

my husband and I share

as we build our life together. 

Kitchen 1997

Same kitchen corner transformed in 2000

Kitchen hood redone beams installed 2019

Timbering installed 2019

Hallway/kitchen pantry 1997

Hallway/kitchen pantry with timbering 2019

Front room 1997

Opening the wall off of living room 2000

Creation of my studio space off of living room circa 2003

Studio space December 2019

Living room 2019

Studio space fall 2019

As I look at the things


were able to achieve

I am in constant awe

to think that one day

It will be revealed just how much

my soul 

has been salvaged and transformed.

Happy 2020


Monday, December 23, 2019

Thank You

for this 

~gentle swan Christmas ornament~

when I see it

I am reminded of your elegant style

and perseverance through 

the challenging currents of life.

A neighbor and good friend from Instagram

just got back from Paris


gifted me this enchanting 

~Cinderella carriage ornament~

as I admire it sparkling in my studio

I am reminded 


his playful nature

and all the fun summers we've spent 

gardening and beautifying our street.


mille fois Vicki Archer

for this token of friendship

~all the way across the Atlantic~

when I hold this little child 


the palm of my hand

I am reminded of the journey

we've shared 


maturing women

who remember the child


once held us and who we are now

so we can

become the fullness of our destiny.

Merry Christmas to all


a healthy, joyous 2020.