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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Where Angels Dwell

Where do angels reside? Some live in attics, some live in the burbs on farms and others live in the Netherlands with a sweet little mouse, but the recipient of the Angel Award for the month of May lives in a castle, Castles in the Air that is! If you have not already been, you MUST go and visit Ulla at

When you visit her blog, you are walking into an enchanting world of creative dimensions that quite frankly, transport you to another level of artistic consciousness. Just when I thought I had reached the pinnacle of discovering creative uses for vintage motifs, glitter, gold and other treasures, Ulla pulls you in AGAIN with the work of a guest artist at her studio and blows your ideas outside of the box. The dolls, the puppets, the paper works, oh the list goes on and on, are of a quality that surpasses my imagination, and I have quite an imagination! All the photos here are from her blog where you can learn more about the artists that she so lovingly showcases.

These petals on the wall are paper! What nimble hands made this? Visit Ulla and find out!

The dark rich wood of this lovely cabinet and the dark fairy tale wonder of this photograph contrast the airy, light and lovely display of a delicate crown below.

Ulla's taste for diversity and eye for rare detail are exceptional. However, what makes her an angel in the divine sense of the word, is her sweet spirit in which she responds to your posts. She is a busy professional, tending to her workshop, but always does she find the time to respond to YOU with genuine sincerity, gratitude and a personal touch that makes you feel as if you have known each other for years. My beautiful sister-in-law from FĂȘte et Fleur had the opportunity to take a class at Castles in the Air; oh how fortunate she was! So if you want to escape from whatever is accosting your pleasure zone, take a tour of the Castle and you will be sure to find yourself in the middle of a glittered fairy tale that is only a click away. Here is a poem that I wrote thinking about this lovely lady. This one's for you Ulla:

Glittered dreams are far from futile
When within them hearts unfold
This my friends is but a story
Of dimensions left untold

Wake up dear ones in the company
Of friends and artists minds untamed
Bringing dreams down from the heavens
In an image beautifully framed

Not with baubles, gems or trinkets
Though her art is fine and rare
Friendship, kindness are her treasures
Up at Castles in the Air.

Have a great visit chez Ulla!

Now, our weather here in Minneapolis is not cooperating, so my gardening plans are on hold for what I hope is another week or two or three...but I will leave you with some images of one of my other favorite past times: taking tea with friends. How lovely it would be to be able to take tea with each one of you in Paris at the famous and elegant... behold the perfectly crafted pastries...

and indulge in a moment of decadence in the City of Lights.

Or perhaps, we could stroll along the streets of my beloved Carmel-by-the-sea and visit the little pink tea house for a warm pick-me-up...

or a high tea at the famous Carmel landmark, The Tuck Box.

We could take a stroll and visit the neighboring shops...

have lunch at one of the town's coziest restaurants...

or simply take a walk to the beach and talk about our dreams.

Have a splendid weekend and thank you for sharing your beauty in the wonderful world of blogging!