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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Act 3 and ...Meet the Playwright!

Bienvenue à tous! Welcome back everyone! Before the curtain goes up for my third act, I would like to tell you a little about myself.

I have a fond admiration of the theatre; I was fortunate enough to dabble in acting and dancing after high school and since then, I have successfully incorporated theatre arts in my elementary classroom to supplement my French language arts curriculum. I enjoy creative writing but most of all, my passion is to prompt others to think about developing their own writing skills.

My plays are a fun writing project for me but the best part is giving my audience the chance to pick up where I have left off; so if you would like to try submitting an ending, please see the details at the bottom of this post! Please use the sidebar to help with the definition of French words. Now, without further ado, please turn up the music and...Le Petit Théâtre de Chimères vous présente,

act 3
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Meanwhile back at the famous boutique

M. Bergeron and his fashionable clique

continued their fashion shows hugging and kissing

until Madame Chou Chou said, "C'est bizarre, something's missing!"

Voilà!"She cried out! "I know what's not right!

it's that scamp named Balzac, he's been out of our sight!

Gone is the biting, the growling and stares

nobody liked him, nobody cares!"

Some wondered and asked where Balzac may have been

while others hissed "Tant mieux! good riddance to him!

Now we can show off our beautiful works

without his ridiculous manies and quirks!"

However Balzac was enjoying success

the children had loved him in spite of this mess

for he was Toto, their hero, their friend

who in every adventure was good to the end.

However one evening upon his large bed

Toto or Balzac got it into his head

to wish to become the dog he had been

to be totally transformed, without and within.

The children had hugged him so much he was stained

he needed a wash so once he was trained

to go get his towel and a bar of savon

he got a hot bath from l'artiste de Lyon.

So in order to see what followed his bath

you need to click Youtube so that you can laugh

For now he was back in his own curly fur!

Growling and yapping with each single grrrr...

he loved being real again in his skin

but will he be loved without and within

by all the young children and famous artistes

how goes this ending, magnifique or triste?


Well, it's entirely up to you! While Balzac was a real dog, he could sometimes be annoying to the clientele...GRRRRRR.....

However, as a stuffed animal, his scrappy tendencies went unnoticed while he was trapped in the form of a lovable toy! So what will he choose to live as? Is it better to be free to be himself and roam as a "real" annoyance or exist as a docile, sweet jouet?

Act four is the grand finale. If you would like to participate, please submit your entries to my email by no later than Friday, September 4, 2009:

Entries shouldn't be too long. We want them to be readable and short enough to make them interesting to the readers. I will post all entries anonymously by Saturday evening, September 5 so that all of you will be able to read them and vote for your favorite! Saturday September 12 at midnight, I will count the votes and post the winner!

So now shuffle on over to the main dining room in that skin tight gown

and loosen that tight little belt a few notches

and let's dine together à la française on the terrace of my villa to celebrate a successful ending and a happy, productive school year!


Diana Vreeland
Ives St. Laurent and other black and white vintage photos from
Eze, France - Castles Crowns and Cottages