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Friday, September 25, 2009

All Eyes Shall Weep At Your Departure...

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It is a bittersweet moment to temporarily close another beautiful chapter in our lives. Together, my husband and I shared a summer of wonderful discovery, taking a time machine back to the old days of Main St. U.S.A. The last month of summer, after accomplishing much in our professional and personal lives, we embarked on a time travel experience that dropped us off in our own backyard. About 30 minutes away, in spite of late afternoon traffic, time stands still. Magical garden shops that whisper fairy tales

and inspire the artist, writer and home decorator in me to dream and create,

bring out the whimsical dreamer in me that I simply cannot deny. From Shabby Chic shops that sparkle and boast an array of crowns, glitter and silly animal creations

to little tea salons where patrons don Victorian hats for the afternoon and slowly pour tea from original, locally made teapots

Stillwater calls us back every weekend to enjoy endless hours of antique shopping and book hunting in some of the most beautiful and well-stocked vintage book stores we have seen in a long time.

From historical home tours to the numerous bed and breakfast establishments that dot the little city

Stillwater has left an unforgettable impression in our minds that calls us back. And even though summer is over and the morning glory sheds its last tear of early morning dew, our imaginations await us at the dawn of a new adventure on the banks of the St. Croix river.

A la prochaine!