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Friday, October 2, 2009

From Stillwater, With Love part II

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Jump on board the trolley down Main St. everyone for one last tour of Stillwater, Minnesota! Autumn has arrived and though the air is heavy with mist and the howling winds of winter are lurking around the corner, the warmth of summer discovery is still an experience to be shared. Stillwater indeed is a lovely town for all seasons, but let's go shopping one more time in the sweet summer air of our memory to see more of what this old fashioned corner of the midwest has to offer.

Among all the antique shops, Rose Mille is one of my favorite places to visit. Entrez, s'il vous plaît and relax...

The magic never stops at Rose Mille; with delightful and bright home furnishings and vintage trinkets, handmade jewelry and glittered goodies, this is most definitely one of our favorite stops.

Another fabulous find is Pulp Fashion, a little paper goods shop where the owner is fun, artistic and very familiar with many of YOU fantastic artists in blogland! She was very giddy when she met my husband, the brother of our lovely and talented Nancy from Fête et Fleur! I could have sworn she was going to ask him for HIS autograph!

The architecture in Stillwater varies from the American Victorian

to the rough-hewn European stone structures that evoke images of French villages

and remind me of the streets of Eze, France where the shop owners are elegantly dressed while sweeping their shop thresholds, wearing little white aprons, such as Cheriz from "This Love of Mine" jewelry shop.

Cheriz designs and crafts her own jewelry and has a darling little atelier tucked away in her real cave of a shop, situated in the town's rocky bluff area.

As we close the door of her shop behind us, our senses are tickled with much more "eye candy", but down the street, there are two old-fashioned candy shops where you can walk in

and taste the savory delights of childhood.

A great way to justify eating all those goodies is to promise yourself that you will climb all three Montemartre-like stairways

that will transport you to some of the quaintest neighborhoods that display humble cottages and also boast renovated Victorians that you can tour to see some of the most breathtaking views of the St. Croix.

And after all that walking, you can go to Cambrose Hill flower shop

and step inside to see all the romantic flower arrangements

or, you can amble your way around the side of the shop and go to the little fenced-in corral

and say "Bonjour" to Fünf the bunny and his friends.

By this time, the fairy dust begins to settle and the fog starts rolling in

to shut the eyes of summer in the sunset of fond memories past.

Have a beautiful, memorable autumn weekend, mes amies!