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Friday, November 6, 2009

From My Hearth To Yours

The temperatures have dropped, I have a tarte tatin bubbling in the oven

and a pot of hot, rich café au lait steaming on the stove.

So amble on down the path where the crusty, fallen leaves of autumn crackle under our feet, singing the familiar theme of another enchanting holiday season

of family, friends and festivities. It's storytime chez moi, and I invite you to enter into the cottage of dreams

and take a peak into the window of your imagination

and to gather around the hearth of hopes and dreams.

Whether your taste in hearths leans towards the French country cottage or the relaxed Carmel, California variety

a fireplace surrounded by kindred and creative spirits is beautiful no matter how humble

or lofty.

So if you prefer the more traditional chateau style fireplaces

or a classic Victorian for your holiday décor

a fireplace in just about any setting

will relax your heart and release your mind to wander into the world of make believe.

So let us gather around my hearth

and dream of Precious Little Things With Wings ©

a very short story that I created with hope that it will carry you on a long journey to your wildest of dreams! Come back next week, and stay warm!