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Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Christmas Story



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and Dance

have always been a part of my holiday celebration in one way or another. As a child, I remember my father joyfully filling the house with his piano repertoire of Christmas songs.

I once played the ruthless Mrs. Filcher in a Christmas Carol and plotted and planned to barrel into Scrooge's bedroom to steal his bed curtains, at any cost.

A couple of scenes later and a quick costume and character change, I elegantly danced my way in between all of Mr. and Mrs. Fezziwig's guests at their Christmas ball.

This Christmas, however, I am doing something that I have never done before. I have written a story that was inspired by a very special friend who has lived an extraordinary life...

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To P.C. - La Petite Pierrette and the Magic Hands

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There once lived a doll

Whose name was Pierrette

She lived a hard life

That she tried to forget.

Her clothes and her hair

Were tattered and old

Her tutu and slippers

Were long ago sold

To one fancy lady

Who danced and became

The grande dame of ballet

In the Doll Hall of Fame.

One night as the dancer sat at her boudoir,

She caught a quick glimpse in her crystal miroir

And noticed a faerie all dressed in fine thread

Who hovered and twinkled around her crowned head.

“From where do you get your love of ballet

The grace and the strength in your turns and jétés?”

The lovely danseuse responded and said,

I found a great treasure where once I was dead

My lovely pink slippers dance all by themselves

As if they were made by invisible elves.

My tutu is spun with the finest of gold

And though it is used and discolored and old

I am the star dancer on stage every night

A beauty, a wonder, a magnificent sight

But without my tutu I am merely a heap

of wood and of strings most unworthy to keep

a faint beam of light that escapes from the heart

of one whose great pain I have made my own art.

"Alas!" said the faerie who flittered around

and gracefully landed upon her great crown

"Henceforth when you dance you will lift up your heart

and thank the artiste who right

from the start

created each movement, each perfect pirouette

and the one and the only La Petite Pierrette.

Pierrette's final destiny is nothing to grieve

for she is well-loved and is said to believe

that above her sweet head as she fixes her eyes

she sees her maîtresse who lives in the skies

prepare a new dance for her little Pierrette

an original ballet for her favorite marionette

for from pain did her beauty become her great art

for she danced and she loved from a most grateful heart. - Anita ©

The pain, the all goes together. The cold winter holiday season of Christmas is born from such things, but in the end, beauty wins as it has with you, dear friend.

We all have a story to tell, and all of us are a story waiting to be told. Happy storytelling and Joyeux Noël!

Come back next week for Give-Away chez moi!

Photo Credits: The last photo is of a doll by Lucia Friedericy
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