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Friday, December 25, 2009

Friendship: The Best "After Christmas Sale" Deal

An adaptation of a story I heard on the radio told by "Annie" from Boston 30 years ago....

"I've got exactly what you're looking for young man", chirped the sales clerk. "A nice plump little yellow lab!"

Christmas had quickly come and gone, and Jules finally had some serious coin saved up.

She was a lively and handsome woman, but lacked understanding. She approached Jules as he stood gazing into the first cage of puppies. “May I help you? asked the impressive sales clerk, as she finished freshening up the rabbits'cages. Without hestitation and quite decisive, Jules said, “I would like to buy that puppy, that one right there”, as he pointed directly at a Westie mix. “Oh you don’t want that puppy”, said the woman as she expressed her disapproval with wrinkled brow and nose. Pointing to a beautiful but very expensive labrador, her expression transformed quickly as she said, “Here you's a character for ya. He does flips and runs like the dickens. He'll keep you entertained for hours.”

“No thank you. I would like to buy this puppy, right here. I've been saving my allowance money and I when I first saw her, I knew this was going to be my puppy”, said Jules as he patiently waited for her to take the dog out of its enclosure. “I’m telling you kid, you don’t want this dog. She’s no good.” “Oh but I do want her," said Jules in a confused and quiet whisper. "Why won’t you sell her to me?” “This puppy wouldn’t be much good to you. She's useless. She can’t run or jump and you would get tired of her. This dog has no front legs." Jules silently gazed up at her, waiting to hear a good reason why he couldn't buy the dog. "She's CRIPPLED!" bellowed the sales clerk as she awkwardly gesticulated to emphasize her reasoning. "She was sent to us by mistake about two weeks ago. Besides, we can't sell her for a decent price, so we're finally getting rid of her tomorrow.” The sales clerk picked up the dog from the floor and huffed off to return the puppy to it's cage.

The little man hung his head. After a moment of pause, he ambled over to the sales clerk and then as he lifted his pant leg he looked up and said, “I understand Ma’am. You see, I was born without a leg myself. I have been wearing this artificial leg since I learned to walk as a baby, but I've learned how to walk really well. You know, we ‘cripples’, we need each other.”

The clerk took out the puppy from her cage, Jules put his money on the counter and left the store with his new friend in his arms.

We need each other. Friendship is the best gift anyone can receive and better yet, give away. Since I moved away from home twice in the last 22 years, I have been blessed to have friendships that know no limits and cross all distances. Thank you all in Blogland who are family and old friends with which I have had the pleasure of reuniting as well as those new friends whose beautiful faces I have never known and may never see. Your comments, generosity and companionship have meant the world to me.

From our home to yours, Anita

Header photo credit: Artist Huey Yeng from Deviantart Gallery