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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Reflections on a Wonderful Year

One year ago on December 31 2008, I published my first blog post for which I received my first comment from Nancy, my sister-in-law and inspiration from Fête et Fleur:

Castles, Crowns and Cottages is a place where old world charm is the muse for home decorating and gardening on a budget. Come inside and sit by the fire and let's chat about the possibilities!

She read this short post, gave me words of encouragement and set me on my way....

Then slowly, throughout the following months, the looking glass of self-reflection has been revealing itself

and the possibilities of creating another wonderful year will require that I sit down and carefully plan my next move.

With my Masters degree program coming to a close in the next month with the completion of my thesis

and graduation on the spring horizon

I am looking forward to completing a 17 year career as a college and graduate school student and beginning a new adventure as a creative writer, nestled in my own special writing space

where I can bring to life the world that has lived in my mind for years and has been resurrected through blogging.

No, the above painting is not my own work, but here is another unexpected revelation I have encountered in the looking glass of self examination:

to commit myself to practicing and improving my artistic skills.

But the decision did not come easily over night as I lay my head on soft pillows

but rather by looking at myself through you: family and friends who have been connected to me by blogging. Here is a list of just a handful of the people who have demonstrated the courage to look at themselves honestly, to take the plunge and just DO what they say they are going to do, those who never quit and those who have just discovered their own calling and are running with their dreams:

Ruben, my wonderful husband - Rattus Tales, Rattus Scribus
Marie, my beautiful and talented cousin - Dancing in Tattered Shoes
Nancy, a wonderful artist, soul and sister-in-law, Fête et Fleur
Bunny, a dear friend who has endured much this past year, but always finds the humor in it all - I'm just sayin'
Sherry, who helped me from the very beginning with my blog and has a heart of gold - Edie Marie's Attic
Patricia, a real-life angel from heaven disguised as an artist and mother of seven beautiful children - Woolytale Miniatures, Patita Dolls
The Dutchess, who has turned on the light of my imagination - The Dutchess, Hilltop Hall, A Tale Told by a Mouse
Bonnie, a dear friend and talented writer - Diamonds and Daisies
Jacqueline, a beautiful woman who loves the world of children - Once Upon a Fairyland
Karen Harvey Cox - an extraordinary artist with a generous heart - Scrapbook of Inspiration
Lulu, another generous and exquisite human being - Lulu Kellogg
Lili, a very considerate and kind friend - Lili M.
Tristan, a humorous, talented, and kind dear - Enchanted Revelry
Ulla, whose gracious gift of friendship was finally realized when she visited me during Thanksgiving break! - Ullabenulla
Spencer, the sweetest, most adorable lady you would ever want to meet - Bellemere Cottage
Amy, a poet and a writer who seeks only to lift others up - What a Wonderous Space This Fairytale Space
Keke, a woman whose blog has gone from great to fabulous; she has realized her calling - Théâtre du Boheme, In My Sepia Studio


Rather than make a link to each of these blogs, please scroll down to my blog list and visit these fine people as well as the other wonderful bloggers on my list. And when you have a moment, go look into the the mirror of are all beautiful!

I leave you with this quote from Hamilton Wright Mabie:

"Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love."

This is a blessed season indeed, and may each day of the New Year be no different!

Bisous!! Anita