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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Une Fête de Thé de Noël and a Crown Give-away


Entrez Mesdames et Messieurs into the Grand Lobby of La Maison de Thé

where your path will be lit by the finest of chandeliers, dripping with delicate morsels of mesmerizing wonderment

that will lead you to the most opulent of tea rooms of your choice

or to more relaxed and casual salles that gently beckon you to listen to the silence in cool backdrops of winter white

while you delicately sip your tea from sweet little cups made of fine china.

On your way to your table, there are looking glasses to peak into

to see if your feathers are on straight.

If your have forgotten your gloves

no worry; along the way there are little dresser drawers filled with lovely last minute accessories to complete your ensemble.

If you want to be fresh for the festivities, stop by one of the chambres et faites une sieste.

When you arrive at your table, you will have your choice of fine teas

or Chocolat Africain, one of Paris' best decadent wonders. African hot chocolate is everyone's top pick, but hot white chocolate is available as well, which is served with chocolate whipped cream and is just as unforgettable. Whatever your choice, the beverage of the gods arrives at your table in a generous pitcher of the highest quality chocolate melted into a silken cream, rich and heavy enough to be eaten like pudding with a spoon.

Save room however, for the pièce de resistance.

What makes this little cake a wonder is the first bite through the flaky outside layer, which if made properly, is chewy and dense. The treasure inside of a cannelé should lightly reveal a moist, golden miette, like the inside of a fresh bread pudding that you can excavate with a delicate little spoon.

After you have had your fill, come with me around the Christmas tree

and become a child again

and dream. It was lovely having tea with you, but before you dance off my dear queens

stop and take a Tea Trivia quiz to enter my Christmas Give-Away.

What was the former name of Audrey Hepburn's favorite Paris tea salon now known as Angelina's?

Was it:

a. Le Stübli
b. Carette
c. Rumpelmayers
d. La Charlotte de L'isle

Choose one answer when you comment. If you answer correctly, you will be eligible for the drawing. I will draw a name on Thursday, December 24, Christmas Eve and will post the winner. The winner will receive a miniature metal crown specially embellished by moi.

A la prochaine mes amies et Bonne Fête!