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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication. ~Leonardo DaVinci

"I'm just a simple person", my mother used to say. And at the time she quietly but firmly uttered these five simple words, I did not understand why she had settled for less. Now I know why.

After you've walked long enough over the surface of life, the pathways that survive the test of time and remain to be a thing of beauty are what we frequent the most when we need direction, a new challenge to climb

or just simply need to find peace.

Simplicity, is a relative term. What is understated but genuine to one person might be ordinary to another, lacking that certain je ne sais quoi. But if you look close enough

and then stand back, what is often times revealed is not so ordinary.

Each one of us has a particular view, talent and style that embellishes who we are

and makes us sparkle.

As you reinvent yourself and cook up a new plan for your life this year

don't forget to take the time to be still, think about what is really necessary

and that each and every one of us brings something different to the table,

and that in the "Essentials, unity, in non-essentials, liberty and in all things, love." - Attributed to St. Augustine

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