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Friday, February 19, 2010

Dutch Masters

You all know me by now. Je me passionne de tout ce qui est français, from



to Cottages.

But after having seen the movie

I stumbled into an enchanting domain of textured light and emotion

where still moments of the Bourgeosie

elegantly coalesce with the rusticity of Dutch life.

I was mesmerized. However, contemporary Dutch life had already started to tug at my affections when I encountered the beauty of three extraordinary Dutch women from Blogland.

Lili and I crossed paths last year by way of a Crown Party hosted by Vintage Bella Studio in June of 2009. Lili's gentle world of birds in art, vintage finds

and the ability to escort me down the canals of her childhood have given me wings to imagine what beauty lies around the corner in her beautiful country.

Sandra, through her photo journal of Dutch life, has fondly presented her voyage as a Portuguese woman in the Netherlands. Her view of her new homeland is always presented from the view of the lights of the city

to the calming lull of gentle waters

that blend the culture of urban living with nature

that leave you drifting out of a fairy tale.

I have been given wings to fly beyond my imagination however, by someone very special to me.

my dutchess
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Along with the two other lovely ladies mentioned, The Dutchess is able to make you believe in dreams. Educated, skilled and articulate, this Dutch Maitresse is the creator of some of the most enchanting fairytale creatures I have had the pleasure of knowing personally.

For a glimpse of how she inspires the artist and storyteller in me and my cohorts in whimsy, visit our team blog Nowhere, and see how she fires up the child in us all that releases the adult mind from its limitations.

The Dutch Masters; skilled in textured beauty of the soul, the canvas of storytelling and most of all, of the heart.

Beste vriend ik hou van je zo!

Photo credits: Mozes and Miss Moussie, by The Dutchess
Final photo by Annie Leibovitz
Vintage Bird Ephemera by Lili M.