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Sunday, February 21, 2010

French Day Dreaming

I woke up one morning, et j'avais envie to go back to bed and turn the clock back in time dans mes rêves

but it was too beautiful outside.

So I decided to look out my balcony

and let my imagination transport me to an era where a woman would just swing open the doors into her armoire

and find something beautiful

and extraordinary to wear.

I stumbled into a deep slumber where everything morphed into a collage of stunning black and white memories of which the color comes only from each passing day, and where else other than Paris

would this adventure of dramatic contrasts between light and dark

and haute couture take place?

Even stepping out to the café pour une bonne tasse de thé avec une amie

would call for the occasion to slide on a string of pearls.

And if it rained?

All the better; misty days gave way to try the latest fashion

And once the weathered cleared up, all a girl had to do was call up a friend

decide what to wear

and take to the streets

in style.

Somehow, being well-heeled makes you feel good

and ready to seek new adventures

with the one you love.

I suddenly woke up to the light of a new day in my own world

and I'm ready to go out today and make my dreams come true.

Enjoy each day in style with someone you love!

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