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Sunday, February 14, 2010

One Last Chance, One Last Dance

Imagine if you had until midnight

to transform yourself, little

by little

sparkling kate
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into a princess who would be escorted to the dance of a life time

where YOU would be the Belle of the Ball.

What would you wear to make the news?

If you're young enough, you might be able to slip into Annie Leibovitz's classic altered Vogue Alice in Wonderland

or her ethereal Beauty and the Beast.

But if you are Une Femme d'Un Certain Âge, Marie might suit you; her style still translates youth and maturity seeking the pleasures of life; but if you're not comfortable brandishing her trademark fla fla, go and get some fun advice from Tish

and she will skillfully discuss alternative fashion choices from designer vintage chic

to the glitz and whimsy

suitable for any occasion of the heart.

So choose your style and relish the moment with romance

make sure your slippers are on snug

and that they hold up to the journey

on your way back to living life

for time is running out.

Love is eternal, but the chance to live it and make a difference is but a short dance.

Dance on everyone!

Photo Credits: Vogue Cover Shots of Celebrities by Annie Leibovitz
Newspaper Dress, Gary Harvey