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Friday, April 9, 2010

From Babble to Scrabble to Symphony







Playing Scrabble.

But once the child's play is over, the functions of the wonderful world of words goes on and WE are the masters who tame each member of the linguistic system into sublime submission with pen

and ink

and imagination.

With our mastery, we can seize the ever-wandering verb in its tracks

this tireless citizen of the language community that incessantly wants to





and even in its sleep, dream


and create.

These assiduous affiliates are looking for willing subjects and nouns to join together on the page, where there is nothing more beautiful

and personal

than to see these members of the language society gather in a special space

to develop and to contribute to who we are

and who we may become.

When these members join to compose something timeless


and divine

an unforgettable symphony is composed, rehearsed and shaped into a life-time of actions of kindness.

Thank you, each and everyone of you, who frequent my blog faithfully, exchange laughter and dreams, and who have sent me the most memorable works of art from your hands and hearts. I cherish each and everyone of you -

Enjoy a peaceful and inspiring weekend with those you love!

Je vous aime tous!

Photo Credits: Google images
Paper wonders by Oona Patterson - Cinderella, Underwater
Annie Leibovitz Photo Disney Dream Portrait Cinderella