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Friday, December 31, 2010

The Morning After

Did you all have a splendid cELebration?

Are you slowly letting go of the glittering remnants of a fine year past

getting back FIRMLY on your feet

and welcoming in new opportunities to find your strengths in the most UNLIKELY ways?

Then define your style

IDENTIFY your talents

take a bite out of the cold that might stop you from making progress and then

take off like the wind.

and while encountering the everyday realities of 2011 that may bring

NEW challenges


and even pain

embrace every sweet moment

create your own happiness

because that is the key to making each day count.

and though winter's white beauty will have us in its grip for the next four months

let the eternal spring within us ALL 

Live forever.

What an enchanting year this will be with all of you dear friends.


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