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Saturday, March 19, 2011

See You In The Morning

I had a dream

that after winter's clenching grip

my window was finally freed open

and the faint song of a distant memory

and the perfume of stillness 

spoke volumes to my soul.

While truth held me in sweet captivity

in my fleeting Twilight

rare moments of wonder of this life

bloomed into an eternal cycle of unfettered joy

For what I saw was an ordinary fruit with a tough and

rude skin

being cracked open through the non-essential surface

in order to arrive at the organic

core of life. 

And when the hidden seeds from which issue the 

essentials of eternity were


 for the 
momentary pleasures of the flesh

an inconsolable void

quickly appeared upon reflection
only to gracefully reveal an inexpressible beauty

I will

see you in the morning

for in my waking hours

the only way to make each day different from all the 

rest as I step into your world is:

"In the essentials, UNITY

in the non-essentials, LIBERTY


St. Augustine