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Friday, May 27, 2011

Paris-Simply Irresistible: Good Night Sweet Prince

It all started as I descended

and quietly ambled down every street

and crossed every bridge

that has inspired countless artists and writers to 

capture the 


Then it finally happened to me.

The ghosts on the walls that have shadowed millions of


whispered to ME

and wisked me up towards my imagination

to surface as a child again.

I was smitten

and since then


have been kept still in the drawer of my mind

BUT are now doodled on paper

as my vision of a crooked little Parisian street



An old street in Paris, Rue de Sainte 



remains the most famous street still to 

this day

for boasting the most elegant boutiques 

in town

to find the loveliest hat

or silk gown.


And there a most famous couturier

has a quirky assistant, I have to say

for he is a scrappy and shaggy monsieur

with button eyes and an uncanny allure

with floppy ears and a certain knack

for knowing who's buying

his name is Balzac.

He hoots and he whistles and warns his  


his master and keeper, Monsieur Bergeron

who comes and who goes and who browses 

and buys

for nothing escapes his scrupulous brown 


So if you desire a Bergeron brand

you better be serious to pay on demand

and upon leaving this famous salon

please kindly say , "Merci Monsieur 


And do not forget to say a "Merci"

to Monsieur Balzac or else you will see

his teeth sinking into your favorite 


"Give me attention, or this you shall 


As was his routine at the end of the day

Monsieur Balzac wanted to wander and play

in and around all the Parisian parks


The Tuileries was one of his favorite 


He'd putt-putt his way in his little 


all shiny and bright and incredibly 



Once he would get there he'd frolic and 


on the grounds of the park he would 

spend all the day

exploring and looking for something 

brand new to tear or to sniff or devour 

and chew

until he met up with a certain artiste 

who happened to spot him with  


"Ce chien est charmant, vachement 


he cried out in French and named him



For Balzac smirked incessantly with his 

famous grimace


like the artiste's main character in his 

book called Audace!

They made their acquaintances one 


and every night since by the bright 

Paris moon

they read the adventures of  

Toto the great

so much that Balzac was to meet an odd 


for his link to Toto was incredibly 


that he suddenly found himself totally 


his fur had a feeling like no other "boy"

Can you guess what had happened? He 

turned into a



The artiste would read from his book to 

the crowd

while Balzac charmed the children, oh 

how he was proud

that everyone loved him and stroked his 

ruff fur

however he couldn't utter one GRRRRR!

There he stood helpless but loved 


but how he had wanted to get out of this 

Meanwhile back at the famous boutique

M. Bergeron and his fashionable clique


continued their fashion shows hugging 

and kissing

until Madame Choufleur said, "C'est

bizarre, something's missing!" 

Voilà!" She cried out! "I know what's 

not right!

it's that scamp named Balzac, he's been 

out of our sight!

Gone is the biting, the growling and 


nobody liked him, nobody cares!"

But M. Bergeron wondered where he had 


while the crowd said, "Tant mieux! and 

good riddance to him!

“Now we can show off our beautiful works


without his ridiculous manies and 


However Balzac was enjoying success

the children had loved him in spite of 

this mess

for he was Toto, their hero, their 


who in every adventure was good to the 


However one evening upon his large bed

Toto or Balzac got it into his head

to wish to become the dog he had been

to be totally transformed, without and 


The children had hugged him so much he 

was stained

he needed a wash, so once he was trained

to go get his towel and a bar of savon

he got a hot bath from l'artiste de Lyon.

So in order to see what followed this 


you must turn the page to see what I mean

for now he was back in his own curly fur

growling and yapping with each single GRRRR...

He loved being real again in his skin

but will he be loved without and within

by all the young children and Monsieur 


his master and keeper and famous patron?

Balzac’s transformation resulted in this

that when you are loved and sincerely 


your heart becomes real and rien can 


to the love that you give and the love 

that you share.

Good Night Sweet Prince

 and to Paris I say...

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All drawings and poetry, "Good Night Sweet Prince" by Anita Rivera
from Castles Crowns and Cottages 2010 ©

Photo Credits: Carousel shot via Going Glam with Gigi and Tumblr
Paris shots: Little Brown Pen
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