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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Paris: Simply Irresistible

Please watch the video and say

What is it about HER


that makes her 


simply irresistible?



Is it the sidewalk cafés where you can take your time 

to nurse une tasse de thé ou de café

and people watch?

Or is it the haute couture

famous landmarks

or the language that rolls off the tongue 

like honey that is simply irresistible?

WHATEVER your love affair with Paris 


you are invited to divulge the secrets of your

heart for the City of Lights

on my 

Paris: Simply Irresistible 

link party

If you're thinking 

then think about sharing your favorite


Paris-inspired crafts

Lifestyle images

or décor inspirations


to show what you think makes 


Simply Irresistible.

Join the party 

and leave me a comment saying 

that you are going to participate and I will put you on 
my list to be ready on Saturday May 28. 

Let your friends and readers know by taking my button

and posting it on your blog to let readers know you 

are part of the fun.

I will have the list of blogs on that day that are participating so if you feel like walking the streets of Paris, just link back to me on Saturday May 28 and 

see the sights

meet new blog friends.

OH! remember...

Photo Credits:

Images 1, 2, 3, 4 from the gracious Kristin at A Page of Inspiration