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Thursday, July 14, 2011

~Show doN't Tell~

How do you find the right words in order 

to show 

and not

tell what is in 

your heart?

Sparkling moments

can change a person's life

by one fragrant sentence

or a kind action.

We are ALL creative at different levels 

but do we know our potential?

Find a quiet spot 

and think about the 

daily choices 

you make


make someone's day

more beautiful.


the dance of your everyday comings and goings.

Did you EMPOWER someone or YOURSELF 


call a new friend across the country

or call an old friend 

across town.

Let what you practice

and express

formulate a transparent 


through which the depths of your heart

reveal a

Sparkling Moment

that can change the world.

Photo Credits:

Swimming Dolphins: Power and Chaos Tumbler
Katy Tucker Pink Mascara via Pinterest