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Thursday, August 11, 2011

There's Room For Us All

Wouldn't it be a thrill if one day 

someone went shopping 

and came home with a parcel that they were eager to unwrap

that wasn't

a MUST-HAVE in the latest color

or a great pair of shoes

but rather

one of my 

published books?


To have my verse officially in print

enveloped and validated

standing at attention amongst other voices

waiting in line to be heard 

and sampled with sweet surprise.

But one August evening

I lowered my eyes from the clouds of high hopes

and fixed my gaze on the reality of each calculated step towards

room 325.

The relaxed mood of the room 
for the writers' soirée 

allayed my fears as I wandered in and 

wondered if

there would be room for me in this group of

new as well as experienced writers 

who came and went as the tide

casting their collections of 

diverse observations

and then
 ebbing into the night of the duty that calls.

I initially feathered in like a thin blank page caught in the wind

of blemished perception.

But I left CHANGED

as forgotten locals

were remembered by a published urban poet.

Some one's grandmother crisply read her romantic 

short story  

ready for submission to a nationwide magazine.
I gave constructive feedback.

We connected.

Maybe one day I'll publish something. Anything.

And maybe I won't.

But in the end, it doesn't matter

because if I


I will have lived to learn 


there is room for us all. 

Please visit the talented artist, Patricia Cabrera at Woolytales Miniatures to see her latest creation of The Black Swan for which I wrote a guest post. She is gifted and her work says it all. Thank you, my friend, for allowing me the honor.

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