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Friday, September 9, 2011

In Someone Else's Shoes

I just caught the tail-end of it as I turned on the radio 

to help keep me awake during my long morning drive to the classroom.


  A local high school history teacher 

had made history with his class

on the anniversary of 9/11

by giving his students a writing exercise. 

source unknown
These young people were instructed to reflect 


on what they had remembered about this 

particular day

and then were challenged to put themselves in  

someone else's shoes


and write diary entries from the 

perspective of someone directly 

affected by the attacks.


One of his students wrote from the point of view of a passenger 

on board one of the hijacked planes. 

The entry reads as follows:

"As I look at my husband and say, 

'I love you' 

I feel my baby kick for the first 

last time." 


Make every moment count.

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