Saturday, December 8, 2012

If Stars Could Talk


the night has fallen and 

has embraced

the expanse



what is this 

effervescent firmament


  reaching the heavens

 from earth?


 Slumbering hearts have been 





 I understand now.

The inhabitants of the earth


are reaching out 


each other


 in a celebration


where the colors of love


bind as one



they too become 


  1. Beautifully done...again Anita.

    Only, once again, I am having trouble seeing it as you intended. :-/

    I would love to know how you come up with your tales. Always surprising.
    I have actually done two blog posts, recently. One in my 'green and white garden'...and the other is here If you have time, please do stop by. I would love to see you.♥

  2. Absolutely beautiful Anita.. the stars say it all don't they? Magic, sparkle, dreams..

    Hope you are enjoying the season Anita :) Have a wonderful weekend.


  3. always, Anita. Sparkle on........Sarah

  4. oh my goodness...
    i am here and
    so early this
    time...and its
    so pretty, and
    wonderfully magical
    this post...sigh
    always such a
    splendid visit
    here at your

  5. Hi Anita!

    I read this right before I am going to sleep. My dreams will be magical now! Such a perfect blend of prose and photos.


  6. A FIVE STAR fairy tale my dear!!!!
    Full of love and wonder...
    I am delighted
    and blessed.

    Thank you for the joy of this story of the stars. As I look out my window tonight I think I see very bright ones twinkling above your castle....

    ~ Violet

  7. Oh Anita, my bright shining star, what a magical post full of beauty and light!! What a joy to see the world with your eyes!!! Thank you soooooo much and have a wonderful advent sunday,

    hugs Jade & Sheila ;)

  8. Décembre devient un magicien sous la palette de tes images ...
    Période bénie que celle de l'Avent !
    Gros bisous très chère Anita

  9. A beautiful thoughtful poem with some amazing images!

  10. Wonderful - very thought provoking. Thankyou. Betty

  11. Simply magical Anita. Champagne and macaroons just what the doctor ordered. Have a super Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  12. Pure Magic....from a pure and beautiful soul...xoxo

  13. Anita
    I am sorrie I forgot to mention
    who wrote the words in my blog.
    Thank you for reminding and letting me know who did !
    Your new post is so wonderful.
    I am thinking A LOT of the world of the stars . My sister Florentine who passed away only two weeks ago was always so fond of the stars .
    She spend many hours in her garden at night watching the stars .
    She lived in the country and could see them very clearly
    I live in a big town and overhere it's very difficult to watch them
    OH and I LOVE this new word you learned me EFFERVESCENT
    in dutch MOUSSEREND !
    Thinking of you and wishing you a cosy sunday

  14. Let the stars shine darling ar my little friend...i love love love

  15. OMG!!!!! Anita I feel like i just entered the most beautiful fantasy, with the music, your words and pictures...I was totally transported and guess what! I did not want to beautiful AGAIN. How do you do it? Absolutely fabulous....and if your goal is to "move" your have done just that!

  16. of my favorites.
    Taking a little break from the boxes on this quiet Sunday morning. Packing has been a lot of work, but I must admit that I am enjoying spending less time at the computer.
    Beautiful post as always.
    Have a lovely Sunday, Anita.
    Much love,

  17. It quite a thought to realize that we can be stars that brighten and amaze the universe looking down at us. The more I think about it, the more it both inspires and sobers me. You really got me thinking with this one.

  18. Brilliant!
    In every way!
    Love to come and sit here and just dream with you...
    Hugs sweetie!

    Deborah xoxooxo

  19. Once upon a time last night...

    Two stars danced across the sky so high!

    Before my eyes I saw her and she was so tiny, she was holding on with all her might. You see, she came from a place that always shone so bright from her beautiful castle or was it a cottage in the night sky? She was wearing a crown and holding a harp! Did you see her Sadie Mae? Sadie blinked and gave a smile for a rare moment had occurred in time where a star shone so bright,it was the moment of the night!

    Then right behind her, sliding down a moonbeam and landing on a star with a thud was a wee little mouse that came from a house far away. Holding her tight was a lady named Penny who had so many memories she scattered through the night. It was the most magical star flight of this night...
    Following the stars...

  20. Magical my dearest! Such a pretty, lovely post Love starts and your sweet inspiration! Have a friend over for the weekend - not so much time for blogging. Hope your sunday is fabulous. It snowed here - all white. Bises!

  21. MAGIC! Pure magic my dear friend.
    Oh how I wish I could lay in a bed of roses.. Talk about sweet dreams...
    Beautiful post Anita!
    Thank you so much for your return visits.. You are a treasure.

  22. beautiful reminder again.....we need this, yes we are the stars, and YOU are a bright one! :D

  23. I think you need to do movies of these....the world Needs these Living Poems that pour from your soul...we could watch them on huge 3D screens! and all walk away feeling brighter! Imagine.

  24. So sweet Anita... I hope you had a wonderful weekend... xv

  25. cara anita i tuoi post sono SEMPRE bellissimi,le foto che scegli con immenso gusto mi fanno impazzire!!

  26. Anita I see that from this post your in the Christmas sprit, so have you done all of your holiday shopping yet? And if you have how much of that stuff did you buy for yourself,lol. Sorry that I had not stopped by a little earlier so I will try and be on track for my visits here in the future. Richard

  27. Happy December to you dear Anita.
    You have shared a beautiful post as usual.
    One thing I love to do in our stairway at night is look up at all the twinkly and magical stars shinning down on me.
    Wishing you a very happy new week


  28. oh my, Anita, I don't even know what to say. That was all just so beautiful and really stirred my soul.
    I love stars...I love to watch them, NO it's GAZE at them. Such thoughts of wonder just take over my brain like a pin ball machine.

    When you wish upon a star?????

  29. Beautiful, my friend! I hope you are enjoying your December. Thanks for the advice about google+. I switched over to it and hope to post soon. I am behind...I need to do a 22 month old post on Mr. Maximus.

  30. Gorgeous, Anita! Pure genius! You are the brightest star of all ;-)
    Have a wonderful evening, my friend!

  31. Somehow I think that this must have been an especially delightful post to create. The music is exquisite... and visualizing stars talking to one another is, well, magical!!

  32. I agree with Cheryl...sigh...
    You make me smile so big my friend.
    Love you bunches!

  33. So. Beautiful ...oh Nita, I wish you a wonderful Christmas!! I can " feel " your joy for this special time of the year! Thank you for sharing in such lovely ways...grin!
    Listen, when you come to my blog , click on "me" and it will lead you to my post about my trip in Brazil!!! Have a good night!!!

  34. Beautifully adding peace and calm to my late night, off to dreaming of the stars and the poetic beauty you invission. Dancing in the heavens with twinkle lights, beauty.

    Anita, you amaze the stars with your writings.

    A rare beauty you are.
    Joyeux Noël

  35. Fabulous post, Anita! Love, love the music...such a great way to start my day. I am from West Texas...flat, boring landscape...however, fabulous sky (no competing light)...the stars are amazing and I particularly loved the post!

  36. Dear sweet Anita - This is one of the most lovely posts I have ever seen. I woke up grumpy this morning and watching this just turned everthing around. Thank you for making my day shine with images (and sound!) of twinkly stars. xoxox

  37. I love to visit you Anita, you are so inspiring, have the loveliest images and gifs- I always play your music. Thank you for sharing your creativity. It is priceless.
    Happy Holidays.
    xo Nancy

  38. oh my dear Anita! magic! pure black and white (with some gray) magic! i was just noticing there was no color right when you introduced it, subtly. the music was absolutely perfect. it always is but this one let me watch the fire-work burst over and over and over and over and came out perfect at the conclusion. your posts are not just posts. they are each a masterpiece!!!!

  39. How I love this post Anita. From the rhythm of their twinkling conversation to the joy of their discovery, these stars were able to see something in mankind for a season that I so wish we could maintain throughout the year. Heaven should be able to see it's reflection at all times. I just love how your poetry bids us come to a beautiful and magical place, yet one where we are called on to consider the importance of each subject. Much love and prayers for a delightful week! Lisa

  40. Oh, Anita...I'm speechless...a celebration of life with a million golden stars shining down upon beautiful.
    May your star always shine...lovely, lovely post.

  41. Can you imagine what the stars looked like on that blessed Christmas day? Oh, what a lovely post this is today. What a glorious Christmas tree, and the castle is amazing. Like the stars come together during this wonderful season, I believe people come together too in kindness and love. Are you enjoying this beautiful month of December, dear heart? I love your post today, and I am wondering if the stars talk to eachother as we do. Let us keep shining like the stars, Anita.
    Merry Merry,
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  42. Another inspiring post, Anita! Hope all the stars are shining for you. And that you are enjoying the season!
    Bisous, Kirsten

  43. What away a beautiful post in this darkest of months. I am trying to embrace the coziness of the short days and long nights with warm fires, knitted throws and hot chocolate. But between you and me, I am ready for lighter, longer days already.

    I hope your Christmastime is bright and merry!


  44. Dear Anita, I left here today feeling magic in the aloft, fellowship, and faith..quite an accomplishment dear friend..the gifts you give from your heart, with your words..magical! XOXO Christel

  45. Sweet...I love those final wreaths...the ornaments of glass look so delicate and the white pompoms cute.

  46. You are such an artist. Only you can creat a blog post that touches so deeply. I love every single one! Enjoy those cookies!

  47. How simply glorious. I wonder sometimes if you wouldn't love to try your hand at cinematography. You are a master storyteller. The best kind appealing to my visual senses.

    The music fits the beautiful images. This is a magical time.

    Thank you my faithful friend. You my dear are the best part about blogging.


  48. P.S. The other evening I sat watching the Nutcracker Ballet with my daughter Sarah. She treated me for my Birthday and it was at the Boston Opera House. I was totally enchanted, and a young girl sat on the other side of me. We chatted a bit during intermission. She said that she was sorry she had given up ballet. I said, "it's never too late, my friend Anita started playing the harp later in life". You see your inspiration is never ending.


  49. Anita! many many many emotions come to the surface in this post. oh thank you so.

    i read on someone else's post (doesn't matter who really) that you were hurrying off to work. that is so nice of you to come to my posts and say your nice and kind exciting words. rest well tonight and feel well tomorrow.

    my camera is still giving me blurry pictures.... yes, a concern.

    (hug) renae

  50. Hi Anita,

    So nice of you to stop by! How was your day teaching? You are really in demand there, lady. I am jealous about the snow. Please send us some. We haven't had freezing temps yet this season.

    So I switched to google+ but when I tried to upload the latest photo of M it came up with that same message about exceeding storage...I ended up reducing the size of the photo and then it uploaded. I read something about that before about certain photo sizes aren't included in the total storage. I recently changed the MB on my camera settings, so I may have to switch it back or reduce the sizes...Oh long as I can still upload them, that's the main thing.

    Well...time is ticking and I still have more Christmas shopping to do. I bet you decorate your home beautifully for Christmas!!!

    Have a great week!

  51. P.S. Maximus and I have been listening and watching that Cuban Sugar Plum video over and over again. Loved it!!!

  52. Hi Anita...a lovely, lovely *starry* post....Just what I need as I too have been 'slumbering'....I have damaged my knee and have been resting up while Mr Armchair has taken over so I have been a bit quiet on the blog front! Oh what a time it is much to do and I am hobbling kindest regards to your dear Husband....I can't believe we are both in the same boat! Wishing you a lovely week dear one...Love to you, Dzintra xoxo

  53. Stars are so important at Christmas time. Love their sparkle! Fiona

  54. Oh thank you so much for sending the HEALING over to very much appreciated dear Anita xo Oh the stairs I have been told to avoid them as much as possible but we have them in our house! Fancy all that snow and that shovelling...we see that sometimes on TV....actually my Son has to do it sometimes as he lives in the snowy region! I'm with much can our bodies take???? Take Care dear Anita and watch yourself in that Dzintra xoxo

  55. Always gorgeous. Always poetic. Always just perfect!!! Look how the stars shine for you, Anita!! xo

  56. Anita,
    Always a pleasure to visit! Beautiful magic stars, I marvel every time I look towards the heavens. I hope your holidays are underway and I am sure you are being beauty to every thing you do.
    Take care special friend!

  57. SO beautiful, Anita...lovely in every way. Thank-you for sharing your vision of Christmas with us.

    Wishing you the most wonderful Christmas season, my friend!


  58. Dearest Anita, hey, so great you have many orders and really enjoy the pre-christmas season! I must get my preparations going - presents and all, will work on my list this evening! Thanks for your sweet visit - hope your evening is lovely! xox

  59. yes Anita! i have to get used to this camera. see, that is my problem; it isn't seeing what i am seeing. urgh. THANK YOU for your sympathetic words that i really need right now. well at least my camera needs those words. i'll probably be doing a post for tomorrow delving into pinterest again. i don't have time today to study the camera today. i'm tending baby LL today and have cubbies (cub scouts) tonight. it takes a ton of time posing for a camera and set the camera and walking back an posing. time and energy consuming right now. i took over 30 pics yesterday and ALL FUZZY. crud. love to you, my friend and peace this season and always. renae

  60. WoW....lovely photos!!
    Merry Christmas!

  61. Anita ~~~ oh the loveliness of the stars and heaven above. Blessings to you Anita and may the Love of Christ be with you always.

    Pearl 13.1

  62. Once again, Anita... You just made my day with your delightful thoughts.Such beautiful words... they SPARKLE like the stars! Hope you're having a wonderful week <3

  63. Hello Anita,

    Oh yes!!!! That Cuban Sugar is so much fun. We have listened to it over and over again...can't get enough of it. Maximus likes to bounce on my lap and dance to it.

    I hope you had a good job teaching today again. You stay so busy with everything you do. You must be one organized woman to be able to juggle so many hats and blog. I so appreciate you.


  64. Hello, Anita, another beautiful post! WOW!
    Sending you all the trimmings of the season and a few 'Twinkles' also ****
    Love Maria x

  65. Such a darling post...your images are always so enchanting my friend. Thank you for visiting has been busy..the last few weeks before remember the crazy time at school. Now I have a new computer to contend with as well..but things are getting worked out. I also have my MOLLY home!! She is my playmate..spending oodles of time with her.
    Have a grand teaching day! Will be thinking about you! xoxoxo

  66. Anita, dear! nothing like working outside of your blog world to throw your blogging off, huh? i almost didn't do a post for today because i had such a crazy day yesterday. i'm all for calm and pensive and study mode today. i will be studying my camera!!! that dang thing won't focus indoors like it says it will. if i can't remedy it today, i am returning it. it is a refurbished camera and i got it for only $100. (reg $250) perhaps it isn't completely repaired?

    thank you for your compliment on my banner/header. i have decided to change the color of the dots per season; black, orange, purple and bright green for halloween, red and pink for valentines and pastels for easter, etc. and keep everything else grays. cool?
    thank you for noticing and commenting. i continue to change it because i feel it still isn't 'right' in my mind. but i feel NOW i have the handle on it. i am horrible at changing my mind, just horrible. i've gone thru 4 diamond rings, 3 cars and 2 houses before i say 'yes, that is right.' i know, bad quality, but i live up to my name; renew, renaissance or eve are all derivations of the name RENAE. see? LOL

    work away at your goals today, my friend and thank you for your consistent attention, care and advice. (hug) oh and get some rest, too. :D

  67. Hi, Anita!!!!
    Another pretty post!!!! This pictures are very beautiful, and I love macarrons! :D

    Kisses, dear!!!!!! Have a nice day!

  68. Hi Anita and it was really nice to see you drop by the classic ad of the week, dont you love those old classic advertisements. We have not had any snow except just a little a few weeks ago, and that didn't amount to much so that was pretty much just a light dusting.

    You guys in the mid west pretty much are guaranteed a cold Winter every year, and speaking of the mid-west I hope that your able to drop by my blog because I've just posted that "Mary Tyler Moore" post with a recipe that I had found from Mary herself. I have a big feeling that you really like this show, maybe its a gut feeling, I'm never wrong......... Richard

  69. mon Anita! bonjour! i have a new poem in my collection.

    you know, every time is see that scene of the man walking away in the dark, dank, solemn town, with the castle looming above, i think of Charles Dickens. thank you.

  70. Hi Dear Anita,
    The stars are shining tonight for us all because you shared your magical gift. Beauty that stimulates the mind and soul. Just what we all need this season.
    Big hugs and happy holidays,

  71. Dearest, my messages are being eaten up again...
    I spent two hours on blogger this morning visiting many...and I see that my comments have disappeared..
    I did come here, and was so enchanted, but I cannot recreate my first message.
    I adore this song, makes me cry every time.
    You are a true storyteller...what an exquisite work of art you have created here...
    Thank you, dear sister...
    You are a gift and a blessing.
    Love you!

  72. You've been teaching 2nd graders? How fun! They are still at a sweet age where they probably don't sass back like some of the older ones, huh?

    I hope you get some time off to rest and create. Take care my friend!

  73. Hello beautiful Anita!!!!!
    I LOVE stars & this post is beyond amazing!!!! I love the photo that looks like Charles Dickens' London, the castle, the beautiful wreaths, & the magical stars!!!!!
    I've had a BUSY 2 weeks!!!!!
    Saks 5th Ave. asked me to interview fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff!!!!! It was SO cool and I have a ton of photos from the event for a upcoming blog post. I'm still working on it.
    Last week I was at a Manolo Blahnik event & got to custom design a pair of my own Manolos!!!! They're handmade in NYC & take 5 months to get.... I have a photo of the heels I chose & the color swatch.... I'll do a blog post on that event as well soon!!!!
    I just put a new blog post up of my new hairstyle.
    I hope you're having a great week!!!!! Are you on holiday break?
    Luv & Hugs,

  74. morning Anita! thank you for your nice, supportive words. that poem is a bit not so deep but more memory driven and hopefully meaningful.

    christmas trees have always been so meaningful to me. esp, my aunt's. her trees were always beautiful. perhaps i should have dwelled more on the tree itself. oh, well. i just write what comes to me.

    hopefully your day is project driven and accomplished in those arts. hope so. love, renae

  75. Anita, hi, so nice to see you at my lemons post today! Yes, i do not know how to get over the cold season without citrus and COLOR! Snow has melted here too, but i just came home and it's very cold outside. I made more chocolat truffles as little x-mas iveaways, dark ones too - will post about them soon. Hope you're havong a creative day in your lovely studio and something nice for dinner ;) Bises de ton amie, M.

  76. I've not been an attentive blogger during this move, but I sure am smiling after visiting you today. Beautiful, Anita.

  77. I know that you are
    sparkling just like the
    stars, this Christmas
    season, Anita! Lovely
    images and words,
    as always : ) Did you
    take the header pics?
    They are gorgeous!

    Please let me know
    when your window
    decorations are up
    in that little store in
    Edina, so I can pop
    by and see them!
    Maybe we can even
    meet for tea!

    xo Suzanne

  78. now i will sleep like a baby and perhaps have beautiful dreams. a lovely post to read just before bed... it sounds like you're just as busy subbing as when you were in the classroom full time:-). almost time for Christmas break, so that's great. thank you so much for your kind words on my celebratory post:-). xx

  79. What an absolutley gorgeous post! You have such an eye for visions, and a heart and soul for music and dance. Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you + yours dear! Minerva xx

  80. Morning Darling Anita,
    It's stormy here in Scotland today, so we are staying inside which has given me the chance to catch up with loved ones. You would love it here Anita, thanks so much for being with us in spirit.
    Your friend.

  81. Dearest Anita, As always you take me away on a journey of peacefulness, love, and magic. Thank you with all my heart!

    Art by Karena

  82. Dear, Anita:

    Thank you very much for your comment and your visit!!! You are so sweet!!!!!!

    I wish you a happy weekend!!!!!

    Keep in touch!!!


  83. December is truly magical isn't it Anita? and so is this post---full of beautiful images of the magic that it holds.
    sending much love...

  84. Hi There, Simply loved the way you pen down your thoughts and make us all travel with you on another planet. It is looking so good with all the lovely pictures and write up as well. I have been here after a while but enjoyed scrolling through your rest of the wonderful recipes.Thanks for sharing awesome and inspiring posts.
    Have a wonderful week ahead and happy holidays !!!
    Thanks & Regards, Sonia !!!

  85. Sending you lots of love this Friday evening...finally I have time to visit some sweet friend blogs! I am so happy to have a moment..chocolate orange tea happening here as well.
    May your weekend be bright and merry...I plan to do some baking this weekend too..your cookies sound amazing..wish I could sample them.
    Thank you for thinking of me..I will keep a eye out for that mailman! xoxoxoxo HUGS and ooooodles of love to you.

  86. Beautiful!When you put this together you had no idea it would be appropriate for our nations tragedy.OX Merry Christmas to the both of you and may God continue to bless you.Denise

  87. Magical images, magical prose. That scene with the top-hatted gentleman scurrying down the streets in the foggy mist, amongst the antiquated buildiings, crescent moon overhead, wonderful! It reminds me of my favorite artist, Anton Pieck.

  88. This is an awesome blog.Continue to keep up the very good operate. I completely enjoyed reading your blog.

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  89. Hey Anita....... I saw your question so I'm here to hopefully answer it. Ok first go to where it says "settings", then click on "post and comments".

    Then Anita it will say "Comment Moderation, that is where you can pick from "always or sometimes and never. For myself right after Christmas since I will be gone from my blog for a while I will be going the "always" route, so when I get into my dashboard I will see any comments that have been left for me to check and approve to be published.

    I hope this helps and please feel free to ask again if your having trouble with that. I maybe should have gone this way from the start to help prevent any salty language which I sometimes get or spam, hope to see you on the Little House post this Thursday which will have the last recipe for this week.

    Then my last post of its kind on Amish Stories of an Amish buggy shop, and I've never seen anyone online do this so you will get an idea how buggies are made today. I always thought that school children would have enjoyed my blog to maybe learn a little something about the Amish and old order Mennonites people, so maybe you can look into that at some point.

    I think this way is much better than watching those fake shows on TV that have so called Amish on them! Richard

  90. Wow Wow Wow you really are so talented and I LOVE coming here! Merry Christmas to you and thanks so much for all of your wonderful comments. They are SO appreciated!

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