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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Singing Lessons

After the storm


a new and glorious morn


will be born again.




Only in borrowed breaths

and stolen moments


  wells up a chorus  

of child-like



that can

awake and teach
 weeping angels to sing. 


In memory of the children and teachers 


Sandy Hook Elementary School 

Newtown, Connecticut

December 14, 2012


  1. Anita, hello. beautiful dedication. perfect words. sorrowful pangs. exact emotions. heavy hearts. tears flow. ...many hugs hold those angels in heaven. many.

  2. So powerful!
    Thank you Anita!
    My heart is breaking for all of these little anges and devoted teachers who were taken too soon ...May they rest in peace!

  3. It's too soon to see i, yet,for me, but I know you're absolutely right as always. Thank you for sharing, Anita and Christmas blessings for what you do.

  4. ...what a beautiful and fitting tribute...thank you for your awesome, always inspiring blog...

  5. Thank-you for your beautiful dedication to the loss of the innocents. It brought tears to my eyes.

  6. Beautiful pictures. I love the one with the weeping angels. With this tragedy I'm sure the angels were indeed weeping.
    blessings, Joanne

  7. Amen. So beautifully said Anita. In the midst of this horrific time, we have to remember to look inwards and upwards. Much love to you this Christmas season..

  8. Amen. So beautifully said Anita. In the midst of this horrific time, we have to remember to look inwards and upwards. Much love to you this Christmas season..

  9. Amen. So beautifully said Anita. In the midst of this horrific time, we have to remember to look inwards and upwards. Much love to you this Christmas season..

  10. oh my goodness...
    bless them,
    bless them
    each and everyone.
    well done
    my dear...

  11. Lovely tribute at such a tragic time. Hugs to you, Anita.

  12. Anita, this is a touching and beautiful tribute. I cannot put words to the grief I feel, even from afar and not personally knowing anyone affected by this tragedy. But I think this affects all of us in some way. I know for myself, and I can hear it in your post, too, that our hearts are broken. May God be with those who are bearing such excruciating grief.


  13. Beautiful images, remembering beautiful children…. Laura

  14. Dearest Anita, I just heard the news about this tragedy.Absolutely heartbreaking! And this post is a beautiful tribute. Sending you BIG HUGS <3

  15. Only you could do this so beautifully.

  16. Thank you Anita...thank you for using your gift for His glory once again. I know those sweet babies are gathered in Jesus's lap as I write...however down here on earth we weep.

    Blessings on your Christmas season love. Sharon

  17. Oh Anita my Heart weeps for the new little Angels in Heaven...a beautiful tribute

    Sending much Love and Blessings your way...Dzintra xoxo

  18. Tight hugs through tears, dear one...
    Love you.

  19. In this early morning, while the rest of my family is still asleep, I stole a few moments especially for me. And, ofc, I'm sharing it with you. For I always find what I'm looking for here <3

    Beautiful words!

  20. Hi Anita,

    What a horrific day. My heart goes out to all those affected. I thought of you as we'll as a teacher. It must be especially difficult for you. Oh...those poor innocent lives. It makes my heart break.

    Much love,

  21. Anita, breathtaking and o so tearful, spreading love and prayers to the families.
    God is grand.


  22. commovente.....un post bellissimo,complimenti!

  23. Our hearts go out to the family and friends that experienced unimaginable pain yet another public multiple homicide.

    For the children who now add their voices to the human chorus than can never be silenced with bullets.

  24. A lovely tribute to such a awful tragedy. I feel so much for the family and friends of all of those involved and they are in my thoughts.
    So sad.
    Sarah x

  25. A beautiful post. Words cannot quite describe the tragedy of these innocent victims. Our hearts and our prayers lift up to our Lord as we lay them at His feet and hope that He will wash the survivors in Love, Hope and Faith for the future. Sharon x

  26. Wonderful tribute Anita to those darling little ones. We pray for all those touched by the tragedy. Our hearts go out to all those involved. Have a super Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  27. Hello Anita

    Thank you for breaking the silence and for this beautiful tribute.
    We pray


  28. Dearest Anita, this is a wonderful post and i'm so touched by the beauty of it. What happened in CT is so unbelievable and horrible. Life goes on for these parents and christmas is coming without their kids ... And you are right about the borrowed breaths and stolen moments - sometimes, they are our only rescue and possibilty to find faith, hope and love. Hope your sunday is filled with these moments dear one! xox

  29. Dear Anita: In God I find refuge when i cannot find answers or when I question the purpose and sense of life. In Buddha's teaching, I find peace and calmness. I will pray to day to accept the cruel imperfections of life. With only a few degrees of separation, I will spend time with my friend today, whose son lost his little friend on that fateful morning. May this horrific act of insanity be a wake up call to parents, to society, to guns video games designers whose mass marketed videos are solely based on violence and have desensitized the act of killing, to Hollywood...please invest in movies that show the good in people... Let us hope and pray.

  30. Tout simplement, merci de tout coeur d'être là chère Anita ...
    En pensées et en prières avec toi.
    Que Dieu veille sur l'Amérique et sur nous tous.
    Je t'embrasse tendrement

  31. As one mother said, the only difference between me and 20 other grieving mothers is chance and luck. I was in that town almost every weekend and considered moving there. It hits too close to home and makes me hug my son just a little bit tighter over the holidays.
    My heart goes out to those suffering and I pray that comfort finds its way in to their hearts.

  32. Terrible news.....we live is a sad world...with crazy people !!...thanks for your lovely post darling.....9 days to go...will you please like our fb shop page ???

  33. A beautiful and moving tribute to a senseless tragedy. I am just reeling from this.....there really are not words to convey the sadness. I grieve along with all those families. I just cannot imagine. I hope God will keep them close under his wing and protect and guide them during these dark days. I hope you have a relaxing Sunday, Anita.

  34. Teaching is become a dangerous job...

  35. Thank you, dearest, for your beautiful messages this morning...
    You know, I cannot bear to turn on the music in this post...
    Bless you...
    Love and tight hugs to you and Ruben..

  36. Beautiful Anita...a heartfelt tribute...there are no words...God Bless the little children...
    With my love

  37. Those images are incredibly beautiful and touching...

  38. Absolutamente conmovida

    Big hugs to you


  39. Beautiful images. Such strong emotions are felt and prayers are being said for the lives lost. Hugs Anita.
    XO Danielle

  40. Dearest Anita,
    Such a beautiful dedication.. My heart and prayers go out to all the dear souls and families..
    Love you,

  41. Beautifully soothing. My heart is so filled with pain for all the loss to so many families at this time that should be filled with joy.

    Thank you.

  42. A beautiful and poignant post, dear Anita...Sending prayers and thoughts to those dear little ones who are now safe in the arms of Jesus and wondering, Why oh why!... and words fail me...
    God bless x

  43. Beautifullll♥ pictures♥♫♥..;)
    Big Hugs ♥ Gaby..♥

  44. simply beautiful and inspiring.
    Easy to loose faith and hope in these kinds of situations....BUT
    that is when we have to hold on the tightest and increase our love and support for all
    Love is stronger then Evil.....and the Lord's example will always reign supreme

  45. I am in tears.

    I appreciate you doing this heart felt post. Thank you dear one,

    ~ Violet

  46. P.S.

    Thank you for introducing us to this wonderful little talented girl, what a voice! A sweetheart.... so precious.

    ~ Violet

  47. Such a touching and tender tribute to victims of a horrible and senseless tragedy.Prayers and love.( I have never commented before, but I love reading your posts...)Blessings Lucy.

  48. Beautiful and so touching Anita! Thank you for posting this tribute. I am still so overwhelmed with grief and sadness. However, I've been taking solace in the presence and love of my little ones. Blessing to you my dear friend. XX

  49. That video had me crying, she is so amazing and the song is so beautifully done. Thank you for sharing.

    What a beautiful tribute.

  50. Love the snow images Anita and we really are due for some of the white stuff, maybe it will snow a little on Christmas and I know some folks would really like that! And thank you for stopping by on Jeans last post today, and I hope you can drop over again this week and say hello. Richard

  51. Dear Anita, so beautiful and expressing hope in times of trouble, we must always hope and pray...N.xo

  52. Amen! A beautiful touching dedication. The friends & family are in my prayers. It is truly heartbreaking.


  53. Hi Anita. Thank you for your lovely comments about my work. And thank you for sharing with me about Violet Skiles. I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at her art.
    You asked about my header. Yes, I did do the drawings that are used in the header. But Karen Valentine used them to create my blog design. She is wonderful. You can see her link at the bottom of my sidebar.
    Thanks for stopping by and chatting!

  54. Hi Anita ~ Truly my heart aches for so many people whose lives were changed recently, May the love of the LORD heal the brokenhearted and soothe their souls.
    Pearl 13.1

  55. Very poignant. My heart is heavy and I beg healing prayers for all affected.

  56. Oh my heart is aching.

  57. Beautiful post to such a loss....praying for the future.

  58. I could not listen to the music at this time as well. Music tends to create such powerful emotions and I already am over the top. The emotions come in waves and as I write they come even more and I am only an observer I cannot imagine being one there. Even without the music your post is an expression of the love within and surrounds us in our sorrow.

  59. Beautiful, Anita. It's so sad and tragic. The children were just innocent. It's no doubt they are all angels. I haven't comment because I'm stunned speechless. Sometimes there are just no words. xo

  60. Safe in the arms of Jesus
    Holy days and Holy nights
    We humbly fall to our knees with grief knowing that we took prayers out of schools, but now we pray in our schools. Now we know when man fails, we need our savior so desperately. He is the only one who can heal the hearts of mankind in such grief.

  61. This breaks my heart, Anita. Thank you for this warm post. May God be with all the precious ones who are hurting right now.
    Love you, dear.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley


  62. Quite wonderful. terribly sad and shocking event. I wonder how American is feeling for her friends across the pond are weeping. Heartbreaking at any time, but just before Christmas makes it even more poignant.

  63. sorry, it sent before I had finished. Thinking of you all at this tragic time. x x x

  64. Beautiful Anita, we are all crying for the loss, and praying...RIP saved souls

  65. My dear Anita, I still can't seem to find words. Your's are wonderful so I will borrow them today. I love the weeping angel, you can just feel her agony. I hope you have a blessed week and thank you again for the beautiful post. Hugs, Lisa

  66. A beautiful, tender and elegant tribute! Thank you, Anita!

    I've been busy unpacking a new container....taking a much needed break. Will catch up with you again ~ Warm wishes, Loi

  67. Anita so enchanting a tribute to the children, Hope, love and prayer are now needed more than ever,

    Love & Hugs,
    Art by Karena
    $75 NOVICA Giveaway

  68. That is so perfectly sweet to assuage some of our country's pains.

  69. Anita, This is a fabulous tribute to the fallen Angles at the
    Sandy Hook School.
    Be well and GOD BLESS!
    merry Christmas

  70. Such a sad world at this time, what makes us so cruel at times? I despair! A beautiful tribute from a truly good person.
    Thank you.

  71. Morning my are you today? Woke up to snow pretty. 3 more days of school! I tell you the teachers are dropping like flies at our school... flu bug flying around! I must make sure no bug lands on me!!
    Have a happy day. xoxoxo

  72. Pas de problèmes ...
    Je mettrais les photos de "mes" 13 desserts pour toi ...
    Gros bisous

  73. You were one of the teachers I thought of that day.I thought,how can these teachers all over the US keep teaching with peace of mind.Knowing how I personally struggle with anxiety, the Lord knew I couldn't handle being a teacher in these days.May the Lord of all give you complete peace daily as you teach.Love Denise...............and please, You both have a blessed Christmas-Enjoy eachothers company.

  74. Anita,
    What a beautiful tribute to the children and adults who lost their lives in Connecticut. The song you chose is perfect.

    When I saw that white horse, it took my breath away. Our white horse Dapper went to heaven several years ago. I always picture him greeting the people who arrive in heaven. I could see several little children riding on his back showing the children the sights of heaven.

    Such a beautiful post, so much expresses what is in my heart. You always can capture visually what we all feel in our hearts.


  75. This is so beautiful and poignant, God bless their dear little souls, and the brave staff...

  76. Anita! hi sweetie! my day is crazy. at library again. just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas, if i don't have the chance on this computer again.



    love to you and your family and your loved ones all,

  77. Thanks for stopping by at my blog Anita, and I hope your able to stop by this Wednesday for the classic ad. I have another feeling that your going to love the recipe as well as the post, just a strong feeling...... Richard

  78. WELL DONE!!!! So beautiful! SO SAD! Merry Christmas!

  79. Our hearts are full. We much wait for the healing that only time and the Father can provide.

  80. Oh so beautiful Anita... and the voice of that little girl... it's like a healing balm.

    What a special post for all of us my friend, as only you can do it.

  81. What a beautiful tribute to those beautiful angels. My heart hurts every time I think about those little angels.
    Merry Christmas Anita:)

  82. Oh my goodness Anita .. this is an amazing piece. Your speak the truth, they are angels.

    I've had to take a little bit of an ostrich in the sand approach with this. It's so painful .. I can only take so much. The hearts will never heal. The scar will remain and I pray the families will recover to some degree.

    Wishing you a season filled with love and gratitude.


  83. Dear Anita,

    A beautiful tribute and poignant post.. a most shocking, heartbreaking and sickening tragedy that I am at a loss to understand.

    Christmas... always a time of great joy but now tinged with so much sadness...

    Thank you for this.... you have such a way with beauty... and every post you create inspires me to try that much harder.

    Enjoy the holidays and I wish you and your family a heathy, safe and happy Christmas... Much love, Vicki xv..

  84. Beautiful post. I can't believe we used the 'same' angel image in our posts....I save many stone angel pictures that are beautiful. Thanks for the tribute to the children.

  85. Morning dear one!!!! Well I got a surprise today...I am all dressed ready to fly out the door to school and my daughter yells at me ...ITS A SNOW DAY!!! really??? Yes we have snow but not oooooodles?? I check the school website and sure enough..public schools are in but not us!!! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...a gift from GOD I say! Now I have one extra day to get things done. Pure joy.
    Thank you for your sweet messages on my blog today...wish I could come visit you with a fresh batch of gingerbread yummy dipped in tea! Made them last I eat thm! You would love them.....have a great day sweet one,let your light shine xoxoxo

  86. That precious child sings Holy Nite,so beautiful. Such a lovely tribute for the little fallen Angels.God bless their souls.
    Its hard to be Merry this year when so many are hurting.
    May God bless you Anita

  87. Hello dearest Anita!!!!
    My husband & I were deeply saddened & SHOCKED by what happened in CT last Friday!!!! I really don't have many words- it's so difficult to wrap my head around- WHY?!!!! Why did that kid do such a horrible thing!!!!
    I cry every time I see CNN and those beautiful children's photos and those amazing teachers!!!!! All heros!!!!!
    It's so amazing to see all the family and friends supporting them. You can see how close these families are. I pray for them and only wish them peace and healing.
    I can't believe Christmas is coming so fast!!!!
    We're supposed to get some strange weather overnight. It's been mild here (50's) but it's supposed to storm overnight & get COLD!!!! Snow is expected north of here.
    I wouldn't mind a pretty snowfall but I think we're too south of the storm.
    Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday evening....
    Luv & Hugs,

  88. Sweet friend, I thought
    of you over the last week,
    since you taught in schools
    and probably went through
    the drills "just in case."

    I am still heartbroken that
    "just in case" came to pass
    for these wee ones and their

    What a beautiful tribute
    from your beautiful heart.....

    xo Suzanne

  89. Oh my Goodness Anita, where have i been i have missed so much… love this series of wonderful pictures it makes me dream… xo

  90. This is such a beautiful memorial. Especially this week with all the funerals. Makes me tear up just thinking about it.

    I just posted pics of my church so swing by for a visit when you get a chance. I hope you have a blessed weekend!


  91. Anita, there are no words for this terrible tragedy, I am heartbroken and cannot get those beautiful little faces out of my mind.

    This is a beautiful post and heartfelt tribute!

    Take care my dear, xoxo Elizabeth

  92. You are creating in your basement! What joy...are you almost done? Please do take a photo and share!
    Well no more school for me for 2 I am afraid I may have caught the stomach is doing something crazy tonight and I am praying I am not in for a long students all have this dreaded stomach flu...I will try to go to bed early tonight and try to sleep it off...Have a great evening my friend...only a few more days tell Christmas. xo

  93. I'm here Anita and I am moved by the pure beauty of this memorable post.

    I'm so sorry I've been so quiet these past few weeks. Crazy times. Rest assured I am and will remain a faithful, enthusiastic Castles, Crowns & Cottages reader.



  94. Our nations hearts are breaking and tears are flowing uncontrollably. There are no words for the pain being felt by their loved ones left behind on this place we call mother earth. May God somehow comfort them in their consuming grief and sorrow.

    Much love to you mon amie,

  95. You are an artist through and through...I love the way you compose your posts. The red bird and blue birds impress me every time I look.

  96. Dear girl,
    Replying to your glorious message over at mine. Before I enter lighthearted banter, I am more than aware that this post of yours was very sensitive, and about something terribly distressing. I have posted already on that subject. Something that still continues to shock me.....
    Onto lighthearted banter. Y Fronts are men's pants. They have an upside down Y shape on the front and are not attractive. Google them!
    Why are you on your own? Don't like the sound or thought of it.
    What's going on?
    x x xx x x

  97. Love love your blog! Avid follower and I just added you to my blogs blog role. Stop by sometime.

  98. What a beautiful dedication! I think the crying angel says it all! I so enjoyed the beautiful song also! I hope you have a wonderful christmas holiday, Anita!!!!!! Merry Christmas!

  99. Dear Anita,
    What a beautiful and emotional post this is! You always know exactly how to express your feelings with pictures!
    Anita, I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and all the very best for the New Year!
    Hugs and kisses,

  100. Hi Anita!
    Your post is very moving...
    I have been so deeply saddened by the shooting in CT...
    it's such a nightmare. I am saddened for the tremendous grief that the families will endure,
    Many years ago, a friend of mine lost a child ... Her daughter was going into sixth grade (same age and grade as my daughter, Rachael) when she caught a virus that was so took her life in 24 hours.
    I will never, ever forget the heart wrenching grief that my friend suffered. Every holiday, every major event that Rachael experiences, I think of my friend...

    People think they know how to stop this... Gun control, armed guards...
    Only teachers know how violent media (movies and video games) have become such a part of the lives of the young men we teach.
    I have students that have Xbox in their bedrooms and never sleep at night. They are so addicted, their parents have no idea how to control their sons.
    They come to school tired, dazed and with no homework done.
    Having an armed guard might help if a gunman is "polite" and comes through the front door... But when you have an assault weapon, or any weapon for that matter, do you worry how you're going to enter a building that is half brick and half GLASS?
    I think the "talking heads" which includes our politicians ... forget what a school looks like!
    My classroom has so much glass!
    My daughter, Amanda's classroom is on the first floor and one wall is solid windows.
    How foolish it is for people to think that a new "rule" or door locks will help.

    I'm sorry I just made a speech!

    Thank God for his precious son, Jesus, who brings peace and joy and love to the world,
    And we do need "a little Christmas" right now...
    Pure our hearts always ...
    Joy and love to you!
    ~ Maria

  101. Anita first hello, I saw your comment on Amish again about that comment moderation for your blog. I did post a comment for you on your Dec 8 post on how to do that, so I have copied and pasted it for you again here.

    I thought that I would answer that question on your own blog instead of my own, so here is that answer again and if you should have any questions please feel free to ask me. You can also shut down comments for one particular post if you wish, so I'm not sure if that was what you were going for with your question.

    I looked for an email address on all of your blogs but had no luck so I would have emailed you that instead of posting a comment. Merry Christmas to you and your family and I truly thank you for having stopped by my little blog with your great comments, I will still be blogging when I get back in late Spring, only this time it will be on a much more limited basis (part-time) with only my own images of the country side and Amish life thrown-in. Your non-Amish pal........ Richard

    Here is that comment that I copied.

    Hey Anita....... I saw your question so I'm here to hopefully answer it. Ok first go to where it says "settings", then click on "post and comments".

    Then Anita it will say "Comment Moderation, that is where you can pick from "always or sometimes and never. For myself right after Christmas since I will be gone from my blog for a while I will be going the "always" route, so when I get into my dashboard I will see any comments that have been left for me to check and approve to be published.

    I hope this helps and please feel free to ask again if your having trouble with that. I maybe should have gone this way from the start to help prevent any salty language which I sometimes get or spam, hope to see you on the Little House post this Thursday which will have the last recipe for this week.

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