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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cool As Ice

(This post does NOT reflect my relationship. It is only a translation of a beautiful song with words and photos. You have to hear the music.)

I'm in love with a guy 

who is 

cool as ice


so much that when the sun 

burns at its zenith

and its fire kindles 

within me


he knows exactly


how to  

cool me off.


His exquisite touch puts me in



 and his kiss is a libation

that stirs within my cup


 that sets me free onto

calm waters of pleasure.


tumblr gif


I'm addicted

to the relief he brings me

so much that I have become 

summer itself


just as an excuse to riot in
his icy embrace.


I'm in love with a guy who is

cool as ice


and the sun of my summer

has now set.



 has now risen above me


taking my heart with it


and leaving me cold. 


I'm in love with a guy who is

cold as ice

tumblr gif

in whose frigid waters

tumblr gif

I have over-indulged.

I have become 

like him
and my love has melted 

to nothing.





  1. Dear Anita,
    I noticed that you had a new post up, and while feeling sick and all, I wanted something to make me feel better, so decided to come over and see. I can't get this song out of my head now - I love it! This is a cool and breezy post and the sea is just what I need right now. I love that picture of the lady with the red la la. I will come back tomorrow to see your beautiful post again. Thanks for making me feel better, friend.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  2. Wow! You put this post up fast today!
    I didn't listen to the music yet...but I will as I do remember that song.
    I totally agree with you and Leeds shoes! They were my favorite, that and Thom McAnn. I had a lovely pair of black Mary Jane's which were a perfect fit. I was a bridesmaid in a wedding and ended up loosing those shoes as I wore dyed shoes for the wedding and was going to change back into my Mary Jane's and lost them. Boo, hoo!
    I think I remember the song 'You're as cold as Ice' back in the 1980's...all of those unrequited love songs during that era drove me nuts!
    Hope you did have a very lovely day today!

  3. I swear Anita, you work is more and more unique. I loved this. I was puzzled at first thinking the ice was bad but then I realized it is your interpretation in how you are so revived by your sweetheart that is AWESOME = COOL. not as wrong = cold.

    I think this was a very amazing Valentine's post. Perfect! So you and so unique as you!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh Anita!! So sexy and I'm thinking of Foreigners - Cold as Ice.. Love your music choice for this personal post about the love if your life! A little edgy :) You complement each other .. do it works. Keep the fire burning Anita!

    P.S. had created a broken with my posts so I am MIA... Thinking about hiring help but not sure what I will do ..

    xxoo Leslie

    1. .. that should be love OF your life!! I'm on my cell and my eyes are horrible! Lol!

  5. I loved the song and I 'm glad to know it's translation (I don't speak French).Lovely post as always Anita, it transfered me into summer...

  6. Hello dear friend! Happy Valentines Day! I hope you had a fabulous one with your dear Rueben. I love this song and had not heard it before. Beautiful images as always!

    Enjoy your weekend! xoxo Elizabeth

  7. That is a sad song Anita,
    wonderful translation though
    and pretty images. love this post ♥

    Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day celebration.

  8. I knew you would create a fantastic post for Valentine's Day. Hope you have a great day with Ruben.
    Sarah x

  9. The very hot images were VERY cool. Love the moving water. Hope your week is full of love

  10. Hello sweet Anita.
    I hope that you had a wonderful day of love and that it continues on for many, many days to come.
    Love the last image of the dress. It's beautiful.

  11. Main dans la main, en route vers le Paradis terrestre ...
    C'est peut-être un rêve mais que serait la Vie sans les rêves !
    Et ton billet en est un, merveilleux et tendre, lumineux et chatoyant ...
    Bonne journée belle Anita et merci de nous faire partager ces jolis instants
    Gros bisous

  12. Happy Valentine's day love love Ria......❤ ❤ ❤ is in you.....not to translate...i am affraid....but when you have love in can give love to other's....that is what love is hold and to you my dear

  13. Happy Valentines Day for yesterday.
    We hope it was a great one.
    Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly
    I will be in touch soon. Just finishing off my horoscopes for the charity circus. Brilliant post that made me smile and boy I needed it.

  14. Hello Anita:
    These chilly images certainly reflect the day here in Budapest which is decidedly on the wintry side!

    You are able to match so perfectly words, images and music and it makes for such a joyous experience for the reader. Lovely!

  15. This is beautiful Anita, romantic and sad, a little novely all in itself! Ah - LOVE in all iT#s facettes, really does make life worthwhile! Will be back over the weekend, am in a bit od a hurry right now to meet a friend in town .... Bisou!

  16. ~ Hello lovely Anita~ Soo glad you Have posted.....I kept popping over to see if You had...
    How beautiful and perfect for Valentines...LOVE is most certainly in the air, my friend! ~ Take time to dream~ love Maria x

  17. Dear readers and friends,

    This is MY ENGLISH translation of the song that is playing, "J'aime un garçon glaçon" - I only translated it, it does not reflect my relationship. I simply enjoyed the IRONY of the story and wanted to translate it from the French in WORDS and in PHOTOS.

    Thanks for viewing and listening.


  18. come sempre i tuoi post mi fanno impazzire!!!!!

  19. Fantastique! Some of those beach scenes, oh how I'd love to feel the waves lapping over my feet right now :-)
    Thanks for the lift!

  20. C'est fabuleux! i had never heard this french song...your pics transported me far far away from the reality of starting my cold grey morning. Thank you for a beautiful, inspiring, uplifting post!

  21. Beautiful images dear Anita but I'm not picking up the music! Hope you had the most wonderful Valentine's Day and now onto the weekend....have a great one...Much Love, Dzintra xo

  22. Oh Anita, what a magical idea, what a wonderful post............looooooooove it and I`m melting away when I read this and look at that great images!! You´r the best inspiration ever........thank you sooooooo much, my dear friend and have a wonderful weekend!!

    Big hugs, Jade & Sheila

  23. What beautiful imagery to accompany those words! I had one of those "cold as ice" men in my life- Warming him up did NOT work at all- Great post- xo Diana

  24. Anita, my sweet girl, can´t tell you, what your lovely words mean to me........what a great joy for me and I´m so thankful that we can inspire each other!!!

    With love, Jade

  25. I kind of wanted to jump in the water, Anita! This was so creative and fun...I just might listen to this song off and on all day. Beautiful images. Have a lovely weekend!!

  26. Nope. Not your relationship at all! I hope you and the hubs had a magical Valentines Day! xo

  27. Sweet friend Anita,
    This is so new in blog land, You are so creative my friend. I love the sea, and those photos take me there!
    I hope you are ok with my post on your pretty note cards, let me know what you think...tehe!!!!
    Much love,

  28. It's fun to hear French music! It reminds of high school French and how much I loved listening to Francoise Hardy and Charles Aznavour on the headphones in class. I used to daydream about going to Paris when I heard their music.
    My love for France translated into 2 trips to Paris so far in my life!
    Merci, Anita! Your photos are always dreamy and whisk me away to beautiful places. sigh. . .

  29. Anita! I guess I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I listened to the music but I don't know french so I was not knowing that you were translating those words [eventho you said you were] The song is upbeat but the words are sad.

    I'll try to catch the tone, mood and message next time more accurately. See I am just a silly ol' gal that tries to get all love to work out. hahahahaha.

  30. Hi Anita! I didn't take it totally literal .. sometimes opposite personalities work well together and I thought (in addition to your translation) that you were inferring that, along with a story and your gorgeous photographs.

    Sorry for my disconnected message last night. I was on my way home from a late evening (with my honey:) and trying to answer mail on my phone. Typing a long message in the dark or otherwise, can be challenging for my old eyes! Also.. my blog is not working ( so if I miss something that is why. Not sure what I will do. Enjoy your day!

  31. Hi Anita,

    I hope you two had a beautiful Valentine's Day. As always when I visit, I feel as if I am at a play. Your posts are more of a visual adventure for me than any other blog that I visit. Thank you for always being inspiring and awakening my creative muse.


  32. Wow... Anita...beautiful and meaningful storytelling for Valentine's Day...sorry I've popped across a little late...
    your posts are always so magical.
    Have a wonderful weekend lovely lady.

  33. Bonjour my sweet friend!
    What a beautiful post!! I love the song, thank you for the translation. Such beautiful images.

  34. wow...great song, and the words certainly are moving. too bad she was left with NOTHING.

    I also like the quote at the very beginnning of this post. Very profound.

    How does MY/OUR love translate....I am going to think on that. But I certainly AM NOT left with nothing.
    I have an Abundance !!!!!

  35. This is a beautiful and thoughtful post for Valentine's day. I love listening to french songs-they sound so beautiful. The language (I think) is the most beautiful when spoken of all languages.

  36. Love the translation of this song ... and the photographs you chose are exquisite!!! Perhaps the photo of this violet, pink, lavender sunset would interpret the way I feel love...I genuinely hope your Valentine's Day was dreamy and romantic! Thank you for lifting my spirit ...always!

  37. Dear Anita,

    Sorry I am a little late here and I did enjoy your post today.
    This is fabulous that you translated the French and put pictures to it.
    Hope that you and Ruben had a wonderful Valentines day.
    Wishing you a happy weekend

  38. Visiting is always a treat to the senses. So pretty. Bonnie

  39. How very lovely and yes, the song has some pretty imagery; that a lover could be icy-cool in a good way. I love the transition of images, from the hot sun to the melting ice.

  40. Sounds like an intense intoxicating almost dangerous kind of love. Mine is more and I think I perfer it that way. Beautiful post, which really captivated me and those images have me longing for summer and a cool tropical drink!
    Bravo Anita!

  41. Anita, I love how you are able to put pictures and music with the words and create magic! Just lovely!

    My friends and family loved their gorgeous Valentines...thank you!!

    Have a lovely weekend!!!

  42. What a pretty sweet voice She has.The French language does sound dreamy and it was fun reading along with it.Thank you Anita,Love and hugs-Denise

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  44. Two things strike me about this post. One is that one cannot be slavishly literal when interpreting from one language to another. I notice this all the time when I read something in English that was originally written in Spanish. Or when I'm watching a Spanish language film and I'm laughing my head off at part of the dialog but the English speakers in the room are wondering what's so funny. Your translation gets at the heart of the meaning. That brings me to the second thing. I like the irony of the song. At first his love pictures his cool as complimentary to her heat (they say, after all, that opposites attract), and then in the end you realize that opposites do not just attract, they counteract. And his cold has won over her heat and left her only cold. No more Ying and Yang, only Yang, when the universe demands both.
    I love you,

  45. Oh Anita always such a pleasure to have you visit...thank you so much! Sending Cheers to you this warm weekend...I lift up my glass...Have a good one...Much Love to you, Dzintra xo

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. it does require
    courage and faith
    to greet one's
    destiny to create...
    which most times
    is in the dark...
    ps. i am loving your
    cards and that little
    person with that
    bundle of flowers
    there on the side of
    your blog...wonderful!!!
    happy happy saturday!
    off to make some
    pretty cookies!

  48. Words come to mind as I read this post. You translated it so well Anita that I could feel the cold and the heat of the moment. I loved it, for many reasons...tee hee, I'll keep private!!!

    Our love translates like a wild roller-coaster ride. It is the most exciting and rewarding adventure I've ever been on!

    I love you much!

    (I was given a gift card for Etsy and I finally went there and had the time of my life! I found you and Penny!!! Yipppeee. One day when I have enough quarters saved, I want one of your castle cards...for sure!)

  49. Merci mon ami for your visit. Brittany is a true blessing to me.
    Have a great day, let me know how it goes at the event.

  50. It strikes me funny how people are interpreting your post. Your words, your emotions, your poetic voice... bought to life through your heart.
    Lovely, as always, although I would never dream of interpreting this...that's the beauty of poetry.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  51. This is so clever Anita ( as always)... I love the way you have set the lyrics to photos... and looking at all that water and sunshine has made me rather long for a summer's day...
    Have a wonderful Sunday... xv

  52. This is so clever Anita ( as always)... I love the way you have set the lyrics to photos... and looking at all that water and sunshine has made me rather long for a summer's day...
    Have a wonderful Sunday... xv

  53. Hello Anita,

    I came over for a quick visit...but I am leaving soon and will have to stop back later and listen to the song. You are so creative and it's fun to see the things you come up with. I hope you're having a good day...

    Gotta run...

  54. Your imagination is boundless. Loved your pics with the music and your words. We don't always have to color between the lines... this was just fun!

  55. Hello beautiful Anita!!!!
    I think this song is very cool- no pun intended!!!! It's has very unique lyrics. Usually we think of warmth and red hot with love but ice is a interesting way of weaving this song together!!!! Plus- it's as cold as ice outdoors!!!!!
    How was your Valentines Day?
    I put up a very special blog post of my Wendy Gell jewelry collection plus art & decor. Wendy has become a good friend of mine over the years. I think you'll like her magical jewelry; no one I know creates jewelry like Wendy. She has a very unique style.
    Have a fab Saturday evening!!!!!
    Luv & Hugs,

  56. Oh my... the guy with the horse... pretty HE as cold as ice too? He looks pretty HOT to me.

  57. Hello my dear! Are you enjoying your weekend? I laughed at your comment because I knew this was not about you and Rueben.

    I hope that your other work, your writing and creating is filling your time.

    Take care my dear friend, xoxo Elizabeth

  58. Such soothing language and I feel a chill in the air. The beauty of the turquoise waters is so inviting--wouldn't we all like to take a dip right now, leaving our chilly winter days behind? Such loveliness....

  59. Dearest Anita,

    I think what has refreshed me the most in this post is the stunning plethora of shades of water! Your translation is wonderful, dear friend. Our love is much more fiery than icy although, fortunately, my love is a stable kind of guy.

    Warmest wishes from rainy France


    ps A small error occurred with the delivery of YOUR book to MY address. Don't ask ;-) Don't worry Anita Amazon was slightly naughty but the problem has been rectified. You should receive your parcel in a few days. I am so, so sorry for the delay.

  60. Bonjour ma belle!

    What a sizzling post! Loved hearing the french spoken in song and the visual illustrations perfect! You just get more and more creative mon amie.
    I have been busy preparing for our darling DIL's 40th birthday party. We've been painting our condo and updating and making a lovely look and feel here on Golden Pond. Been doing lots of sewing and creating party decorations etc. My cup of tea as they say!!
    Lots of love to you & Ruben! Sherry

  61. dommage pour lui .......
    I wanted to say how ...jammer... it is for him
    but I do not know the translation and than I did know the translation into french How amazing is that ?
    she became as cold as ice too and so her love .....
    why did not he turn ino water ....warm water .....
    Lots of posibilities in real life !
    I am always amazed about how many reactions you have ....
    Overhere it is a wonderful sunday with lots of sun
    I had my coffee in the garden !
    wish you lots of sunshine for the new week

  62. Thank you dear friend! I am so happy they made you smile... Sometimes I wonder about me.. I don't always know when to call it done. teeheee

  63. Dear Anita,

    Oooh la la! You've done it again. This time, letting us share in this love affair. Cool yet hot!! ;-)

    Thanks so much for your kind words and good wishes! I'm finally out of bed. Feeling better and coughing less. My little Mocha is also much better. She's begging for her treats, again.

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend!

    Warm greetings,

  64. Well, I left a long comment and it disappeared. Darn! Anyway just wanted to say hi and thanks for visiting with me and the bunnies. We always cherish your time with us.
    This was a beautiful post as always.

  65. Chere amie, je connais bien cette chancon!! Je l'adore!
    Beautiful translation and dreamy fun!
    Now I am craving a summery day at the beach...hee...
    And what a stunning photo of man and horse...c'est si bon! ;)
    I am so sorry it took so long to get here...on Friday, the speakers were not working here, so it had to wait...
    I also saw your sweet little boy on Etsy! Except the images are not showing up on this page, for some reason...
    He is adorable!!
    Love you, dear one...
    - Irina

  66. Only YOU can come up with posts like this!grin

    I am leaving you today with only few words....
    I love you....

  67. The images you used to translate the song are perfect!

    I came to your post a couple of days ago but had to come back later to leave a comment.... I am finally here!!! It was a whirlwind of a day and from the photos I emailed you, you will see what took place!

    Have a wonderful week my friend!
    ~ Violet

  68. That is quite a song! Only the French know how to write lyrics like this. They are primal and yet sophisticated and as usual, your photographs are so perfect for the subject. Love is all about the extremes of emotion isn't it? Safe middle ground isn't the geography of a love song. It's all peaks, precipices and chasms.

  69. That is quite a song! Only the French know how to write lyrics like this. They are primal and yet sophisticated and as usual, your photographs are so perfect for the subject. Love is all about the extremes of emotion isn't it? Safe middle ground isn't the geography of a love song. It's all peaks, precipices and chasms.

  70. Never have heard the song before, Anita. Such a sad ending. Highs and lows...that's marriage in a nutshell. Wouldn't it be boring otherwise?
    Love how you've done the post...perfection as usual.

  71. This is amazing my friend! I have not heard of this song either but your translation has brought it to life for me. YOur images are always so stunningly beautiful. I must go back and take another look.
    Enjoy your day off...are you up to anything? I am feeling like I could have one of those lazy days where I stay in my PJs until noon...but it is not going to happen here off I go! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxo
    What a blessing you are to me...thank you for all your sweet comments regarding my book. Maybe I will get it this week.

  72. LOVE every bit of this post, from the irresistible photographs to the intoxicating music.

    So, Ruben's not a cool guy?!? teehee
    (I know you only translated, just could not resist.) ;)

    I will be daydreaming of all this beautiful aqua all day long.
    Thank you, love.

  73. Oh Ms. Anita!!! THANK YOU for your nice birthday wishes. I am happy and at peace with my new age and hope the next decade will be even better. hahahaha.

    Have a wonderful day with Ruben and having a day off from the rigors of teaching and running out the door.

  74. you are so so cherished! look at all your lush comments Anita! marvellous words here once again and I love the way you illustrate everything you say with such gusto. spellbinding as always.
    Bisous x x x x x x x

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