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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day Light Savings

How beautifully the snow has piled
monuments over the little tribes of boxwood.
How slowly ghosts of smoke from the chimney
shadow calligraphy over the trackless spread

while the arbor vitae
flap their lacy sleeves
as a rustle of red
feathers out, slicing the air with mist.

In rows on the gutters
icicles suspend 
like a collection of daggers 
but the dogwood's branches on the south side

hold hostage a few glassy blades
lodged in a failed attempt
to escape
and crack the code of winter.

My shadow halts
over scored layers of long months
to prevent this sacred moment 
from shattering

but more joyful than my song of silence
is promise keeping itself
in random clashes of still life
plummeting to the iron window boxes

as I hear March drip away. 


Text by Anita Rivera©


  1. Dear Anita,

    I can see and feel and hear the tailings of winter in this poem and the much anticipated promise of Spring. I love your imagery: snow on "tribes of boxwood", "smoke from the chimney shadow calligraphy," "as I hear March dripping away."

  2. WOW.....amazingly beautiful...I want more...:)

  3. So proud of you...

    And you know why : )


  4. What a beautiful tribute to Spring life. xo Diana

  5. Your words paint such pretty images in our minds!

    I look forward to extra minutes in the garden and playing outside with The Chocolate Gousse!

    A Sunday family dinner with sunshine is on the menu today!

  6. I hope that Spring is just a warm spell away.

    Your new post style is great, congrats ;)

    We are having a sunny, warm day for a are open and it's a wonderful change.

    Have a good Sunday,

  7. Wow Anita the bird pic (is it a cardinal?) is wonderful. Yea more daylight soon. Have a super Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Dear Anita,
    You're a painter with words, love't! Nice spring poem.
    Anita how are you it's a long time that I visited your blog, but the reasen is that I've so little time for blogging. Even my own blog is on a hold. Work take lots of my time, I think that's something that you best know. I look forward to easter vacantion. But I think a lot of you!
    Hugs for you my friend,

  9. I'm always happy to see each season arrive but also melancholy to see it leave.Beautiful Anita.I could easily feel your words. Happy to see you're back.Love and Blessings to you-Denise

  10. Anita,I don't think I've ever told you but My all time favorite drawing of your's is the header on Rubin's old blog Wit's End.Oh it's so Me.One of the bits of magic We have inside of us that tell Me We must be kindred spirits,but you so easily can put that magic on paper. OX Denise

  11. Anita,
    Oh, how I love poetry. You wrote this? beautiful. The image of the cardinal made my heart sing. I often want to capture this bird, but I don't see them around here much. It is so lovely against the white snow. Are you still having snow, dear? I know how much you long for spring, and I long for the snow this winter hehehe. I never get a chance to see it where I live. I am off to take a ride in the country today, but I will be back later to listen to the song of your poetry.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  12. Dearest Anita, i see your conscious walk in the show, engaging all the senses, has inspired you! Such a lovely poem of spring, hidden in winters embrace ... Love it!
    Also, you have worked on your header already - it looks good, somehow very fitting to the writing. Hope your sunday is lovely and cozy. I'm mainly cooking today - oven roast vegetables and .... chocolat truffles! Many hugs!

  13. And how you have L I S T E N E D

    it is a mystery to me how all these lovely
    words and thoughts and images

    dance in your heart and mind
    and then form into s beautiful series of poignant observations.

    winter is dripping away with the
    promise of spring.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem, the first thing I read this morning. It has created a serene beauty in my heart.

    Love you dear heart!


  14. lovely poetry
    my friend...
    on this sunday!

  15. words for the soul.just gorgeous. xo

  16. How lovely! So happy spring is almost here.

  17. Beautiful Anita! I love how you ended it and to hear March drip away.....your words are so moving and powerful. Also love your new look, simple and so elegant, just like you.

  18. Mars est un farceur qui n'en fait qu'à sa tête !
    Tantôt gris, tantôt bleu, il suffit d'une petite plume rouge pour lui faire perdre la tête ...
    Le Printemps est proche ...
    Bisous ma belle

  19. Absolutely beautiful.

    I'd love to have you link to Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  20. Oh Anita... This is just lovely.. March IS dripping away and the cycle of life (spring) begins again. How fortunate you are to experience this change. Our seasonal changes are a bit more subtle.. but we do see and feel it.

    Thank you for your visit today! Happy anniversary:) and I'm sure your white tulips were gorgeous. They come in so many colors! White is so elegant:)

    Enjoy your day!!


  21. How pretty are a poet too...such talent you have, clever lady.
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  22. This is so beautiful, really does feel as though Spring is in the air finally!


  23. Anita, Your words and picture fit perfectly together. Beautiful! Bonnie

  24. Dear Anita,
    Such a lovely way to welcome spring, with your beautiful poem. Your words
    make my heart sing..

  25. I loved your poem the description was wonderful and created such images inside my head.
    Sarah x

  26. Dear Anita,

    You have painted a beautiful picture with your poetry, saying good bye to winter and welcoming Spring days!
    Love the sweet red bird peeping out from behind the gorgeous white snow.

    Happy new week, dear friend

  27. Beautiful !!!!!..i really love Ria...!!

  28. Anita, your poetic words have painted the loveliest image for my mind's eye. What a sweet gift on this Day of Light Saving. '-)

  29. ça c'est dingue comme photo. Il fallait être là au bon moment.

  30. You're an artist and a poet too?? Wow! Your talent is amazing. I hope you have been well!

  31. Oh my dear, this I my favorite piece you have ever written. It is magical and beautiful, I could see and feel it all. Your dreams are coming true!!

    Xxoo Elizabeth

  32. You have a way with words, Anita! I am ready for springtime!!! Yay!

    Thanks so much for stopping by...Mr. M sure did hold onto those boots in that video...heehee...I can't wait to get some photos of him splashing in puddles. :)

    Have a great week!

  33. Cold, icy, grey, white and sparkly...then the bright red of a beautiful cardinal. Blissful...

  34. sending love from the Pacific Northwest

  35. love it Anita ♥
    Made me think of Spring
    and the colors it will bring.
    Oh how time flies... ♥

  36. Oh Anita.....I LOVE THIS...I think this is one of my favourite post of yours....YOu my dear are so talented. This is what you should be doing!!!! Your writing is amazing. And look....I spy a new little spring bouquet illustration on your sidebar...pure JOY! You made me very happy this monday morning. I love surprises and this is the best surprise ever! Hugs...xoxoxoxox

  37. Beautiful xx

    ide love if you checked my blog out x

  38. Enchanting. Perfectly perfect.
    I adore your blog.

  39. What a perfect poem Anita. Don't you just love that cardinal peeking beyond the snow. Even though the earth is still a bit white here, Spring is here.


  40. Beautiful, yes beautiful!

    That was not what I expected here today. Such a lovely change for you to post a poetry piece of bidding farewell to the season of snow and ice and it's frozen stillness.

    Yes, my friend, you write lovely poetry.

    Thank you for thinking of me. I am feeling better. Perhaps today will be more somewhat normal, hoping anyway.

  41. ah such sweet remembrance & new beginnings......and all I did was crawl back in bed! So glad I have your interpretation to open up the senses!

  42. Hi Anita-love that poem + just saw this wonderful photo of the red bird in the snow. Stunning

  43. ~ A beautiful poem for the closing of my day, Anita.We have had snow flurries also, the coldest of days... so your delightful poem is so fitting for this end of my day.. Roll on Spring time....With the kindest thoughts....Love Maria x

  44. Such a lovely tribute to the ending of the season. I love your imagery Anita, and who else could bring life to icicles. Thanks for sharing with all of us!! Hugs, Lisa

  45. So, so beautiful. Anita, your words transport and sooth. I am awed and amazed by your multitude of talents.
    You are truly blessed.
    Keep inspiring.
    Big hugs,

  46. Dear Anita, you have captured this time of year perfectly, March is dripping away, beautiful! You have a way with words beyond poetry... really! Keep well, hugs, N.xo

  47. Love the atmosphere in the poem!

  48. Dear Anita,
    Long time no chat :) Just got back from our trip. Catching up here. Enjoyed this lovely post. Thanks for sharing your gift, as always. Hope you are well ~

  49. The many ways you manifest your creativity = awesome. xo

  50. And there it is!!!
    Glorious and courageous, dear friend and gifted poet.
    Liliane said it are a painter with words!!
    Love it so much....
    I cannot even single out individual lines...I would have to re-post almost the entire poem!! :)))
    And look at that gorgeous cardinal playing peek-a-boo...
    Don't you love his song?
    Brava, dear one. (more please! :)

  51. Hello sweet friend, just have to tell you, how much it snowed here! We didn't have this much snow for ages, and it comes now, when we are waiting for spring ... but it's beautiful somehow and made me think of your lovely poem! xox

  52. hi Anita! Just wanted to drop by and say "hi". I am all better and so I can face the fact that my hair is ok. It was just a bit too dark but I guess it is alright.

    I hope you like my post for Wednesday. I felt good making it. Thanks for turning me on to Pinterest to aid in making posts. I love doing them in a theme and letting the creativity take me.

    Take care and I hope this finds you well. (hug)

  53. Beautiful poem, Anita. Beautiful imagery. Have you published? You should.

  54. Morning my friend...thank you for your sweet encouragement this more day of teaching and tomorrow is Grandparents day it will be a busy one...we usually get about 500 grandparents coming to the school.After tomorrow I start my Spring Break...yahooooo. Have a great day ....thinking of you always. xoxox

  55. Oh Anita, that yellow dress reminded me of my Mom. Yesterday was her birthday and I kept remembering her. Perhaps that is why I placed that yellow dress on there. She had a wonderful yellow dress as I was growing up. It was a shirt waist style that had a belt that was covered in the same fabric. The buttons up the front were yellow plastic with a rhinestone in the center. I wish I had that dress today.

    Have a great day. Perhaps you can put your poetry in a side selection area, so those that want to view it can? That is why mine is in a separate page. Dang, I haven't written any poetry for months. What is wrong with me? hahahahaha

  56. Mon village sous la neige et les oiseaux de mon jardin ne sont pas aussi exotiques... Bises de France

  57. Lovely words, Anita! And the peeking cardinal is the perfect visual accompaniment. Can't wait for your spring posts! xxoo Anne

  58. I could just see the cardinal make the snow fly as he flew out of the shrubbery by the picture you've painted with your words. The cardinals in the snow are one of my favorite winter sights. I thought myself lucky to have one that would regularly perch on my front porch & sometimes in the wreath hanging on my front door!

    Doing a happy dance that the mid-March thaw is here! Great post!

  59. I love dthe pics you post in your blog,very inspiring :) I'll be happy if you stop by my blog too :)

  60. Morning sweet friend...enjoy your day today...I am just running out the door..grandparents day!!! xoxox

  61. What a lovely poem, my dear Anita..........i don´t understand each word, but I feel the magic of it! Have a wonderful weekend,

    with love, Jade

  62. What an amazing image. Even though I am in a mood for spring I love it!


  63. What a lovely poem Anita....I can feel the cool as we are heading towards Autum here...our mornings and evenigs are a little darker now..the coolness is trying to come!
    Oh yes another show....a theatre dinner planned with small acts....the script is still being written but they hope to do it all over Winter. They are planning a Music Hall/melodrama! Yes still taking voice lessons and nowhere near ready for a lead....still getting used to the idea of being 'on stage'!

    Sending love your way dear Anita....Dzintra xo

  64. Like wine, even better with time. Loved it the first time, could not resist a second sip.
    Delicious, my friend.

  65. Hello beautiful Anita!!!!
    This is one of my favorite posts!!!!
    All the beautiful photos of fashion and the coats!!!! SO amazing!!!!!! I can't believe it was spring ahead time change already last weekend!!!!
    This past week my husband & I went to the Bon Jovi concert; it was SOOO much fun!!!! He has great music!!!! We went to one of the shows in 2011 as well.
    Hope you're having a great start to you weekend. It was 73 degrees here yesterday but that is short lived as the chill of the 40's returns today!!!!
    Sending much luv & hugs,

  66. Ah , so lovely a poem and a picture that bring you right in to them. Fabulous !!

  67. Gorgeous post, I have a few ghosts in my closet, for the woman I used to be. Time to do Spring Cleaning, and get rid of some things. Plus
    taxes, ugh!! Happy St Pat's Day
    Anita. Have a fun Sunday.
    Beautiful Music!

  68. Anita, you're a woman of beauty and many talents!!! I have missed your blog and very happy to be back!! It's pure magic here. Much love...Xo


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