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Thursday, March 14, 2013

What's In Your Closet?

~15 Mars 2013~

We all have one.



And in my wardrobe


I have something to wear

for every occasion

come winter or fall


spring or summer



that puts me in 

just the right mood.


But there comes a time

when certain garments

no longer fit



are not following 


current trend


or are forgotten and

pushed to the back

of my closet


But of all the 


that I need at 

my immediate reach 


the robe of grace 

 and the crown of



are the most 

neglected ornaments

when the lights have

gone out.

tumblr gifs

 But whatever I chose to wear


and to be married to

grace and forgiveness


will adorn my steps

all the days of my life.    



  1. Makes me want to clean out my closets ;) But seriously-- SO Gorgeous. Beautiful. Inspiring. Sigh. xo

  2. Oh that was really gorgeous. And really touched me. It come across so humbly and I agree, very inspiring.
    On a more shallow note, I would like to be the lady in black shades and black netted skirt. She is a beauty.
    Til the next time my dear Anita,

  3. Dear Anita,

    I really love your post today, thank you for sharing, all this gorgeousness.
    Very inspiring and no matter what we wear, the most important part is the woman wearing the dress.

    Have a happy weekend

  4. Anita,
    I just love your beautiful posts, I really do. To wear Grace and Forgiveness every day is an amazing thing to do. Thank you for reminding me of that. At times, it isn't always easy, but such an important way to live. A Crown Of Grace.....I loved that, AND the picture that went with it. This was a post filled with simplicity, and it seems that you are an angel always there for us when we need it the most. I think we are kindred spirits - I was going to clean out my closets today and give away all the old clothes and make way for the new; that gives us a fresh start, so to speak. These pictures are full of lovelieness, and the picture of the little girl is sooooo cute. Thank you for this post today, Anita. I will definatley be back to see it again. It inspires me so.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  5. Oooops, I meant to say The Robe of Grace, hehehe That picture is stunning.

  6. Stunning....grace and forgiveness are the accessories which should adorn every woman! I love your talent, Anita!

  7. Beautiful Anita:). This is lovely.. Grace and forgiveness. You've written this perfectly and with the most exquisite photographs.

    For a second .. I thought you were doing a fashion post!

    Thank you for reminding us to think about what is most important in life.


  8. Mon Ami ... this post was visually beautiful and equally beautiful in its message .. Grace and forgiveness.
    Blessings , C. HHL

  9. Oh Anita how lovely! I love the new look of your blog. As always, the photos and music inspire! That sweater set inspires as well!!!! How true though....the most important things we can "clothe" ourselves with are not made of cloth.

  10. Thinking of you my beautiful sister. I hope you both had a wonderful anniversary. I love the ballerina sinking gracefully to the ground.


  11. Your ability to put words and photos into such bliss and thought provoking prose is amazing. Thank you for this. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

  12. A beautiful message. Spring break is upon me and that means cleaning the closet and rejuvenating the spirit for the final push of the school year. You have inspired.

  13. Some days I wear clothes, other days the clothes wear me. It is good when they brighten a day or compliment a mood. That's as it should be.

    Time to clean the closet and air all our prettiest things... spring is nearly here!!

  14. Anita, Oh wow !!
    For a minute I thought I was going have to tell all to as what was in my closet...YIKES !! :)

    What a soulful post with grace and forgiveness, to beauty and inspiration.

    love the beautiful photos, and your Vintage by Nina Header :)


  15. So exquisite...absolutley LOVE it, Anita. What a great reminder!

  16. What a beautiful post- xo Diana

  17. grace and forgiveness are wonderful
    jewels for any crown.

  18. Exquisite, Anita. I've always liked the Yves St. Laurent quote. So very true! The robe of grace and crown of forgiveness ~ I'll long remember these words. Thank you! ~ Sarah

  19. Oh Anita the Robe of Grace and the Crown of Forgiveness...just superb....May we always remember to wear them!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend....Cheers to you...Dzintra xo

  20. I won't read another thing before "the lights go out". To fall asleep wearing grace and forgiveness.
    Sweet dreams.

  21. Dearest Anita,
    Such a beautiful post.. Grace and forgiveness, something we need to wear always.
    Sweet dreams!
    bisous, Penny

  22. Anita, this is so beautiful in words and images. Something to read, sleep and to dream.

  23. We agree grace and forgiveness they go hand in hand. Lovely post Anita. As always stunning images and beautiful words. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  24. Wowwww Anita !!!..what a beautiful post !!! true so it !!!...happy weekend...lieverd !!...geniet...liefs van!

  25. Lovely Anita...YOUR beautiful post makes me feel light and happy! I have just sorted out my dear Wardrobe and handed on..... items and clothes that I no longer LOVE to local charities..AND I must admit I have had a little spring spend! As Coco channel once said..'Fashion fades and style remains'..Thank you for this lovely post..YOU have made my day! Love MARIA X

  26. A post full of YOU...what more can I want to read...:)

    xoxoLove from The Hilltop...

  27. Oh Anita, when i read your words I have tears in my eyes............yes, grace and forgiveness are the best robes that we can wear!!! The most important things of life you always tell with so much love and´s really breath taking!!!! Thank you sooooooo much, my dear friend, your inspiration is the best way to start the weekend!!! Have a wonderful day,

    with love, Jade

  28. Graceful, deep, honest, and as light as a feather. This is another marvellous Anita post.

    Warmest hugs dear friend and be patient a little while longer: your gift is on its way!


  29. The images, the music, the words...

    so beautiful my dear!

    I am up before our little house guests, enjoying the quiet before
    the active day begins, and have enjoyed your post immensely!

    I've promised "Dress Up" and
    making cookies as some of the fun agenda for today...

    May you have a blessed weekend!
    ~ Violet

  30. Première photo... J'aime mieux rester sur cette impression... On dirait un Rembrandt, * ombre et lumière. Très beau !

  31. CHILLS!!!!
    You are an inspiration, dear sister....

    You are the epitome of grace, forgiveness, beauty of the heart, soul...
    (and super stylish to boot!) :))

    It is an honor to see this culmination of ideas and profound life lessons...


  32. Hello, this is my first time commenting...
    I read your posts and I ALWAYS take away such Inspiration!!!
    Today, WOW, I had to tell you, that you are an ANGEL guiding me through this Easter lenten season! Thank you!<3

  33. ah see, I wondered where you were going with this. How lovely.
    And here I was going to tell you about all the ICKY cloths and NON-FITTING cloths that are in my closet, that I'd like to CLEAR OUT, be done with.
    But that would mean I'd have to run around naked.
    Where as the best clothing we can wear is grace and forgivness.
    A crown on our head that was given to us by a Heavenly King.
    Love that

  34. Anita, you surely do have both, grace and forgiveness - and great style in your wardrobe as well! Lovely composed this - as always my dear!
    Just got home from an overnight trip - have slept little, am tired. See you over the weekend!

  35. I hear you, my friend.
    I have never known you to neglect those two ornaments. You always shine to me, love. I do believe; however, that the robe of grace can certainly be more accessible than the crown of forgiveness at times. Thank you for encouraging me to reach for the back of the wardrobe. ;)

  36. Anita,
    Thank you for a lovely post and an important reminder.

  37. Thank you, soulful friend, for this gentle reminder what matters the most in life. I LOVE the music; it compliments your timeless message brilliantly!

    Wishing you a truly inspiring weekend!

    P.S Sorry for not visiting you soon; I have been experiencing some technical troubles.

  38. Love the metaphor here - the robe of grace, the crown of forgiveness...

  39. So beautiful, Anita...words we should keep near and dear to our hearts always. Thank you for this...

    Have a lovely weekend...xoxoxo

  40. Oh yes Anita, Irina will be joining me in on this virtual feast and yes you will be able to join in with delicious does that sound....Here's a round of pink for us to you on this warm autumn weekend....Dzintra xo

  41. A bien réfléchir et à bien choisir, je prends la couronne ... hi hi hi
    Gros bisous chère Anita.

  42. Lieve Anita ,
    I love this new post .
    It's like old times style ...
    I have had an amazing week .
    Sometimes a thought comes in my head and I know THIS is important .
    For more than two years now I am in pain all day long and I was doing less and less and even more less...
    Still I was saying no to things that came on my way all the time and that was very stressful.
    It was like swimming against the stream .... all the time ...unsuccesfully so ....feeling like failure .....
    and than last week I suddenly asked myself Why is this happening over and over and over
    Am I not seeing something ?
    Why do all those things keep coming my way ?
    What would happen if I should say yes instead of no .
    In pain I am ..... so why not try and do it anyway ?
    Go with the flow that why it keeps happening ?
    So last week instead of saying no I said yes ....Most difficult for me ,almost like the minute before you have to go on a stage and a whole lot of people are sitting there and waiting for what you are going to say ...... you can only think WHY am I doing this I want to go home NOW .....But you do what you have to do and afterwards you are so glad you did ....
    I had to overcome myself each and every time but I did it .
    I went out of my box (house) and visited a friend and I also went to the remembering-service from the Hospice my sister was in ......
    And you know what I feel alive and I have happy memories
    and pain .... But
    I go with the flow ....more and more ......
    Happy weekend Anita

  43. Such a beautiful post Anita... The robe of grace and the crown of forgiveness are indeed precious...

  44. Yes,I pray for Grace and forgiveness.Lovely My friend!I also need a dash of meekness.

  45. Oh hello you, magic lady you! The yellow bow just melts my heart. I am a sucker for a voluptuous bow. I've have examples all over the house like but none in this yellow which is so beautifully sunny. What a wonderful way to begin my day. Wishing you a wonderful St Patricks weekend Anita.
    Paul xo

  46. The pictures that made me smile the most were the little girl and her clothes that no longer fit. I remember that so well. I didn't know it but when I was little my mom told me she was shopping at JC Penney's for my little dresses but she was really shopping at the Salvation Army. Everything she found for me was so well worn and then when I grew out of them, it was like the loss of a long time close friend.
    I have also been the girl in the mini skirt when it was way too mini!
    Happy weekend dear Anita. I have a day with Len today and we are heading down south 30 minutes to find some charming shops and sidewalks with cracks.
    Miss you, but always have you tucked in my heart. ~Jackie~

  47. Oh Anita perhaps a dinner coming up for you 2 gals! How does that sound? Cheers to the rest of the weekend...Dzintra xo

  48. Beautiful my friend...grace and forgiveness..what more would one want to wear!!!!!
    Happy weekend...I am off to Vancouver today to pick up a few more things for my trip and then off I go Monday...will send you a email before I go! xoxoxoxo

  49. Such a lovely post Anita...full of grace and serenity..Your words and images are always inspirational...I love your header today's beautiful!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend,
    Susan x

  50. Merci, ma chere, pour ta visite!!!
    You words are such a balm for my soul...THANK YOU for your grace of KINDNESS.

    Basking in the splendid beauty of this post once again...
    Coming to e-mail now...
    Love to you.

  51. Anita ~~~

    So lovely and true to the heart, Amen to grace and forgiveness.

    Blessings Anita,
    Pearl 13.1

  52. The robe of grace and the crown of forgiveness how beautifully said, Anita...I love the YSL quote, how true.
    Sorry I'm late popping across and thank you for your lovely comments always you are very dear.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  53. Anita!
    Thank you for coming over to meet Fredrick! I thought you might be surprised. teeheee
    Well now that is a great idea! Do you think he would be welcome over at Nowhere?
    Thank you so much for your encouraging words, they mean so much.

  54. Came over from Leslie's for a visit. Beautiful post. One of my favorite quotes is " I will strive for a state of Grace not perfection."

  55. Beautiful post Anita! Love the part about grace and forgiveness...perfect!!!

  56. Beautiful post Anita! Love the part about grace and forgiveness...perfect!!!

  57. ah...
    that was lovely...
    i have missed your
    creative posts...

  58. As ELOQUENT and graceful as your POEM in the earlier post. To be married to grace and forgiveness, how wise. Something to strive for.

  59. Morning Anita,
    You wove the outside of the cloth into the inside of the soul. Very clever and eloquent! Always thought provoking. I am in awe.
    Much Love.

  60. Good Morning dear one!!
    Oh, that is exciting regarding Ian's poetry group! (I really do miss his blog, and I think I may have to start one like it!) :)
    Enjoy this beautiful and sunny day, dear sister...enjoy the BUNNIES!
    I think my dad is coming by around noon, so we will see each other tomorrow!!
    A demain!

  61. Hi Anita,
    A really gorgeous Post making reflect ourselves. And as usual the perfect fitting fotos! ;) thanks a lot for sharing!
    I wish you a nice week,

  62. What a fabulous post! I love that big yellow bow...anything grand and gorgeous totally gets me! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  63. Wardrobe and accessories, what a perfect choice of metaphor! I love that yellow bowed coat, I can see you wearing it, my dear! And the gown will inspire my next table draping... i know, i'm being very shallow focusing on the pretty sights, though it is hard to resist! but the words are also beautiful.

  64. Ahhhh. This made me smile. Put on this day "a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair." Is 61:3
    Thank you for this lovely post and reminder about perspective.

  65. OMG this post Is SO AMAZING:) It makes me smile and long even more for springtime:)

    If you want to see a cool Swedish house..check out my Monday post:)

    have a great week dear

    LOVE Maria

  66. My sweet sister ,
    I feel you are sad about bloggers not blogging anymore or less often.
    My dear , that has nothing to do with you ! That's because in their lifes
    other things are happening .
    Please do not be sad
    Try to imagen them in happy other stuff ....
    They will be back ...or not
    Life goes on . Your life goes on .
    Some people walk a long with us only for a short while
    others for longer and only a few
    for ever !
    Saskia moved to a new house and that's a lot of work with four children .
    Your beautiful creation has a wonderful place in her home so you are there ..... so you know.....
    New people can come ....and go ...
    My experience is when space comes by ....FUTURE has surprises for us .
    It takes courage to let space come along When we are not afraid magical things can happen .
    Look at me .
    I am meeting blogfriends this week . For sure we will meet too
    Have a wonderful new week and enjoy SPACE and TIME and muse my friend .
    Big HUg

  67. **sigh** I particularly loved the ballerina references Anita... must be my tulle mood... :)

    Gorgeous as always and some serious wisdom we need to take note of too... xv

  68. The change of season always has me wondering what shall I wear. It is true it matters not what we wear but who we are. I love the photos you chose today. It makes me remember when I was young and dressed in the latest fashion in Manhattan.

    Have a beautiful day.


  69. The change of season always has me wondering what shall I wear. It is true it matters not what we wear but who we are. I love the photos you chose today. It makes me remember when I was young and dressed in the latest fashion in Manhattan.

    Have a beautiful day.


  70. Wonderful Anita! But tell us, did you clean out that wardrobe yet? Can you ever throw away an outfit, dated or too small, that was able to show you as you needed to the world? I sure have trouble with that!!

  71. Lovely, Anita. Lovely. The music adds so much to it, too. Your ability to make the entire "package" come together in your posts is astounding.

    (see email)

  72. My friend Anita. A lady with a most wonderful talent for telling a story and bringing a smile to my face.

  73. Thank you, Anita. You are just brilliant, dear one!! You sure know how to tell a story - from beginning to end! Bravo. Applause! Applause!!
    PS - And I'm enjoying following you on Pinterest :) Thanks for the shout-out!

  74. Bonjour Anita, j'aime beaucoup la présentation du blog, les tutus sont magnifiques et réveillent mes souvenirs de quand j'étais petite fille :)

    Passez une belle journée !

  75. Like the finer things in life, your posts only get better with each visit, Anita. I actually look forward to browsing through the same one a second and third time because I rush even less than the first glance. Beautiful.
    Thank you for stopping by the shop today, my friend.
    Have a beautiful day.

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  77. Hello Anita, oh how this hits home! So, so beautifully presented and so, so true. I hope you are doing well with your creative endeavors. Have a beautiful day! Xo

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  82. So strange why my phone posted 6 comments!!! Deleted them for you!! Gotta love technology! Sorry mon amie!!

  83. Hi Anita! Whewww, I have had a crazy day today but am finally here and finally able to go read your email, too. Give me about a day and I'll write back. My evening is booked and tomorrow is too. Got to make the monies!!!!! :D

  84. what a beautiful post - in appearance of course, but also in words and the message.

  85. My dear Anita,
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your visit and words of praise.
    Your kindness is endless..

  86. Dearest Anita, just want to say bye for y few days. Am going to Munich - for a business meeting and to visit my sister! Will be back start of nexr week and come visit you then. Have a lovely time, enjoy the last bit of winter! xox

  87. Love that concept of being married to grace. And lovelovelove those blue blue eyes from later post. Hope all is well with you. Happy spring! Wishing you all great things!
    xoxo, Kirsten


"Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echos are truly endless." -Mother Teresa