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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

There's No Doubt

that for those of us

who dance to the rhythm

of her influence

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seize her passing moments 

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rummage through her past

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and who discover

the child within


 find her

simply irresistible.

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there's more to  

French life than 


So for our  

third and final year 

of the

Paris: Simply Irresistible 

link party

 on May 17-24 2013

let's go

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  Let's uncover


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the Loire Valley

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  The Côte D'Azur

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and more.

If you would like

to participate

here's what it's all about:

1. Post on anything about 
   France that you find 
   "simply irresistible."

2. Examples can be food, wine,
   gardening, language,music,
   literature, architecture,
   personal travels, fashion,
   antique shopping,friends,
   favorite places to stay...

3. If you want to stay within
   Paris, ALLEZ-Y (go ahead!)

4. If you are interested
   just leave me a comment
   and I will begin the list
   of links to your blogs
   where you will present
   your post on Friday May 17.
   You can leave the same post
   up to the 24th or change
   it daily. C'est à vous
   (It's up to you).

Take my button and link

castles crowns and cottages

and put it on your sidebar

and your post to show you

are participating.

Then visit all the other

posts that will be 

listed on my blog for

that week.

More details will come

in the next

several weeks 

as we get ready to

meet new blogger friends

be creative

go outside of our boundaries

and just have fun