Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fit for a Queen

I love chandeliers. And they're more fun when you find them at a salvage like the one hanging in my kitchen. About 10 years ago when we finally tackled la cuisine, we removed a ceiling fan from the space that is now graced by this Italian gold gilt chandelier. I don't know how old the piece is, but it is vintage and it gives a chateau feeling to my little cottage hearth. During noon time, the sun shines through my leaded glass window (that story will be another post). The light bounces off the crystals and the Silestone counter tops and throws tiny little mirror lights onto the walls. It is magic. This table chandelier in my living room is one of three table lamps that I found at a local antique shop, each for under $120.00. The base is real marble, the crystals are vintage and I made the lampshades to soften the light. The other two table chandeliers are in my bedroom; one on my boudoir and the other on the inside of my beautiful faux fireplace. All three of them appear to be from the same era, maybe 1940s. The chandelier in our dining room is from a local home improvement center that again, cost under about $150.00. This particular piece however, has endured some of my embellishments, as you can see. A Christmas ornament given to me by one of my students serves as the main bauble hanging from the center. Small lampshades mute the bright lights hanging over what I prefer to be an intimate dinner for entertaining rather than an interrogation room! We have plans for this dining room; the wall where the tapestry is hanging will have a 6-7 foot wide arched door spilling into a 18 X 18 family room with beams and French doors facing out to our garden. That dream will hopefully come to fruition when our economy bounces back....My photos don't do justice to the flicker of the little bulbs from my fireplace chandelier. In the early hours of morning or the late moments of midnight, this corner of the upstairs is a perfect place to sip a cup of tea, think and rest. The lamp on my boudoir fiercely throws gentle flickers of light in all directions. It is a small world of dreams, but a large canvas of possibility to create beauty and inspiration for decorating madness! Happy decorating to you all!


KarenHarveyCox said...

I really love all of your chandeliers. The one on the tabletop in your living room has stolen my heart. I have never seen a tabletop chandelier before. Your home is lovely and the chandeliers add just the right touch to your castle.

KarenHarveyCox said...

I left a comment on a few posts ago, and then realized that you might not see it. You would love The Inspired Room blog by Melissa. She is all about decorating and posts the most fun events. A wonderful way for you to find kindred spirits too. Here is her blog address:

Here is Melissa's site:

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Bonjour Anita!

Each of your chandeliers is gorgeous and full of personality! My children bought me a small "chandy" for my walk-in closet... I absolutely adore it. It was something I really wanted but never expected to ever have.

Have a great weekend! Thanks for sharing such beauty!!

Au revoir & hugs, Sherry

Fete et Fleur said...

Hi Anita!

I love the chandeliers! I was dreaming of how gorgeous that arch way will be . . . leading into your family room. It sounds amazing!!


cityfarmer said...

my mind sees thru chandeliers....i have eight...and that's NOt enough

I'm lovn our chats

cityfarmer said...

my kitchen makeover is on the stove simmering


Barb said...

What a beautiful blog you have.
Your chandeliers are fit for a queen- very beautiful.

Have a wonderful week.

Barb said...

Hi Anita,

I'm so glad you stopped by. We are kindred souls.

My website is not designed to accept checks (I have found that many do not want to wait till the check clears) but if you would like to send one for a purchase, no problem. Just let me know via email, what you would like and I can subtract it from inventory.

Your photo's are very inspiring. You have worked very hard and the benefits have paid off. Congrats on the award (landscaping).

hugs to you,

Rosemary said...

What a beautiful blog. It caught my eye while reading Nancy's blog.
I like crowns, and make them.
Visit my blog sometime.
Have a great day!

Fete et Fleur said...

Hello my Dear!

My computer is hopefully on its way to recovery. The macarons are not from Ladurees. I wish! They are from a local market here in town. They were delicious.

Love and miss you both!!


P.S. Your blog posts are wonderful!!

Rosemary said...

Thanks so much for visitng my blog.
I added you to my blog roll if that is OK?
Chat again soon,

Karen said...

Have just found your blog via someone elses. :)
What a wonderful array of chandeliers you have. I love crystals!
I adore your wall hanging Mural in the background.
Best Wishes