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The Night of the Playwrights

The playwrights have emerged from their writing chambers and let's all give them a round of applause for submitting their version of the final act of La Diva!!! Thank you for coming to cast your vote. After you read the posts, please vote for YOUR favorite ending using the right sidebar; just press the button corresponding to the entry number of your choice. The winner will be revealed next Saturday night for the final act after all votes are in by Saturday afternoon. All entries have been edited with the sincere hope of keeping the intended meaning. Length varies from artist to artist and the editor's wish is that the meaning is conveyed in the most economical way as possible. Stay tuned to see the winner accept their award and to see the final act next Saturday! Let us begin....

Entry 1:

As Isabeau slipped into twilight, she saw a faint figure in the forest. A beautiful blue bird on a branch nearby sang a hauntingly familiar melody that calmed her very soul as if it had resided within her. Her heart fluttered like the wings of a bird as the song swelled to beautiful arpeggios. This was all so familiar now. The child, the intensity of the azure feathers, the life within the song, and the aromatic scent of wild lavender; it was all a dream.

At the foot of the gilded bed was a sad young woman clothed in overwhelming silence. "Who are you?" pleaded Isabeau. The young woman uttered softly, " I am here to give you a message that will change your life forever." Isabeau's heart pounded as the young woman stretched her soft white hand towards her and said, "You will NEVER be forgotten Isabeau! Take my hand and step into an eternal choir of joy with me!"

Isabeau remembered... the magnificent blue bird was indeed HERSELF. Without hesitation she joined her messenger and they were instantly swept away by the infant fairy, Condelezza to the forgotten forest of Isabeau's birth. She had shed her mortal body and became what she was truly meant to be; the magnificent blue songbird of the forest. Laughter and song danced together eternally to the melody of love.

End of entry 1

Entry 2:

Isabeau awoke after a fitful sleep. It was those first few moments before the dawn when the fog still covers the earth like a warm blanket. Bon, it must be done determined Isabeau. She emerged from her gilded quarters with her cloak hastily thrown over her shoulders. She walked gently so as not to attract attention but as soon as the castle walls where behind her, her gentle walk became fueled with an urgency like no other. Leaving the castle grounds was not easy an easy task but the guards dozed and an emboldened Isabeau made haste.

As the mist gave way to a verdant forest, Isabeau found herself home at last. Had she been gone all those years? Was it not just a dream? She was immediately consumed by overwhelming love and loss at the same time. Tears spilled from her eyes, and a sweet sad song emerged from the deepest part of her soul. The melody caught the attention of all the forest creatures including a familiar young maiden. So captivated by the sound of love lost and then found, no one noticed the infant fairy Condoleeza approach. As Isabeau sang, the young fairy dusted Isabeau with the blue gossamer dust of fairies. The dust fell like ribbons winding through the mist and as the sun shone through the ancient trees the sad chanteuse began her transformation to the beautiful creature she had once been. Without thinking Isabeau flew to the young maiden.

Through tears of happiness the two whirled in circles until dizzy with joy and then they collapsed. As they lay laughing on the forest carpet, they realized the sweet scent of lavender had returned. Through Isabeau’s act of bravery and love, Condoleeza had ensured Isabeau would never suffer the cruel fate of the faded divas and the forest would continue to thrive forever vibrant and alive. To this day if you still your mind, open your heart and listen very carefully, you will hear Isabeau’s song of her beloved forest, so sweet, so tender.

End of entry 2

Entry 3:

Isabeau was accosted by sleeplessness and feelings of guilt that night. She reflected on the words of the messenger who came to her window that night, “If she did not sing the forest would die.” She considered how empty she felt when she tried to sing and wondered at the words, “It is your time.”

As she laid wake in her golden bed memories of times past rushed by her. She remembered the forest, the comfort of the rain and the beauty of the flowers. She remembered a girl who cared about her and wondered what had happened to her.
She was unhappy where she was. What good was it to be remembered after you are gone if you don’t make a difference when you are alive? The thought of being immortalized brought her no reason to sing. Yet, she was yearning to return from whence she came, to sing again. If she could help to make the forest thrive again simply by the sound of her voice, that would give purpose to her life.

The next morning she arose confident that she had made the right decision. She would tell her companion of the previous day that she could not promise her soul to the kingdom of Anastasie for her heart and soul belonged to the forest. She would return to the forest in her true identity of vibrant, colorful plumage. She would sing for the forest creatures and especially for the girl who had loved her so dearly. She would be happy to be known only to those who loved her and relinquish the honor of being immortalized in The Hall of Divas.

After she had made this decision she felt as light and carefree as the young bird she once had been. As the messenger greeted her, she was carried back to the forest where the spell was broken; she had become the little blue songbird who had been blessed by Condelezza with sweet harmony. The forest thrived again and the young woman who had loved her so dearly found happiness in the return of her dearest friend.

End of entry 3

Entry 4:

Hope is a thing with Feathers of True Color

Isabeau fell into a deep restless sleep, dreaming about all the creatures that she left behind. She could almost smell the trees and the lavender flowers and touch the deep blue sky where she could once fly and be a free spirit. Then she heard a voice whispering in her ear, "Find your true color before it's to late." Isabeau awoke; a sweet voice of a little girl from her past coming from a little house in a far away forest, awakens the hope in Isabeau's soul to find her way back.


Isabeau rushed into the garden. There was a longing deep in her heart for the forest but a great sadness overwhelmed her; what should she do next? How can she go back? In the shadows of the moonlight a strange, large figure lumbered towards her; she had never seen this kind of creature in the garden. She stood absolutely still and sheepishly asked, "Shadow…who, or what are you?"

The shadow ambled out of the dark and bellowed, "I am Mozes my dear. I will help you." Isabeau says, "Oh dear Mozes, you can speak! I have never seen you in this garden. Does this mean you know the way out? I have to go back to the might be to late." "There is a way, but it's not an easy journey. You can not go the way you are; you must change back into yourself."

"But I am myself" said Isabeau. "How can I change into another person?" "Looks can fool you my dear. Its the inside that counts. That's where the change begins and you will change into a completely new person if you only believe in yourself."
"I don't now how to do that", said Isabeau through gentle tears. "Come and follow me my sweet Isabeau. I think I can help you. There is something you must see." The large and gentle Mozes lifts her onto his shoulders and carries her through the dark garden. After a while, Mozes stops at a lake shimmering in starlight. "My friend!" calls the towering giant. "My friend, can you help us please?" From under the water lillys another strange, green creature appears wearing a bow tie. Hopping towards them, he utters, "Hello! Let me introduce myself. I am Gustave, the keeper of the water garden."So nice to meet you", says Isabeau atop Mozes shoulders. "Dear Mozes can you lower me to the ground so I may greet Gustave properly?"

Isabeau descends and takes her delicate little hand into the wet, dangly paw of this friendly creature. "Enchanted to meet you "chirps Gustave. "So happy that you are at my Beloved's a magical place and you know, it can change your heart."
I am searching to find something to change me into the person I was before; only, I don't exactly know who I once was. There is this deep, urgent longing inside of me to find myself before I will be lost forever. "Never fear my dear", says Gustave. "There is always hope, and in your case hope is very near. Come to the edge of the Beloved Pond and look inside the water."

Isabeau stood at the lakeside and stared into the black water. "But I cannot see anything." she says disappointedly. "Wait, have patience" says Gustave. "Look with your heart and believe." Above the lake, the clouds began to shift and a very bright star appeared, transforming the water into a mirror...and there Isabeau saw a beautiful sparkling blue bird.

The Discovery

Isabeau reached out to touch the blue bird in the water but Gustave grabbed her hand and pulled her into the lake, disappearing into the black cold water.
"There they go!" mumbled Mozes with a happy sigh. "Now everything will be fine again. " He takes a deep breath and makes an enormous splash.
Under water Isabeau struggled in fear; she grabbed on to Gustave's bow tie...
-Blurblubulblebup... "Help!I am choking!" cried Isabeau. Then Gustave wriggled his way out of Isabeau's grip and left her alone on the bottom of the lake. "You can do it" he said blowing water bubbles. "You can do it ...swim up to the surface and fly." Isabeau wildly flapped her arms as they changed into a shimmering blue wave of light. She saw the light of the bright star above her coming closer as she emerged as a bird. Isabeau had found her way back.

The Little Mouse

On the riverbank in the forest sat a sweet lady mouse who had made a promise to a young woman with eyes as sad as the forest but with a smile as bright as the sunlight. Unfortunately this lovely lady smiled no longer; not since she had lost the thing she loved most: hope for a better world; it had flown away on the feathers of a songbird...and never came back. And living without hope is like living without light. The only person who believed a change was going to come was Miss Moussie, the keeper of faith and the messenger of a new beginning. She was not alone in her quest; two dear friends where helping her bring the light and soul back to the dark, still forest. Miss Moussie noticed that suddenly the running water in the river stood still...Time itself stood still. Time was holding its breath because something was going to happen. Could this be the moment she was waiting for?

There in the water, in a big whirl of joy, a bird came out of the river; a bird on wings as blue as the heavenly sky. It circled a few times as if it was searching for directions. Slowly the blue bird circled down and landed next to the little mouse. "There you are", said Miss Moussie. "I have been waiting so long. I do believe you are just in time." Please come with me to the little house in the forest to bring joy into our hearts." "How can I do that?"asked Isabeau .

Happy Endings

Together they made there way through the forest as Miss Moussie was flying for the first time in her life on the back of the songbird and Gustave, perched on top of Moze's top hat. After a long dark journey, they reached the center of the forest where there nestled a little wooden house. At the moment that the bird saw the house her heart became as light as air and then she remembered, and she started to sing. A door opened revealing a sweet and lovely woman standing frozen, listening. Her face changed...her eyes changed...and then, she smiled. She stood there gazing in the distance and saw a soaring bird; it was coming towards her and singing a familiar song of hope. "Keep singing...just keep singing!" chattered Miss Moussie. And the blue feathered song bird sang as it never sang before, giving hope and bringing the forest back its soul and the lovely lady her smile.

End of entry 4

I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to these wonderful women who took time out of their busy lives to participate and submit their ideas. Well then my fellow playwrights, hang tight and I will be back next week with black gloves and gown to announce the winner!

Audrey Hepburn at the Academy Awards 1976. Photo Bettman Corbis ©


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Oh, so much work went into these writings, I truly love them all. I think I would select Entry 4.
Have a beautiful weekend. I adore your blog and I hope that you had a wonderful Spring break.


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Wow- that was fantastically mezmorizing............I chose Entry4 - her heartfelt first sentence grabbed me -
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I'm late ,I know, but I'm here now and I loved it of course. I loved ending #2.That best suited me.
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Looking forward to it..lets have a wonderful evening..please come and sit next to me..

Your little garden friend Miss Moussie..

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