Saturday, August 22, 2009

Act 3 and ...Meet the Playwright!

Bienvenue à tous! Welcome back everyone! Before the curtain goes up for my third act, I would like to tell you a little about myself.

I have a fond admiration of the theatre; I was fortunate enough to dabble in acting and dancing after high school and since then, I have successfully incorporated theatre arts in my elementary classroom to supplement my French language arts curriculum. I enjoy creative writing but most of all, my passion is to prompt others to think about developing their own writing skills.

My plays are a fun writing project for me but the best part is giving my audience the chance to pick up where I have left off; so if you would like to try submitting an ending, please see the details at the bottom of this post! Please use the sidebar to help with the definition of French words. Now, without further ado, please turn up the music and...Le Petit Théâtre de Chimères vous présente,

act 3
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Meanwhile back at the famous boutique

M. Bergeron and his fashionable clique

continued their fashion shows hugging and kissing

until Madame Chou Chou said, "C'est bizarre, something's missing!"

Voilà!"She cried out! "I know what's not right!

it's that scamp named Balzac, he's been out of our sight!

Gone is the biting, the growling and stares

nobody liked him, nobody cares!"

Some wondered and asked where Balzac may have been

while others hissed "Tant mieux! good riddance to him!

Now we can show off our beautiful works

without his ridiculous manies and quirks!"

However Balzac was enjoying success

the children had loved him in spite of this mess

for he was Toto, their hero, their friend

who in every adventure was good to the end.

However one evening upon his large bed

Toto or Balzac got it into his head

to wish to become the dog he had been

to be totally transformed, without and within.

The children had hugged him so much he was stained

he needed a wash so once he was trained

to go get his towel and a bar of savon

he got a hot bath from l'artiste de Lyon.

So in order to see what followed his bath

you need to click Youtube so that you can laugh

For now he was back in his own curly fur!

Growling and yapping with each single grrrr...

he loved being real again in his skin

but will he be loved without and within

by all the young children and famous artistes

how goes this ending, magnifique or triste?


Well, it's entirely up to you! While Balzac was a real dog, he could sometimes be annoying to the clientele...GRRRRRR.....

However, as a stuffed animal, his scrappy tendencies went unnoticed while he was trapped in the form of a lovable toy! So what will he choose to live as? Is it better to be free to be himself and roam as a "real" annoyance or exist as a docile, sweet jouet?

Act four is the grand finale. If you would like to participate, please submit your entries to my email by no later than Friday, September 4, 2009:

Entries shouldn't be too long. We want them to be readable and short enough to make them interesting to the readers. I will post all entries anonymously by Saturday evening, September 5 so that all of you will be able to read them and vote for your favorite! Saturday September 12 at midnight, I will count the votes and post the winner!

So now shuffle on over to the main dining room in that skin tight gown

and loosen that tight little belt a few notches

and let's dine together à la française on the terrace of my villa to celebrate a successful ending and a happy, productive school year!


Diana Vreeland
Ives St. Laurent and other black and white vintage photos from
Eze, France - Castles Crowns and Cottages


The Dutchess said...

Bravo...we are sitting here with big smile's on our faces..
'Voila' she cried out'..marvelous picture..!!!
We love little toto..and we admire Balzac....

'What is what,and who is who
'What to choose ,and what to do
What you lost is what you find..
A beautiful creature,one of a kind.

At this moment Miss Moussie is hiding in the lady's room...she is wearing her amazingly beautiful pink gown...Thes she was looking ravishing ,shuffeling towards the horderves on your terras.But when she reached out to try one of the horderves..we all heard a strange sound......well we did say the dress was a bit to tight..We are sure she can borrow gustave's jacket..So..maybe you can help...and ask her to come out ofthere..
The view from you terras is stunning..lets sit together and talk for a while...about life and friendship..

Hug from all of us..TD MM G M and MR C...
P.S This time we made our way through the Hilltop forest..Mozes found a secret trail...he thought this trail was leading Nowhere...;)

The Dutchess said...

Now I am sure we can read each others minds...While I was writing that Mozes did find this secret all ready knew.....

Presépio no Canal said...

LOL It is so funny the play :)
In my country, we say "Rir é o melhor remédio" ( "Rire c`est le meilleur médecin" ) ahah

It is your picture? How lovely! You look like a French ;) You are so beautiful!Uau!

The terrace is from the south of France? It remembers me Provence neaby Canyon du Verdon...

I will be out this couple of days, but I will come here to see the ends :)

By the way, I love YSL ;)


Presépio no Canal said...

You are beautiful!!!
You could be a muse to YSL ;)
Your eyes..uau... so gentle...your husband must be always in love by you ;)

Have a great week-end!!

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

You give such joy dear friend! I am blessed. What fun is this? Gorgeous photo of you dear! Blessings and luck for the school year.

LiLi M. said...

You are a lovely lady Anita, though we didn't expect anything else. Ravissante! What a personality!
I loved the 3rd act of the play. And now it is up to us. We have the fate of Toto/ Balzac in our hands, you do trust us! I do hope to come with a spectacular final act some time this week. Great that you enjoy the theatre yourself and that you stimulate other people to enjoy it too. Bravo!!!! clapclapclapclap (this applause will last for minutes, but the space over here just isn't big enough). Thanks for treating us again. Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the company up here. Bisous et à bientôt!

Presépio no Canal said...

German? I agree, but from the south.
Munique (Munich) in Bavaria.
You have the style an the sweetness...
I can see you in that beautiful mountains and churchs...
I think you would like to see the Palace Linderhof...
I was there last winter (see the fotos december 2008) and I found the bavarians very warm people...

The Dutchess said...

Its your's my dear...:)

Lovely lovely photograph...O and now there is music...follow the secret trail..and tell me if you like it..

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

I got back to my seat early for the 3rd act this time! Loved the Youtube bath time! Reminds me of one of my chi chi's....she does the same thing. Loved your are beautiful, my friend! I will anxiously await the finale!~Hugs, Patti

Gina said...

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! My hands are hurting from clapping so much. C'est Excellent! Très bien! I truly enjoyed myself. I loved dragging my vintage flapper dress out of the closet! It's been awhile since I wore it. I'm glad Bonnie lured me over. The performance and play were superb, Anita. And everyone looked so lovely!!! Well, the meter on my carriage is about par with the U.S. deficit, so I better close. Will be sure to attend next Saturday's final act. G'luck to the winner. Au revoir!


Jorgelina said...

It is your picture? You are beautiful!
Magnific post.
Happy weekend!

Bonnie said...

Hello and BRAVO! How I have enjoyed myself at the theatre and your play is delightful! Come visit with me later and you will see what outfit I pulled out of the hat for the third act. Did I just rhyme?

XOXO, Bonnie & Sadie

Woolytales Miniatures said...

Oh My dear friend , I just got home from a long , but enjoyable day out with my family. I hurried to this theatre and to my delight I saw your face! thank you for another wonderful act and most lovely pictures...I will comeback and read again after children are asleep.lovingly~

deb famularo said...

Vous etes tres jolie Anita!
You are bringing back my high school french from 20 (uh hmmm) 10 years ago! lol I love it, my own personal french teacher! Merci!

The you tube video of M. Balzac was so adorable! You're very talented my friend, and I love how you share your creative mind with us! Extremely clever. Big hugs! xOxO

Unknown said...

This is so wonderful. I can't wait to see how everyone writes the last act. No wonder you love Audrey look just like her. I love all of your images, especially the fashion. Little Toto, I love him, he reminds me of my favorite old movies with Aster in the Thin Man series. Bravo


Fete et Fleur said...

Oh, Anita!

I laughed so hard at that video. My dear, you are as gorgteous as ever too. I love the photo of you. I will not be able to add the ending to this story, but I do look forward to seeing what will become of Balzac.


Chemin des Muguets said...

I loved seeing your photograph. You have a bit of the Audrey Hepburn gamin look about you!



Unknown said...

Okay Sadie Mae and Misha Mae, we need to help dear Anita finish this play. Lets catch the next plane back to Gnomeland, I'll stick a couple of the doggie cupcakes in my pocket for you and we must be off!
Misha dear your little feet are flying so fast down that runway, watch out for Audrey and Lauren Bacall and Judy Garland please. We want to be invited back!!!
Sadie is crying, she simply does not want to go and is beggin to stay over night at Balzacs house. I explained to her girly doggies don't just give in to Balzac. He must learn to behave in order to win your wink. Sweet Sadie is having a bit of a breakdown right on isle 37 but Balzac has spotted her and he's on his way to her aide with Audrey Hepburns hanky in his mouth.

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Tres beau mon amie! What a beauty you are!! You remind me so much of Audrey Hepburn but you are even more beautiful than her, because I know how beautiful your spirit is!

I will work on Act IV and submit it. I have to put my creative thinking cap on...

Mille Bises, Sherry

Laurie AE said...


Encore! Encore!

p.s. Thanks for visiting The Daily Corgi everyday and leaving your comments. I love to read them and you are apparently the most faithful follower.

A bientot!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Well done my dear, well done! *Clapping with long white gloves on*

Oh are so lovely and you look French :)


Anonymous said...

What fun! Anita you are very creative, very,very beautiful, and very smart ♥ Your parents must have been so proud of you as you reached each one of your goals ♥ I love this little play. It's charming! I have looked forward to it each week. Thank you so much :>)

Shell said...

My Dear Anita,

What a lovely play you have written! I can only advise that your canine protagonist retreats to the Irish Isles....the land of Canine bliss,,,,,where today dogs truly run free and chase the birds and dive for fish at their leisure!

Although your script is Parisian of nature, no freedom for the decendants of wolves is more prevelant than in Ireland. As it would be for Balzac,,were he to survive the ages.

A plot twist or a consideration for your final act? Although Parisian flair and English prose are romantic, considering said hound himself, surely you can consider a Gaellic twist to the finale???


(Stop by to enter my giveaway by Friday the 4th!)

Rosemary said...

Good Morning,
So sorry I missed the play on Sat. Too busy with the shower. I am relaxing today and trying to catch up.
Your play and photos are fab, and so are you!!
Chat soon,

deb famularo said...

Bonjour Anita,
So what are you looking for my dear? Prima flowers and pearl accents?? E-mail me @
and I'll lyk my favorite shopping spots for those kinds of embellishments!! I may even be able to throw something together for you from my stash! xOxO deb

Kirsten Steen said...

What fun!!! Can't wait to see the last act and find out who the winner is! Hoping you've enjoyed your summer. (Great photo of you!)

deb famularo said...

Bonjour mon amie- wait, you are feminine 'amie,' mon is still correct, non?
Is it the big Prima flower you are liking, or the mini ones? E-mail me at with your address. I have an extra one of those big Prima flowers exactly like the one of my layout, I'll send it to you! xOxO

Tristan Robin said...

brava, brava, brava!

(and I loved seeing your photo - I so enjoy putting faces to blogs, as it were!)

The Victorian Parlor said...

Applause, applause!!! This is so much fun!!! I am looking forward to the conclusion of this wonderful theatrical event! Oops-I seemed to have spilled some champagne on my black gown. I'm going to run home quickly and change before the last act!



à la parisienne said...

Just writing such an interesting play would be hard enough for me, but you were able to find a great video and perfect images to correspond with the storyline. Amazing! I bet you are one of the best teachers in your school if not THE best. I would love for my daughter to learn French and theater from such a kind and amazingly gifted woman! Your students are truly blessed.
You are so beautiful in that picture by the way!