Friday, November 6, 2009

From My Hearth To Yours

The temperatures have dropped, I have a tarte tatin bubbling in the oven

and a pot of hot, rich café au lait steaming on the stove.

So amble on down the path where the crusty, fallen leaves of autumn crackle under our feet, singing the familiar theme of another enchanting holiday season

of family, friends and festivities. It's storytime chez moi, and I invite you to enter into the cottage of dreams

and take a peak into the window of your imagination

and to gather around the hearth of hopes and dreams.

Whether your taste in hearths leans towards the French country cottage or the relaxed Carmel, California variety

a fireplace surrounded by kindred and creative spirits is beautiful no matter how humble

or lofty.

So if you prefer the more traditional chateau style fireplaces

or a classic Victorian for your holiday décor

a fireplace in just about any setting

will relax your heart and release your mind to wander into the world of make believe.

So let us gather around my hearth

and dream of Precious Little Things With Wings ©

a very short story that I created with hope that it will carry you on a long journey to your wildest of dreams! Come back next week, and stay warm!


Presépio no Canal said...

Hello Dear Anita,

I wish you and R. a wonderful weekend :)
Your hart is so cozy and warm :)
How beautiful fotos :) I will be here next weekend to listen your story in this cozy environment :)
Bisous, ma cherie :)

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Bonjour ma chere!

What a great post! It warmed my heart and made me want to build a fire in the fireplace tonight!! I love all fireplaces they all produce some magical quality that calms the spirit and warms the soul.
You and I have been sooo busy mon amie. I've sold 2 more purses and am getting an order for 2. Woo-Hoo! Will write you soon ma belle to tell you what's been happening.

Bisous, Sherry

Bonnie said...

Hello Anita, what a lovely visit. I can't wait to be carried away with your little short story. I await with baited breath! In the meantime, I will settle in front of your cozy hearth and partake of a little tarte tatin, cafe au lait and the warmth of friendship.

Bisous, Bonnie

The Dutchess said...

I can picture myself sitting there...together..with the dear Miss M...Tea...and Rattus...Then,you take your it..and start to tell us this wonderful story..Can't wait...Miss Moussie is chattering my head off today...trying to guess what the story is about...she is hoping maybe,from a feathered fairy mouse...
We love Tarte tastes much like 'appelflappen'Miss Moussie will send you the recipe of appelflappen soon...stay warm and stay happy my dearest friend...Hug fom all of us

icandy... said...

How cozy, Anita!
Of course, my fave pic is the fairy tale cottage. Can I move in? :)
Happy weekend!

Jorgelina said...

Hi Anita!
Fantastic visit!!
Great post!
Happy weekend!

Tristan Robin said...

I want - no, I need that huge stone fireplace that looks like the Princess and the Pea bed!!!

How magnificent!

Unknown said...

Oh Anita,
You create the most gorgeous posts filled with lovely moods. I love all the hearths, and your dessert made me hungry. I can almost hear the fire crackle.

You made me giggle about the white go go boots. My best friends back in the 60's were the twins. We went into NYC to see the dress rehearsal for Ed Sullivan (my dad was a camerman on the show). Mary Lou and Geri wore mini skirts and white go go boots. We had teased hair and white lipstick. OMG.

I love your fireplace selections, and I adore this song. When I saw Tristan's post it made me giggle.

Happy Pink Saturday.


LuLu Kellogg said...

Bonjour Sweet One!

This post is so warm and inviting..and also the music is fabulous.

Happy Saturday!

Bisous, LuLu~*xoxo

Unknown said...

The latte was wonderful and the tart, thank you my gracious hostess! As I scrolled I voted for the "lofty" fireside, and then moved on and said...hmmmm, maybe I'll trade that for the Victorian...then I saw your enchanting hearth fireside and it made all the others melt...I'm moving in with you. I get the bedroom tucked behind the living room...door number #2. Now dear Anita...please don't tell me that really is your house? If so, you are fully living in my dreams.

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Oh Anita,
This post is wonderful! I can feel the warmth coming from each word, each photo. We do not have a fireplace at my petite maison so my imagination is quite happy here and it will carry me through as a reminder to get our "fireplace" out (the French fireplace insert filled w/candles ;) for this evening. Can't wait to hear/read the story next week. Have a beautiful weekend, hope you were able to get your crown!

Debra@CommonGround said...

Wonderful post, I LOVE the fireplaces and cozy hearths! Just beautiful.

Chemin des Muguets said...


This is just what I needed this chilly coastal morning. I shall light the fire in my Carmel fireplace, and be warmed by it, and the glow and comfort from your lovely posting.


Fete et Fleur said...

The tarte tatin looks so delicious. It's beautiful, Anita. I'm very relaxed now, but hungry. I wish you could send me a piece of the tarte.

I look forward to next week!


Unknown said...

Oooh... these hearths are wonderful! I miss my fireplace. Maybe in the next house. They add as much visual warmth to a home as they do physical. Thanks for sharing the java by the fireside. I feel cozy now.

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour! This post was wonderful. A crackling fireplace, tarte tatin and hot chocolate, what more could you want? Beautiful collection of fireplace photos!

Anonymous said...

So glad I stumbled on your lovely lovely blog today, it's always nice to find other blogger out and about on the net!

Agneta & Sweden

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Bonjour again!

LOVE the music! One of my favorite cold weather songs!

When I got home just now Wes was watching some movie, who knows what, and I heard one of the characters say "Bonne chance" to someone leaving and I recognized it as Good Luck! I was so amazed. I know a very simple thing to you but a huge feat for moi! LOL

PS I found some movie on cable that was all in french and I recorded it. I don't know what all they're saying but someday I will without looking at the subtitles! another LOL

Bisous, Sherry the wanna-be trying-to-be wish-I-could-be french student

The Victorian Parlor said...

Oh my goodness that food looks so yummy! And those hearths are stunning. A cozy blanket with a book and cup of tea in front of the hearth would be so lovely:).



Rita said...

Hi dear Anitta,
thank you for popping by.
Love your post. Temperatures have dropped here in italy as well and we've had some rainy days too. While sitting at my desk writing comments at this time of night - nearly midnight - I had started feeling a little cold, so your tarte tatin, cafè au lait and those wondeful fireplaces are warming me up both in the body and in the soul. Thank you!
Have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely post Anita, This is a magical time of year isn't it? There is so much beauty in the fall of the year. Charli and I feel right at home in your post ♥ Your hearth is so beautiful and inviting. I can't wait to hear your story. I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Unknown said...

Ummm, talk about cozy. Now we're talk'in. I actually made a pear tarte a couple of years ago for thanksgiving and it was a hit with the crowd. We have 2 fireplaces but haven't lit them in a couple of years because they make the room so hot, but I love looking at them. Thanks for the tour!

Rosemary said...

Hello there,
Love your post! I am going to go put my fireplace on.
Hope you are having a nice weekend,

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hi Anita....Your tart and cafe au lait looks wonderful! I can't believe how warm it is for November! Tomorrow expecting 70 degrees! We thought about a fire tonight but it is so warm...hard to believe for Ohio this time of year. Love the fireplace photos.....they are so cozy and welcoming! Have a wonderful weekend!~Patti

Kirsten Steen said...

Oh how sweet! Love those hearths, especially the very simple one with the wood highbacked chairs. And love love love that bathroom! Can't wait for the story! I know you'll create the most cozy setting as you always do!

Marie said...

Still waiting for the day I own a home with a fireplace. But as I was looking at your post wishing it were cooler and I had a fireplace to cuddle up in front of, my husband said from around the corner, "I wish it was raining".

Some day.

claudie said...

Bonsoir Anita
I'm all toasty warm now, thank you.
Lovely pics.
And that torte that is BUBBLIN' OVER, that would be mine lol
Bonsoir a demain.
Love Claudie

Rohini said...

Lovely pictures! I love the ones of the old-school-ish houses. Wonderful. ;)

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Sweet Anita....

Oh my....I'm sitting here I would LOVE having a cozy and warm little fire. They're so welcoming, aren't they? Nope, no lovely flames here at the cottage. It was an option on the list, but only one style and it was would have taken up the whole living room. We planned to get a little one later, but never found the "right" thing....

Have a wonderful Sunday dear friend...

Huggies and lovies,

Woolytales Miniatures said...

My dearest Anita~ I don't even know how to start. Anita your imagination is beyond words. Your taste for good and simple or sofisticate and ellegant is just amazing. These sets of fireplaces homes are incredible , so beautiful... you know I am making my room box ( hopefully I will get ready before Christmas) and some of the pictures here have already inspired me (((THANK YOU))).
Now,how you come to my place and leave me such a comment? I don't think I deserve that ... and i mean that in the best way possible!!!!!!!!!!*grin*
My dearest friend and sister in Christ, You have a wonderful Sabbath , blessed in the Lord.
I will write to you later this evening,Lovingly~

Cathy said...

Hi Anita,

Wow that fireplace really makes me want to run and put on my fleece p.j.s and grab a cup of hot cocoa. Wait a minute.... I already have my fleece p.j.s on! lol

We are quickly entering the cold season here in MA. I don't have a fireplace but what a great thing it would be to light one right now.

I have a pink Victorian house on my Vision Board. If I ever get that house it will definitely have fireplaces in it.

Have a wonderful evening and drop in and visit me some time.

xo Cath

LiLi M. said...

Bonjour Anita, What warmth and what cosiness comes out of this post filled with eyecandy. I am belated because this weekend has just been so busy, sorry for that, but I come to rest the moment I entered your blog and I cannot wait to hear your lovely story next week. You have such a talent for creating this very warm and emotionally rich (I hope that you know what I mean) atmosphere. I wanted to email you sooner, but I just couldn't find the time. I'll try to this week.
Thanks for another beautiful post, yes come over and visit all your fans in the Netherlands, have a lovely Sunday Anita and a great start of the week!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Dear Anita...oh that Tarte Tatin and a cafe au lait...perfect...just what I need...Your hearths are so cozy...perfect for snuggling under a quilt and waiting for your story♥
As for staying warm...we certainly are here with glorious 'salty blue days'...enjoy your Hearth dear Anita...Dzintra♥x

Miss Sandra said...

Dear Anita,
What lovely images. The perfect setting for one to dream.
Hope all is well and you are enjoying this lovely autumn.

Rattus Scribus said...

Hello Bug,
I know that you have already received the Kreative Blogger Award, but I simply could not accept the honor myself without publicly honoring you, who never stopped encouraging me to start my own blog, and for which I am most grateful. You cannot be expected to go through the whole process again of responding to the blog award. I just wanted to let you know you're first my Blog Award list.

KeKe said...

Anita, thanks for the well wishes! I fought a fever for 4 days. Today is my first day without one. This thing is never-ending it seems...from one set of symptoms to another-YUCK!
Love the firplaces...I miss mine.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Dear Anita...what a wonderfully warm can I refuse!!! You have a lovely week too...Dzintra♥x

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Anita I am warmed and happy. Thanks for the delight and the amazing images! I don't use anything special I just have a Kodak Easyshare dig camera and wait for good light from the East. It really means alot to me that you enjoy my posts and the way you inspire a mood is what I hope I do, as well. So, again, I thank-you dear friend. Blessings and light and a peaceful Tuesday to you with no stress. I send that to you.

KeKe said...


Thanks for stopping by. I'm out of bed just long enough to do some school work, then it's back to bed!!

As for the pcitures-

Right click and "save"

Rita said...

Hi Dear Anita,

It's me again. Had to pop by once again to thank you for stopping by. I'd truly need a nice cappuccino right now to keep me awake and would enjoy sitting in front of one of those fireplaces. those classic Victorian put me already in the holiday season mood, but that in tha bathroom, sooooooooooo chic!!!
Thank for showing us the other side of the moon - the very wealthy one (at least for me, living on a showstring budget and hoping in better time to come).

Grace said...

Can I build myself a house that will contain all of these fireplaces?? :D

Jorgelina said...

Hello Anita!


Twyla and Lindsey said...

What a lovely picture you paint. The last room (third picture from the bottom) is just right for me. All I need now is my basket of knitting. So cozy. Just right for a November evening. Enjoy your day! Twyla

LiLi M. said...

Bonjour to you too Anita, already up and running I suppose. I want to thank you for being always such a loyal visitor and a great blogging friend. I always enjoy your comments. I hope you have a lovely day filled with fun and laughter, bisous à toi aussi, ma chérie, LiLi

Teacup Mosaics said...

Anita, Oh the love of the fireplace I share it too. So nice to see how others indulge. I hope we hear more about the story next week I can't wait! Keep your toe toes warm until next time.

Jorgelina said...

The illustration freely.

Rita said...

Bonjour Anita,
I'm so glad and grateful we've blog-met each other. thanks for your nice comments. I'm visiting your blog daily to check for new posts.
On this occasion, just a few words on those wonderful pre-raphaelite (I'm i right?) paintings you've shared with us. I love them so much and even have a canvas in my bedroom.

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

My place is your place, my Anita. Come anytime and feel some light. Read a faerytale or feel a glow and know that you are giving your workers the gift of you, but that by giving you are the receiver, as well. You are appreciated. Blessings. Your guy, your heart hearth, and all of us who have gotten to know you, are the warmth, when you are feeling disheartened. I am there. Blessings, patience, and wishes to a great lady.

koralee said...

Lovely cozy post..your images are all so wonderful! Happy weekend to you!

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Woolytales Miniatures said...

It can never be too much to come *see* you again over here.Wishing you a happy day!Thankyou for visiting me too!*grin*

The Rustic Victorian said...

Beautiful Post,,the fireplaces are amazing. I can almost smell the woodsmoke and feel the warmth. Charmed I am.
I love the banner!

Queen Rachie said...

I love this post, and what beautiful fireplaces you have shared with us. I saw several I'd like to cozy up in front of.

Nishant said...

!! I love all fireplaces they all produce some magical quality that calms the spirit and warms the soul.

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