Friday, January 15, 2010

Entering Into Someone Else's World

Friday evening, I crossed over into a portal of wonderment. After a hard day in the classroom, I had a tea date with a dear friend and fellow blogger, Julie from Gilded Moons. As I gingerly tip-toed my way up the icy steps leading up to her vintage cottage lovingly decorated in shades of pink

and lovely greens

I knew I was in for a journey of pure magic.

And there I was, spending time with my friend who I hadn't seen in over a year. She told me about her summer in Spain as we enjoyed some of the finest tea I have ever had the pleasure to sip.

She gave me a tour of her world, where every corner is elegantly arranged, sometimes purposely whispering a bare spot in order to showcase one, exquisite piece.

She then escorted me into a room where I encountered a sweet surprise. In Julie's beautiful sewing room, there sat the magnificent work of my sister-in-law's hands, of which I have never had the pleasure of seeing in person.

Nancy from Fête et Fleur, crafts some of the most beautiful and dainty paper shoes à la Marie Antoinette. Julie allowed me to pick up this delicate piece of my sister-in-law's art and though Nancy and I are miles away and many years separated from each other, I was able to catch a glimpse of her world of opulent shoes and sophisticated vision of luxe par excellence.

Wendy Addison's book, Theatre of Dreams also graces Julie's shelf

and is a work that requires a quiet, Saturday morning and a mind free from the cares of the outside world. As we gently turned the pages revealing a time past of magic theatres, ballerinas and whimsical thoughts, I again peeked into the window of another artist's mind.

The day after Thanksgiving 2009, I had the pleasure of hosting a blogger friend. The moment Ulla stepped into my home, it was as if we had already known each other

and just picked up where we had left off. Ulla's blog, Ullabenulla often reveals her trained artist eye and she is not only able to showcase other people's art, but she somehow knows a person's taste to ultimate perfection. We exchanged handmade souvenirs, and she overwhelmed me with the most original and beautiful Dresden embellishments I have ever seen.

Then, she stepped into my domain

and stepped back

and took interest, and sat with me on the floor and asked me about my world.

I felt pampered

and special.

Isn't it a Wonderful World when WE make it that way?

Have a lovely week mes amies!

Last two photos from the lovely blog trouvais
Photos of Julie's home from her blog Gilded Moons
Paper shoe Fête et Fleur designs


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Dearest very beautiful to have a tea date with Julie, and to be able to see and pick up Nancy's very delicate work!!! It is indeed a wonderful world that we can all share in...and you indeed I feel are very special...Dzintra♥x

Anonymous said...

Oh Anita, thank you again for coming to my home, for the beautiful petit theatre and for sharing inspiration with me, you are just a huge joy!

Jacqueline said...

Oh how it glitters...the magic of her home and her life. So different from mine, but magical just the same, with another name. I'm captivated by YOUR toy cupboard wait a minute...please let me pause right there. That is where I want to stay and play. You can wear the Queen crown and I'll bring my polka dot hat that looks like a mushroom. Love you...more and more each moment.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Your friend has a lovely home - and I do so wish I had ordered a copy of Theatre of Dreams - I kept meaning to do it, but never did. I've never seen a copy in real life - it looks exquisite!

I saw photos of your home on Ulla's blog after she visited you - but you have shown us new and magical corners not seen before! I don't think I've ever met somebody who adores vintage and glitter as much as I do until I met you! LOL Someday, we must find a HUGE box of sequins and rhinestones and jump in!

Enjoy your day - lovely post, as always!

OH - is that marvelous mannequin being used as a scarecrow???? And if it's not, why not?! LOL

koralee said...

Oh was a beautiful post today sweet friend. Everyone has a different world to be discovered..Julie's world sounds amazing and yours my dear..LOVELY! SIGH..wish I could visit and sit with you but you have made my day special through the world of blogging. I think that is why I love this blogland...each and everyone has such different blog worlds which delight my little soul so so much. Thank you for this today...have a beautiful weekend. xoxoxo

cityfarmer said...

aaahhhhhh tea with a friend... and a blogger friend no less ...heaven

missn our chats ... how are you

KarenHarveyCox said...

Anita, your posts get prettier and prettier, but this one is truly a bit of magic. I love Nancy's beautiful shoes and Julie's other treasures. Ulla is magic and she must have been totally enchanted by your magical cottage. As always visiting your blog is just like "crossing into a portal of wonderment." Words only a writer would speak.

anouk said...

Lovely teatime with a friend. lovely photos.
Have a nice weekend.Kss

The Dutchess said...

My hearth makes a little jump for joy my dearest friend,not only because of this wonderful post filled with beauty but also because you had this lovely visit!
You needed this little trip in to someone else's world..
Thinking of you

Hugs from all of us

CC said...

Gorgeous photos! Love the thing with the falling stars. Its very whimsical. :)

CC said...

Gorgeous photos! Love the thing with the falling stars. Its very whimsical. :)

GrandmaK said...

What a treasury of memories you now have. How wonderful for you to bask in the glow of them. Have a grand weekend and cherish the moments! Cathy

LiLi M. said...

Bonjour ma chère Anita!! Until now I loved each and every post of you, but this one is even more special. I scrolled up and down, up and down and up and down again. I love our visit at Julies' and I love to see another of the amazing shoes of Nancy. But I love peeking in your special cupboard the most. Do give us some details if you feel like it Anita. I know for sure that I am not the only one who was drooling up here.
Oh and to see Wendy's book in real life! You are a lucky lady, but we are too, as you share your journeys so gracious with us. Mercie beaucoup ma chère amie, bisous, LiLi.

Ulla said...

What a generous and beautiful post! I am honored to be part of your growing circle of women! Julie's home is amazing! And you know what I think of Nancy! Our day together ment so much to me as well, and I look forward to doing it again soon!
Blessings to you my dear,

Marie-Ange said...

Bonsoir ma chère Anita.
Pousser la porte de ton blog, c'est entrer dans un univers fantastique.
Le rêve à portée d'émotion, un enchantement.
Bisous de douce soirée et très beau week-end.

Paris Atelier said...

My Sweet Anita!
What a beautiful post. I love the images and more than anything the sentiment. What a lovely thought to pick up that exquisite shoe that your sister-in-law made and be that much closer to her! I have to go look at them, I'm in love!

One day maybe we can sip tea and exchange stories as well! I would love that. Have a great weekend!


Fete et Fleur said...

BRAVO! Beauty as always!! Kindred hearts and spirits abound in this post. I love it! I would also love a closer glimpse of your pink little stool in your cabinet with the little doggy on top. I think I see some tuft love going on there! I'm addicted to tufts as you know.

Hugs to you dear one!

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Anita,
How fortunate you were able to have tea with two special blogger friends. Your little bookcase vignettes - crowns and glitter - so pretty.
The handmade shoes are lovely, and how special that you were able to see them in person. I need to go see her creations.
Thank you for sharing your world with us.

luthien said...

what visual feast you brought us into!! beautifully written and magically performed :) it's always a joy to be here ... ahhhhh ....

Chemin des Muguets said...


I am just back from a magical and inspiring journey through your post. It was lovely to meet your talented friends, and have a glimpse into your creative world.



KeKe said...

Anita, you are doubly blessed-to have such a great friend who is also creative. I do not have such a creative friend nearby to share enchanted moments that whisk one away when the world seems to be less than perfect!
I love the shoes and that book! I haven't seen a copy of it yet, I'll bet it was fantastic!

Desde mi ventana said...

Anita,très jolie post comme d´habitude.Il est joli partager des moments et des confidences avec une amie.
je te desire une bonne journé pour le dimange

Rosemary said...

What a lovely time you had!
A very nice friend!! Thanks for sharing it all with us.
Of course Nancy's shoe is amazing.
Have a wonderful rest of the weekend,

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

Mon Dieu Anita. Talk about corners, I want to go to yours!
I need to wipe the drool off from all over myself! (Lovely, you write so elegantly and I'm writing about drool!) ;)
I can't help it mon amie! I don't think I would ever leave you or your friend's home! So enchanting!
And those SHOES.... l-o-v-e! Where can I find those shoes?
It is so incredible and AMAZING to me how a bunch of us with the same sparkly taste can come together and share in this beautiful blogging world!!!!!! bisous, deb

Marie said...

Anita, Loved the blog, as always, and saw a very familiar picture or two in your curio.
What a joy it must have been to come across Nancy's work. I can't imagine the surprise.

Much love to you.

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Anita....What a fun special time for you and your friend! The picture of the two of you is precious! Anita, you are so cute! Thanks for sharing your visit.~Hugs, Patti

Micki said...

I just found your blog, and it is lovely. You are a gifted writer. What a lovely place to visit with a friend. It was very magical. I live in stone cottage near the sea in Dunfanaghy, County Donegal,Ireland, and I have always found it very magical here.
Thanks for sharing your visit with the charming pics!

Teacup Mosaics said...

Oh Anita, Another beautiful post and mini mind vacation. I think it is magical to see others creative minds via their "nests".
Always a treat to visit, you always set the stage in the most wonderful way. Take care, stay warm, be happy!

Patricia Cabrera said...

My dearest.... I am not always able to leave a comemnt because my computer does not allow me after I install a new antivirus...however; I do NOT miss your posts.....NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!
I am in Mark's computer now because I wanted to leave you a note.... Nita... this post is so *you*... again, your kind heart , delicate ways... beautiful pictures that delighted us all....
I am *very* familiar with the magnifcent works from Nancy and how lovely to know you found another friend that is so talent and willing to share... I am on my way to church now... I will write to you later tonight... you go now and get some rest and go draw some beautiful illustration...grin....and write too...grin, smiles...

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Anita
A beautiful post from a most beautiful soul... Tea with a friend. What a great way to spend a day...Blessings, Penny

Kristin M. said...

Beautiful photos!


Michelle Shaw said...

I always feel like I am entering a magical world when I read your blog, Anita. The shoe is absolutely breathtaking. Thanks for sharing with me how to do the falling stars. I actually opted for falling snow now that I know it exists and look forward to using the falling stars when the nights are warmer.

LuLu Kellogg said...

Dearest Anita~
Ahhhhh it's tres magnifique to be back in Blogland!
I really enjoyed this posting so much and it just warmed my heart seeing all the lovely photos!
Thank you for visiting me today :)

Rita said...

Bonsoire ma chère Anita,
so glad to be back to blogland and find your wonderful post tonight. Each post of yours is outdoing the previous one. bravo!
How lucky of you to be able to have a tea with your blogger friend Julie. Must have been am amazing moment when the two of you could share in person the magic of your beautiful worlds.
She has a marvelous vintage home indeed - love those pinks and greens as they are so inviting and convey a true sense inner peace.
BTW your toy cupboard is so darling and precious and I could spend hours admiring each and every toy which you have nested in there.
Thank you so much for letting us into your wondrous world thru your gorgeous posts.

claudie said...

Bonsoir Anita
Thank you for coming by this evening. Glad you enjoyed a little Quebec.
I didn't realize when you RSS fead my blog, you go right to my "page". I was just told that today. You see I do not have a "follower" list. I have no idea who follows me so... I think you missed my main page. I only say that because you didn't comment on the "French Marie Antoinette" theme I have up.
Did you listen to the song? I think you would really like this gentleman.
Just thought I would come and say hello. I hope you don't think me too forward : )
Love Claudie

Me....bunny said...

I love taking a journey into other people's homes and taking in everything from ceiling to floor. I enjoy the design and presentation of others ideas and something it may spark something in me. As usual...your blog is wonderful.


Tara said...


How nice to spend time with someone who makes you feel special!

Judi said...

What a lovely post. YOu had 2 lovely visits with your dear blogging friends and how special they were. Isn't it wonderful to be inspired in this way. There is so much inspiration in this blogland....thank you so much for sharing...lovely....
I hope you'll come by and visit me sometime..

The Victorian Parlor said...

Wow! It's all so magical and beautiful! All of the picures are amazing-I could not even begin to choose my favorite! Thanks for sharing these lovely, enchanting places:).


(I'm enjoying a rare moment where the computer is actually letting me visit other blogs)!

Barb said...

Hi Anita,

I would say that you had a magical evening. How wonderful to have that opportunity.

Thank you so much for your prayers.
Ovarian cancer is a nightmare. It is so difficult with her living in Co.
Hubs has been doing some commuting around his work-not easy but necessary. God is good though!

big hugs,

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Oh my sweet Anita........what a wonderful post! There is just nothing like friendship, is there? I adore your little shelves with all of their deliciousness........YUMMY! And, lots of sparkling things.......Mmmmmmm.....

Big hugs,

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Bonjour ma belle!

What a beautiful post! I love the tea party you had with Julie. What beautiful eye candy, thank you for sharing her lovely world.

I have missed so much and am having so much fun catching up with you and your gorgeous delights!!

Bisous ma chere, Sherry

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Thank you is indeed a lovely feeling to be made to feel special in someone's home...just nothing nicer...Dzintra♥x

Desde mi ventana said...

Hola Anita:merci par ta visite d'aujourd'hui, c'est une joie pour moi. Chaque fois qu'un nouveau post est publié... Castles est là. Je suis très contente et remerciée de te connaître..

Muchos besos,


Marie Antionette said...

Hello my Dear swet Anita,
You should be pampered.You are just the sweetest thangggg, as we say down here in the South.
Such magnificent gifts and images you have shown here.Wonderful friends.
Nancy is a sweetheart and one of the first blogging friends I met.I too have a pair of her beautiful shoes.They have graced my Christnas tree now for two Xmases.I love them.
You take care Dearone and God Bless,
XXOO Marie Antionette

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

Thanks for sharing such lovely work and pieces of your world. Love those shoes! And what you do with your blog. You have SUCH a way! Keep them coming!

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Complete magic. I can't wait to come back and soak it all in. Blessings dear dear one.

Orangesplaash said...

Oh, such a lovely post..Beautiful pictures, sheer beauty in the way some of them have been clicked.
I have just discovered your blog and feels good that I did. Good to know another fellow blogger here. Looking forward to sharing more..

And I am just impressed with the paper shoes idea..what a wonderful way to creativity!!

Sacha said...

J'aime tes photos ..mais la quatrième est éblouissante de beauté et de féminité !merci pour ce beau et talentueux billet
Je te laisse cet humble prix que tu trouveras sur mon blog
Je te souhaite une très belle journée

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post Anita. I feel as though I just took a journey with you. What beautiful art work you have shown us. What a special afternoon you must have had. Thank you so much for sharing with all of us.

Val said...

Grace à tes liens j'ai moi aussi pu faire ce bond dans cet autre monde,mes yeux ne se lassent pas de ce mélange de féerie et d'élegance,je suis encore sous le charme..

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh my dear Anita!
I just found Jasper everywhere! on all your blogs.. What a dear you are. He was so thrilled to see he is now a KING! Thank you for the link back!!
Have a wonderful day... Finishing up my painting. ~ Reveur ~ hope to post this evening..
Blessings, Penny

Nishant said...

You can wear the Queen crown and I'll bring my polka dot hat that looks like a mushroom

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日月神教-任我行 said...