Sunday, April 25, 2010

Once Upon A Time

Long, long ago, it all started in my bedroom

when I realized that I would never have a sister or a brother to play with. So I learned to pretend and to create a world of my own.

Then when I went to school and learned how to read, I knew what I wanted to do.

I wanted to go to Paris

study hard and learn how to speak French



and fashion books of my own.

I have accomplished my first two goals, and the literary endeavor is in process. But in the mean time, I have taken my childhood pains and passions

and as an adult, I have unabashedly entered through the chimerical world of creativity

Myspace Glitter Graphics

at the risk of being outlandishly "different" to colossal proportions. To my surprise however, I have been breathlessly taken back

by the light shining through the portal from the other side of my dreams.

Call me an idealist or a romantic

but I prefer to be thought of as a visionary with a purpose to fulfill my idea of LIVING. So if you would be so daring dear reader, as to put on your hat

daintily lift up your skirt

and step into the carriage

to embark on a voyage to Marie Antoinette's Hameau at Versailles

after which I have patterned my own reality at Rabbit Hill.

I used to dream of how Marie's harp strings might have vibrated in the quiet air of the French countryside

but now, I make my own music every night

and fill the air of the garden of Clair de Lune with the gentle sounds of my harp.

During quiet moments on the weekend, I wander and wonder what is just around the corner

for me to examine, explore and pattern my home after the elegant luxury of the humble countryside of Versailles.

So while you are waiting for me to take some decent photographs of where I LIVE, take a seat

relax and dream

about the possibilities waiting for you!

Fairytale photographs by Lissy Elle

Carolyn Quartermaine Images via Google Images

Illustrations Copyright Castles Crowns and Cottages

Rabbit Hill by Castles Crowns and Cottages

Image of Can-Can Mouse - drawing by Anita but idea from Penny White of Angelsdoor

Images of Le Hameau at Versailles via Google France


Anonymous said...

I would gladly take a seat and relax..and have a royal pedicure and wait.....
What a breathtaking post!

Paris Atelier said...

Lovely and dreamy post Dear Anita!!! I loove your world of imagination and dreams!


Rosie said...

OH Anita... S*P*E*C*T*A*C*U*L*A*R*...
how ever will I wait for your next chapter? Is the castle next door available? I should so love to enjoy your angelic music on a warm summer evening...congratulations on such a beautiful post, you have truly been blessed with an amazing gift...well must snuggle under the covers now...sweet dreams Rosie

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Anita Sweetie...
You are EXQUISITE. I love to see your imagination as it takes me to so many places I have never been, so many wonderful things to dream about, and opens the world to me beyond anything I could ever imagine.

You have done so well in learning French, sharing it and teaching it. When you write it, I feel as though you are really speaking to me. It comes through in your writing sweetie, and I thank you so much for sharing with me.

Your drawings and paintings are so wonderful. You awaken so many senses within me. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL sweetie, just beautiful. Please take a bow. I am clapping for you. Can you hear me?

I am off to bed for now. I came home from Maryland with pneumonia, I went to the Dr. on Wednesday. I am very sick right now. Just trying to do a few little things I made promises to (Pink Saturday for one) and to say hello to a few special friends for two.

Hope you and DH are well. I think of you often sweetie. Country hugs and much love...Sherry

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Bonjour cher ami
I believe you have outdone yourself with this one.. What an exquisite post!! Your home is beautiful Anita... Thank you for sharing your wonderful dreams, art, music and thoughts.. Most of all thank you for just being you..
amour mon ami,

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

Sigh! So lovely. Can't wait! You find the most exquisite photos! And then make a story out of them. When do your books come out?!

Belle Vie said...

Dearest Anita, I will gladly take a seat.. Each visit to your wonderful world takes me away to a magical place. You were a very smart and talented little girl! Oh, how I love Madeline! My children and I have been working on creating a children's book based on our pets.
I adore watercolour! You are so very talented ma belle! In my design course, we're working with india ink for our last project. I would have loved for it to have been watercolour but perhaps it is something I can venture into this summer if time will allow. I am signed up for an architecture course.
My children love to draw and I was thrilled when I took my oldest to the art store this week, he was interested in what I'm learning in class. I purchased new supplies for him and showed him techniques I learned in class.

Yes, shoulder and knee pain is no fun. Carrying my children and a heavy diaper bag caused a similar pain several years ago but I had not experienced it since. Carrying a very heavy book bag was not a wise choice, and taking the stairs. I thought it would be good exercise. I now have one that rolls. I turned 40 last year. I should know better!

Rose Mille sounds fabulous. It sounds like a place that my husband and I would like. It made me think of the lovely shops in we visited in Asheville, NC. We love to go antique shopping.
Wishing you and your dearest a beautiful weekend of dreams, music and inspiration.
xoxo, B

Kristin said...

Wow! Thanks for telling me more about yourself! The spirit in it all...I take it in!! Isn't it wonderful how our gifts and talents are in us from the beginning and all up through our lives they want to come out! And when they do they make us happy! Loved, loved reading your post!

Kristin xxxx

M.A.the2nd said...

Dearest Anita...... so gorgeous and so divine! Your thought processes taking us through your post are amazing! I felt like a little girl reading a fairytale story! I will be with you as always!
M.A. the 2nd Our village awaits but will we perform in the Petite Trianon theatre or perhaps do an outdoor affair!

Privet and Holly said...

My talented FRIEND, your enthusiasm for life, your abundance of magical vision.....where to even start with this gorgeous post, except to say it TRANSPORTED me! {Which is especially wonderful at 4AM when I cannot sleep.} I imagine that not many people have checked so many of their childhood dreams off of their lists. I am so EXCITED to have tea with you and to chat and chat and chat somemore. Cant' wait!
xx P&H

Desde my ventana said...

Bonjour Anita,
Wonderful post,you make me dream every time whenever I come to see you. Wonderful post with a few images of the domains de Mª Antointte really STUNNING.
Have a lovely weekend,
Gros bisous,

Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Anita ~
Your post is so relaxing and beautiful ~
I would love to be in your pictures ~

KarenHarveyCox said...

What a beautiful post. Antia, I love your artwork so much. Storytelling, I think it must be your passion because it is revealed in every post. The photographs you illustrate with give us a window into what you see within your imagination.


James said...

Very creative. Thank you I really enjoyed this post.

curlysusieQ said...

OMG, thanks for showing me my fairytale home. I enjoyed the little trip you took me on and will be dreaming about it all day.

Sacha said...

Bonjour Anita !
C'est une redite mais j'aime profondement l'ambiance que tu donnes à tes billets , je suis également sous le charme des photos du Domaine de Marie-Antoinette à Versaille c'est superbe !
Je te souhaite beaucoup de bonheur en ce jour de 1 er Mai !
Bon week-end

Jacqueline said...

I have had the strangest experience this morning. While I saw the front of your home...I felt like I have been there. In my mind, I pictured it looking just like that on the outside. I'm wracking my brain now...I can see your street and your house in my mind...Life is grand when your imagination suddenly becomes your reality! I am Sooo...excited to get inside your house!

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour dear Anita,
Where to begin...your images and words fill us with far more enchantment than MA ever did! Yes I am flying along in this golden carriage toward your beautiful hameau. The problem is how will I ever wait for chapter 2.
Anxious to see how you have made your house a comfortable home. Perhaps we will enjoy the heavenly strains of a afternoon harp recital.
Congratulation on all the dreams you have realized thus far Anita, and thank yo for taking us along.
Bon weekend,

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Anita....What a wonderful prelude to what is to come! I found myself smiling as I was reading and looking at the photos and taking in the music. I am so excited to see what is behind your door, my friend! I would love to hear you play the harp!~xoxo, Patti

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh Dearest Anita...what a magical, enchanting post...just awesome!!! I am in the carriage eagerly awaiting..I can shut my eyes and hear that exquisite harp my Friend!!! I'm dreaming about the possibilities...and coming to Rabbit Hill...Fondly, Dzintra♥x

Rosie said...

Good Morning!...I want to come too!...Is there room? I LOVE yard sales...Darby and I used Yard sale every Saturday {before I owned the shop and when she lived closer} Whoever drove was responsible for French Vanilla Cappuccinos...Oh what crazy day my older sister and I ventured out in my "little" car and found a cute chair we just couldn't leave behind. We had already fill every available space so she flipped the chair upside down on her knee and we carried on. Visibility {for her} was nil...and getting out of this tiny car was a chore...we did get a few strange looks...but we were laughing so hard it wasn't about "yard saleing" any more any way! ahhhh such fun...well pick me up something cute and shiny...I'll have a french vanilla waiting...have a grand day and I'll go work at the on Rosie

Anonymous said...

oh my word! i can hadly see to write through tears of wonderment and emotion...
everytime i encounter one of your magical posts i think that i could not find better and then you go and somehow top it with the next one, taking me to an even higher level of enchantment.
are there words to describe the loveliness of this post? all i can say is that it lifts and enlightens me more than i can express in the language of the human.. i can only utter a fairy sigh of pleasure.

warm blessings to you on this first day of the merry month of may xxx

love and enchantment xxx


Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita said...

Every post is a trip to a fairy tale land ... beautiful ...

Anonymous said...

i showed this post to my lovely twinkle because i knew she would just love it and she said "oh..ohhh i want a room like that oh..ohhh i love madeleline! and oh ohhh i want to go to france and dance in the fairy castles and wear clothes like marie antoinette....." you have srarted something..... ;o)

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

Beautiful and so dreamy!!!!Can i dream for a minute....:)
Happy may 1rst! I have a give away on my blog and wanted to make sure you don't miss it :)

stacycakes said...

i adore madeline....and i always read it to my daughter and now i read her to my preschoolers!!!,thanks for sharing!!!

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Anita....I too, had a very successful garage sale day! I spent under $20 and got a few things that I am going to transform but my coup today was 2 mirrors that I got for $2 each and I will paint them and transform them to my liking. Your shopping experience today sounded very successful too! I have heard of Bryn Mawr. Sounds like a very pretty area!~Hugs, Patti

Patricia Cabrera said...

Dearest Nita~ How lovely to take a look inside of your world... your magical world... Your late blossom is special because it tells your life story. i so enjoyed reading and see the pictures..... Love you... Warm hugs~

anouk said...

OH,Anita, I´ve been there!...with Antoinette, in Versailles, having the manicure, I heard the rap...But I woke up... It was a dream! You make me dream.
YOur post are tales, fairy tales, fantastic tales....
Lovely weekend for you.

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Do you see it now? What I have always seen waiting? You, my dear, in this post have created your faerytale and as you see, once you start to see that you are headed in exactly the direction of your dreams, belief is no longer an issue. All is open to you and the light floods in. I know you have done and will be part of beautiful things in this world dear friend. I know this to be true. Blessings.

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

Wow Anita, you are living your childroom dream! Your life has become a beautiful fairytale, you have made it come to be your own - complete with your own prince! The ending is up to you- the best part is - you can write it yourself, literally! Such talent you possess, but beyond that, a heart of gold! We are so lucky to have found you here so we can watch this magical ride of yours!!!!!!! Wishing you All the best my talented friend! xoxo deb

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

Oh, I'm gonna call myself the Goddess of Glitter now, I love that! thank you!! :)

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Sweet Anita....

I was in my little sewing room making the pillows for my room and had you on my mind...and when I opened my mailbox?? WOW...a note from you... It made me smile.

You are SUCH a great writer...I can't WAIT for your book....I will put it on my coffee table! Your art? How fabulous is that? I think being an only gave you time to develop your imagination and skill...

I can't wait for the ride in the carriage. I've wanted to do that my entire life! Finally....I get a chance...and I would LOVE to put my feet up....can I get a nice foot rub too? :-)


Susan said...

Dear Anita,
I would love to step into your carriage and be transported into your creative and unbelievably beautiful world! But must I wear a hat? I have always thought that I look quite AWFUL in hats! My mom says it's because I have not found the right hat, but I wonder if it exists! I can imagine myself thin and beautiful and wearing beautiful dresses but never the perfect hat! My daughter and I have a dream of journeying to France. I fear that the locals would tire of hearing me say, "Parlais vous anglais?" Where have you been that a traveler should not miss?
I am SO looking forward to the pics of your home. I am sure it is amazing, and I oh, how I would LOVE to hear you play your harp! Now I know you really are an angel!

bunny said...

Pedicures? Relax? When? I'm waiting for your fabulous finds at your community yard sales..."Dépèche toi"


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi are so much fun too...I never know where I will be transported to when I come to visit...Now it is Sunday afternoon and I think time for some pink here's cheers to you my Friend...Dzintra♥x

koralee said...

Inspiring...magical...enchanting! And I love you too my friend. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Rosie said...

Oh my dear, such a day...long but completely wonderful...starting with your lovely greeting, as always. I really must say , the early hours have become so very precious to me...thank you my dear Anita...
THEN...guess who I met today?...a little bluebird...such an amazing girl...just as I imagined sweet Koralee to be. We all need to go for tea.
The store was VERY busy today, so didn't get time to play in blogland at all... :(
spent the evening in Vancouver with very nice...but am really ready for bed so will send you a hug...and wish you sweet dreams...xoxo...Rosie

claudie said...

Hello dear Anita
I just ran over, well over walked over to see your dear friend Rosie in Abbotsford, B.C. OMGOSH. I can't believe I didn't know about her while living, visiting in my 2nd home White Rock. I will surely go and meet her in person when I'm there next. Might be sooner than later lol
Well well what a post. I will step up to the plate to be your "sista", hands down. We could sit and talk French all day long, sip sweet iced tea (since that seems to be my fave these days) and talk about "life".
Thank you for your friendship, your love of beautiful things, both shinny and delicate, soft or fluffy, I love them all and you.
Happy Sunday
Love Claudie

Rosie said...

Good Morning Sweet One,
sooooo...what wonderfully shiny trinkets did you come home with? Do tell...
Hmmmm... would totally love your recipe for these delectable scones...I will do a post on scones...and invite you over to help me dispose of these tidbits :D
my email is...
am so excited to peek at these photos you have taken. When our creek is complete, {as my dearest is constructing this little feature for me} I shall send you photos so you can help me decide what romantic, white and green lusciousness I should plant on this side of the house...I can't wait

well dearest, enjoy the very best of Sundays...and I shall see you for tea, bright and early

Fete et Fleur said...

Ok . . . the suspense it almost unbearable. Please let us see the beauty soon.


Princesa Nadie said...

Beautiful photographs and beautiful words's like a film... images appears and the words carry you to the next one...
It´s relly wonderful go into your world...I love it

LuLu Kellogg said...

Lovely post my dear. My little fat freddies are happy because I got a pedi on Thursday! I hadn't had one in quite a while *gasp* My feet were looking pretty bad!

I feel like I have been on a trip through fairyland after reading your lovely post!


myletterstoemily said...

i am terribly sorry you didn't have
brothers and sisters, but it is our
gain! your incredible imagination
is enchanting.

you leave the sweetest notes at
rosie's place, too. :)

Desde my ventana said...

Thank you Anita!!!I'm very happy being your friend. Thank you for all the wonderful words that always you have for me.
Have a nice new week
Big big hugs,

Rosie said...

Oh Anita, thanks so for all the beautiful photos... I will definitely have to have a crabapple...ohhh, and the stone bridge, so amazing...I love fact that you would go to all this trouble just for me,so very live in a spectacular part of this world.
oh thank you for sharing your beautiful crown collection with me...such unique treasures...only your majesty could have thought to collect such opulence...
I shall use you as my sounding board dearest...I feel so very blessed to have met you...enjoy this evening...sweet Rosie

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Bonjour Anita, sending many fairy sprinkles your way for a wonderful new week! xx

escapade said...

Love this imaginary journey - hope all these beautiful wishes come true!

The Antiques Diva™ said...

I think I just took a vacation and I didn't leave my office chair!

Fine Bessot said...

Quel enchantement ce post !
Vous racontez et montrez comme un conte de fée...
J'aime ces mots : Il était une fois (once upon a time)... ils présagent une histoire qui nous fera rêver et là c'est le cas.
J'adore vos dessins et j'aimerais bien lire votre livre, où le trouver ?
A très bientôt avec toute mon amitié.

Rosie said...

Good morning sweet one,
Well once again, It's market day, so off to the big city...I love your new post so much...I must admit, that I do "Dilly Dally" a wee bit as I scroll down to asked me in an earlier post if I had children...I am BLESSED with two lovely babies. Ryan,23 who is gentle, kind and a huge tease {very much like his daddy} is very much into computers and hopes to one day have a pilots licence. Has done quite a bit of traveling over seas, so with a helicopter licence could work wherever.
...and my sweet Lizzy, is 21 and a free spirit. She is in her second year... getting her bachelor of education very independent...she is in Alberta, and we don't see nearly enough of her.
Well must run so I can beat traffic...have a glorious Rosie

Anonymous said...

What an enchanted post Anita! I love all of the images. You are so talented ♥ You speak more than one language, are highly educated, you draw and write, and play the harp. You teach! You have such a wonderful imagination. What a well rounded person you are. Your parents must be so proud ♥ I'm so glad to be able to visit here. Thank you so much for your wonderful and inspiring posts.

Marie-Ange said...

Des jambes de rêve dans un ciel étoilé !
Une suite d'images si raffinées ... ma belle Anita tu es une fée qui nous conduit sur un si joli chemin !
Je t'embrasse très fort et te souhaite tout le bonheur du monde.

Mes liens tardent à se mettre à jour ! Grrrrr !!!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

another enchanting and bewitching post, with creative thoughts and exquisite photos!

I have always been gobsmacked by people who can play the harp - the most beautiful of all musical instruments. I will never understand how you do it LOL.

Kathleen Ellis said...

Aaahhh...relaxing and dreaming...two of my very favorite things...and you make it so easy!
Have a beautiful week!
;-D Kathleen

The Victorian Parlor said...

Bravo!!! I applaude your willingness to take hold of your dreams and make them a reality! God gives us the opportunity to live our dreams but so often we overlook the blessings right before our eyes. I dream of living in an old Victorian; however, the price tags in our area make this an unreasonable goal. So we recreated our dream Victorian home in the lovely cottage that God blessed us with! I am so excited to find someone else who has transformed their dreams and passions into their everyday reality:). You are an inspiration!!!



Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

You are beautiful...Thank you so much dear Anita...You have a wonderful Tuesday too my Friend...Dzintra♥x

Rosie said...

Oh Anita...YOU too, are wonderful... and I just came by to say THAT!
...LOL...How was your day?..Mine was lovely...Totally adore your crazy visits...have a happy evening...Rosie

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Breathtaking! Captivating! 2 Creative Thumbs Up Anita!

I love what you do!
You are the master!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

La Petite Gallery said...

Anita You are so special. I just love your post's. This one is wonderful. Most of your childhood dreams came true.

Can't wait to come to your Enchanted post's. You are a breath of fresh air..


pat said...

A lovely time-out experience...thank-you.... and yes, I do sell the bird as you mentioned on my site.


Rosie said...

Good morning dear girl, your day is always half over by the time my begins...Hoping it was exciting and rewarding...and that you know what a special part you play, in molding these wee lives...I seem to be posting about sweet babies constantly these days...I miss mine so much these days...thankful for daughter and I talk daily.

I'm sure this is, a hard time for you to be without your mom...She would be so VERY proud of all your amazing accomplishment...and what a tender and compassionate women you have become...My mom lives quite a ways away so will not get an opportunity to give a hug in person...will go to visit later in the spring...enjoy the rest of this rainy day...I'll have a cuppa waiting for Rosie

From the Kitchen said...

I just found your blog and am totally enchanted. I cannot wait to explore your posts.


My Grama's Soul said...

What a lovely post you have shared with us today. I can feel my self on the way to Versailles and passing Marie's little hamlet!!


cityfarmer said...

I think you should take up blogging for a living ... give us all a paypal button ... you pay, you read.

you my dear are one gifted madame

Rosie said...

Rise and Shine...wishing my dear friend, a day filled with giggles, laughter, and many smiles...go and have Rosie

Serline said...

Though the photos were not all yours, I love the way you put them together and what an interesting narrative!

Anonymous said...

dear lovely anita...

bless you for your sweet comments xxx
i have only just put up a 'tagged' post, revealing much about myself..i must thave still been tweaking it whne you left your recent comment. i am feeling so nervous, thinking will people still like, will they still want to read my blog etc. etc.
i missed breakfast this morning and am about to go and have some brunch. i will be back later for a chat with you and a good strong cup of pg (i think i need one).



Anonymous said...

Dear Anita, I am late in reading and viewing your beautiful "escape" post - and you brought back fondest memories of my two visits of Versailles. That was a dream come true , one time "alone" and one time together with my daughter. Marie Antoinette - though a tragic figure of history- has inspired a lot of my preferences, wannabe-lifestyle and ideas for designs to come. You gave my ideas fire again. Thank you !

LissyLou said...

this beautiful post has really touched me....i to am an only child...and had to 'imagine'.....some good has come from it, but also some not so good.
I love your dreams of Paris etc though xx

pat said...

Anita,I do love coming to visit your blog. I feel the days tensions slipping away. About the needle felted bird,please feel free to contact me. We have a website, and you may email me from there.

From the Kitchen said...

Thanks so much for your visit. Please stop in for a cup of "bloody good tea" anytime.


JoAnn S said...

ahhhh I remember making a tent out of a sheet put atop a card table.I sat inside and created little secret fantasy scenes with doll house stuff, twigs,plants etc. Its been a longggggg time lol hugs JoAnn S ps beautiful photos!!

the paris apartment said...

What a wonderful stroll through your dreams! Sounds like you've accomplished so many of your childhood desires, thank you for sharing them with us!

fairmaiden said...

Anita dearest you have me on pins and needles!!!! are some of those pictures your cottage? 'Rabbit Hill'? is that the name of your cottage/castle? I'm not clever enough to figure it out! So I'm propped upon that minty green covered chair waiting...and waiting. Sipping my Tazo tea. ox~ Fairmaiden

Rosie said...

Hey Darlin'... how was your day?...Was giggling involved...I bet there was ...cause how can one make it through the day without a snicker or two...sending, a laugh, a snicker, and a giggle your on Rosie

GrandmaK said...

I don't know what I was doing a week ago but certainly I was not reading your grand post. Forgive my tardiness, but know I think this is a beautifully written post. Thank you! Cathy

Martina Voigt-Schmid said...

Dearest Anita, your posts are like little books and they take me away from ordinary life and make me want to come and play with you in the land of phantasie. I think it's one of the keys to happiness to never loose touch with ones "inner child" - and you must be such a great teacher with the gift you have - like Mary Poppins! So glad to be in touch - have a lovely day!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Thank you so much Dearest Anita...your words brought tears to my eyes...especially the bit about the last frontier.
The poem just sums up Kerri beautifully...I can just imagine her being like that...Enjoy every moment...Love to you, Dzintra♥x

Val said...

je crois que beaucoup d'entre nous revent de se laisser embarquer à chaque fois dans ton univers onirique,tu sais parler à nos ames exilées de leur terre d'abondance pour s'incarner dans nos sociétés parfois trop névrotiques...

Margaret said...

That was a lovely, positively transporting post. Thanks! I feel like I spent a few minutes at Versailles.

Libbie said...

Wow! What a treat that was! What a storyteller you are! I feel like I have just had a little vacation to the Frech countryside...thank you!!!

Nezzy said...

Oh sweetie, I can already tell this journey is gonna be great! I would love to have a seat, put my feet up and enjoy this ride through the "French" country cottage. Wonderful post!

Ya'll have a fantastic day filled with sunny blessings!!!

b.b.flockling * Rose said...

My oh my, Anita,
What a JOY of a journey into your thoughts and heart is sighing and smiling all at the same time. Thank you for gently taking us along with you!!

Fifi Flowers said...

I want to run off to Paris!!!

Rosie said...

You are so dear to come for a visit...To be greeted when I come home from a very busy day is pure delighted you had a happy day today too...may your dreams be Rosie

animal print gal said...

How beautiful and dreamy!
I love your blog, and thank you for sharing yourself!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Anita Sweetie...
I wanted to pop by and say hi. I am going this afternoon at 4pm (my time) to have a CT Scan done of my chest. They are searching for answers to the nodule(s) that they are seeing in my right lower lung. At this time, they are leaning towards possibly valley fever. Hopefully the CT Scan will tell them what they need to know. If not, and the nodules are of concern they will want to biopsy my lung. (That frightens me, but I trust my pulmonary specialist, and his judgement).

I continue to cough and am so exhausted from doing so. Even though they are giving me a cough suppresant with codeine so that I can sleep, DH says I am still coughing until about 2 am each and every morning. So my body is really not resting at all. I have pulled muscles in my chest area that kill me each and every time I cough.

I will keep you posted but no news really at this time. I love you sweetie...Sherry

Rosie said...

good morning dearest...Hey...It,s FRIDAY the days and weeks are moving so fast...but...busy is good... Well clean, clean, clean is on the agenda today. Must make our little house shine...That always makes me smile...Sending you some happy thoughts for a joyous Rosie

Micki said...

I love your creative way of thinking and communicating.

Belle Vie said...

Bonjour my lovely parisienne friend! Oh, how I would love to visit with you and go to your beloved Rose Mille and other fabulous shops in your area. Tea time at Rabbit Hills sounds divine. I love a cup of tea in the evening. Are you familiar with Teavana? My favourite is Snow Geisha. It's a white tea with rose petals and cherries. Lavender Dreams is wonderful as well.
Wishing you the most beautiful weekend. xoxo, B

A Refocused Life said...

I always enjoy my magical travels when I visit. I want to be the lovely lady getting the pedicure.

Rosie said...

good evening dearest...oh I so hope your day was as enchanting as you are...Have you any plans for the weekend?...I am in the store tomorrow, had so many boxes come in the store yesterday they are almost all unpacked...oh there are some beautiful treasure...wish you could come for a visit...will take some photos and do a post...well off to bed as tomorrow will be busy...good night dearest...Rosie

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Bonjour Anita

Thank you so much for visiting and for your sweet words. I am sure Brit could draw animals. Although I do not recall any.. Portraits are her passion.
Bebe was thrilled to have you visit her over at Nowhere.
Bisous, Penny

La Petite Gallery said...

Thanks for the great comment. What beautiful baths, what splendor.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Loved this, Anita!


Sheila :-)

cynthialouise said...

Dear Anita, You have created such an enchanting world to visit. It does brings tears of emotion to look and think about the images you share. It is truly God's gift to you, the talent, imagination, and wonderful creativity. It is a blessing to us all who visit you. You inspire me to get off my chair and go create!!!!

Belle Vie said...

Bonjour my lovely parisienne friend! The school bag is put aside for a few weeks while I enjoy time with family and friends, and visit my favourite blogs.
My degree will be in Interior Design. I decided to cut back on my summer schedule and only take the two PE courses needed. I felt I would be taking too much time away from my children. Summers fly by too quickly to not enjoy every minute.
Your home certainly is reminiscent to the french country side ~ it's absolutely stunning.
Home is a haven and each moment is to be cherished. My husband's mother always keeps a chilled bottle of champagne for the unexpected moments that need to be toasted. I believe each day is to celebrated ~ the sunrise, the sunset and each moment in between. Yes, your Mother was indeed a wise lady. It's important to make due with what you have and to build a home with love and memories, to make it personal. My grandmother has always said that no matter which room she walks into there are memories of each of her grandchildren.
I'm wishing you a beautiful weekend of sunshine and champagne. I hope the weather will be lovely for you. We've had much rain this week.
xoxo, B

marcela said...

quel beau blog!!!j'adore tes photos!!! bonne journée dès la France, MARCELA DE PATAGONIA

Victoria Sayer said...

Dear Anita.
You always take my breath away, with your wonderful blog posts.
Thankyou for being so special.