Sunday, May 23, 2010

Joie de vi·vre

Pronunciation: \ˌzhwä-də-ˈvēvrə\
Function: noun
Etymology: French, literally, joy of living
Date: 1889: Keen or buoyant enjoyment of life...

Merriam Webster dictionary classifies this French phrase as a noun, but I wonder what it would look like as a verb, qualified by an adverb...

To EMBRACE the beauty of age GRACIOUSLY

To LOOK into the mirror of time BOLDLY


and TO DO all in your power CONSISTENTLY.



To PLAY INNOCENTLY like a child





LOOK CLOSELY at your goals

and DREAM CONSTANTLY in the clouds

until you ACHIEVE your goals COMPLETELY on earth.

DANCE FEARLESSLY mes amies, in the golden shoes of a life, LIVED LONG and WELL with LA JOIE DE VIVRE!

Photo Credits:

First five interior images from the beautiful blog:

Eclectic Revisted

Illustration of Audrey Hepburn by Arnaud Griselin

Other interior images from:

Vintage Altered Art image:


Beach House Living said...

Beautifully stated and wonderful group of photos to match. This is one of those posts you should read over and over.

Connie said...

That last little "troll" house looks like one in Carmel, one of my favorite places on this earth to visit. It's like a fairy tale town with quaint shops abundant with little treasures, sweetpea. Just an enchanting place to visit.

Violet said...

Lovely interior photos! And beautiful Audrey...although I do think in the one with poodles, it would have been much more elegant with Afghan Hounds! Oh yes, to age with grace and beauty, and with the joy of a life well spent... a beautiful post Anita.

~ Violet

High Heeled Life said...

what a lovely post ... the images were so amazing! I especially loved the two library images ... imagine to have so many books to discover, read, explore within one's own home! And te cair with the ballet slippers, took me back to when I lived in Europe and had reach toe in ballet.... have a great week-end my friend.

p.s. how is Mrs. Robinson doing?

Rosie said...

Oh my darling Anita,
How very serine. I just want to loose myself in those first few images...the well worn, well loved patina is spectacular...this in my meager opinion is the essence of beautiful living.
Once again, I am speechless...and you know this only happens when you post anew. {my dearest...would say, this is a MIRACLE...but we will just ignore his sassy little comment}...However did you pull this off, being in such a state as we were today? are a wonder!...It is late, and I just discovered your masterpiece before climbing into bed, so will savor the rest first thing in the morning. Oh, how will I wait...but I must...the sweetest of all dreams are for you my Rosie

fairmaiden said...

Magical....all of it. I want to age gracefully. It is funny though, even though my body ages my heart stays so young...I'm still a lil girl inside. YOu too, I think. These images take my breath away. Oh how I love Roman Holiday!

fairmaiden said...

Now I can say, "Take me away Castles, Crowns and Cottages!" rather than Calgon. tee hee

Desde my ventana said...

Hi Anita,
Wonderful images to illustrate a precious words about life.
Have a very rets and lovey weekend,

Kristin said...

Dear Anita, first of all thank you for your always so sweet comments! I appreciate it! And I love how you put all these images together and, of course, the words that go with them! Love the library photos - want to sit down and read there! Wishing you a splendid weekend!

Kristin xxxx

The Dutchess said...

And I just love to go through life knowing you...we will grow old together..:)))Beautiful post dearest!

Jorgelina said...

Beautiful Audrey.
what a lovely post...magical...
Hugs Anita.

Violet said...

Hello again Anita,
As to your comment on my blog, concerning my comment on your blog, I actually have posed with our afghan hounds and there are 3 paintings that you can find me in with them here:

(I don't know if a link works in the comment section, but just in case!) No "gown" images yet, but the titles are: "Elegance I", "Elegance II" and "Afghans in the Garden" ... and now that you bring it up, I would like them to pose with a lovely lady wearing a fabulous gown. Good idea. That Audrey pose would be perfect.

~ Violet

cityfarmer said...

embracing age 57 with alot of joie de vivre

thank you for the kick in the pants to be okay with any age ...

have a blessed long weekend, my honey, my friend

KarenHarveyCox said...

What a lovely post Anita. I love those beautiful photographs.

Wishing you a Happy Pink Saturday Birthday, and a lovely Memorial Day weekend.

Anonymous said...

I just found you; what a beautiful blog!
I'll be watching! (not stalking!)

Princesa Nadie said...

It's lovely as you play with the words as in a game...all about you is magical.Love

Fete et Fleur said...

Your simply brilliant when it comes to photos for your posts! Can't wait to see you soon.


Orangesplaash said...

wonderful post..reading voraciously - thats what I would love to do. Only that I have so little time these days!
Great going Anita!

Vagabonde said...

It is interesting that you have a post on Joie de Vivre. A while back a read many comments for and against French President Sarkozy because he wanted to place “joie de vivre” as part of a country national economic output. He feels that it is as important an index as inflation and so forth. There were quite a few spirited discussions on it, from the UK who thought Sarkozy “soft”. In France people believe in joie de vivre a lot more that in this country. I remember a group of French people coming to my company here in Georgia and saying that their company had offered them more money if they would take a few less days of vacation and they said no, that time off was more important. I don’t think that this would be the answer here (and there is no national law in the US on vacations anyway!) The culture is different here I think, money is more important than happiness. Here is one of the articles:

Privet and Holly said...

I'm TRYING, dear friend! It isn't easy and it "ain't for sissies" as they say! But I intend to stay fully engaged in the game of life until the bitter end, if I am so blessed. Meeting new people {like the special someone who wrote this beautiful post}, trying new activities ~ always ~ reading, staying fit, eating well, seeing the world, trying to retain a childlike wonder, loving my family...I hope to do all of these and MORE. I especially loved the image of Audrey with the poodles. Our dog growing up was a black Standard Poodle and they always make me smile! Heaps of xx's...

Charlene said...

WONDERFUL as always dear Anita! Love those photos of Audrey. She was such a LADY! Have a great weekend. Charlene

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Anita, such a delightful post! Marvelously worded and lavishly illustrated with the most wondrous photos! ... as always!

I MUST HAVE the dining room, parlor, and kitchen at the top of the post. I need, Need, NEED, NEED to live in them!!!

Ludwig's castle and Audrey - does it get anymore gorgeous?!

LiLi M. said...

Bonsoir Anita! I was already looking forward to your Saturday post, but first I had to read and read and comment. I think I caught up with almost anyone I know in blogland now. That doesn't sound very much 'Joie de vivrish' don't you think? But you know better. Reading and enjoying other peoples blogposts is a meaning of 'Joie de vivre' as is enjoying all good things that life has to offer. if only you try to see them and keep them as your goals. Thanks for giving us food for thought and enjoyment and a lot of eyecandy resulting in Joie de vivre, Merci! Bisous LiLi

claudie said...

I've had that phrase in my vocabulary for years dear Anita. Joie de vivre is what my dad always taught me.
Lovely post.
I'm off to Montreal tomorrow with SIster Lolotte and my sister Debbie. It's sister's 90th birthday. We are going to lunch with her sister, and go to Mont Royal where L'Oratoire St. Joseph is located. I haven't been to that beautiful place of Saint Andre since I was 5 yrs. old. I'll think of you with all the beautiful architect, stain glass and French words all around me. Saint Andre's heart is actually there!!!
Have a great long weekend.
Love to you and hubby
Love Claudie

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh Anita! What a beautiful post! I am sorry I am so late... I just love the first photo... The table is just beautiful and I love the scroll work and the colors! oh my... All the images are lovely.. Audrey and the poodles... Look! It is Jasper's BIG brother...
Enjoy your weekend dear friend.
Bisous, Penny

Burlap Luxe said...

Thank-You for your wonderful visit and the time it took to leave such an endearing comment.

I am back again to take in the inspiring post again, I guess I could not get enough of it the first time!


Rosie said...

Oh my feet hurt.
Today was so busy!!! Went to the market, picked up a few thing for meals, then it was home to start cookin'. From that point on it was prepare,cook,clean...prepare,cook,clean. Tiring, but I LOVE to cook, so had fun. Four of Ry's buddies stopped by to help/visit, so I had a very full house...just like old times :)
Tomorrow will be more of the same, so may not get over for a visit...will think of you often, and pop in for a chat when I can...sweet dreams...Rosie

Marie said...

Once again, you've taken me away into another world. Thank you for a step away from what sometimes feels like a world that has forgotten to smile and enjoy the beautiful things in life.

Is the drawing of Audrey yours? I wouldn't be surprised, you never cease to amaze me.

Love you,

Desde my ventana said...

Happy sunday to you too,Anita

Martina Voigt-Schmid said...

Joie de vivre - mais oui - trés important! Growing old is two sided - on the one i get to know myself better and fell more harmonious and actually younger inside, on the other hand you get a glimpse of how short life is, and how precious! Have a lovely sunnday, and thanks for posting Anita!

The Dutchess said...

Dearest Anita..I am so happy to hear from you every day..I just added an old baby picture to the post I made today..those were the day's..Live for today dear..dream of tomorrow:) X

Presépio no Canal said...

Words of wisdom dear Anita ;-) What beautiful pics did you chose! The houses are cosy, and oh the library,,,a dream!! and the unforgetable Audrey Hepburn ;-)

Mille Bisous pour ta joie de vivre!


Susan said...

La joie de vivre...some days I feel it so fully, and others are such a struggle! Life is SO BUSY right now! Yes, dear Anita, the count is on! I have 4 days this week and 2 1/2 days next week until the last day of teaching and then a week of curriculum development. Then V.A.C.A.T.I.O.N!
Thank you for your enchanting photos and inspiring text! Just lovely!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hello dear Anita...what a joyful and very positive post...I'd say let's EMBRACE life!!! Have a beautiful weekend...Dzintra♥x
(still trying to track down the fabric)

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Anita, this is my favorite ever. I must link this on my sidebar. Is that o.k.? You have truly described all it is to be a woman. I find you a brilliant delight. Thanks ever so much! Blessings.

Jacqueline said...

Sitting at my table this morning dreaming over my pie and coffee...(yes, I eat pie at 5am sometimes...wink!)I thought of you... Opening your eyes to Sunday morning and deciding if you should be sassy French girlie today or a Groovy Girl but whomever you decide to be for the day I know you will do all of it in your power...consistently. No doubt about that, you live out loud daily.

I'm back from the deep black sea. In a God whisper I set sail through the sea to the on.

I love it here on your blog Anita because it reminds me that a place to be true is here and a place that you are you is here and I love that about you.

Gretta is returning soon...I do believe she is over in the Marshmallow Fields...having the time of her life.

Anonymous said...

Oh Anita ! Bonjour!

I love this post in it's entirety! however the reflect often photo was so very personally inpsiring to me!

thanks so much for sharing...again, you have an amazing ability to tell a great story, to lead our minds and hearts on a beautiful transport our souls into the wonderful world of bliss!

thanks so much for doing what you do!

ciao bella!
creative carmelina

ps. i truly enjoy seeing you pop in to my blog so regularily! thanks so very means a lot!


have a great weekend!

Pilar said...

I love your blog, images and ideas that are behind them, and small nymphs playing in the mirrors.


curlysusieQ said...

Oh my, how beautiful!!!! I want to live in your photographs!! I'm hoping that I'm aging gracefully, keeping my inter children and dressing in good taste like Audrey. Thanks for visiting my blog:)

Patricia Cabrera said...

Nita I left you a comment but I am not sure if accpeted.

Rosie said...

Well hello dearest,
How was your weekend? Did you rest both body and mind? I'm sure your gardens now are breathtaking, with the creative little haircut that you have given them. I feel so good when every thing is in it's place...everything is NOT in it's place in my backyard...You know the saying "things have to get worse before they get better"? Well this is what I am clinging to, at this point. Things are coming together slowly...very SLOWLY.
Have had a great visit with my dear son, and so appreciated the extra muscles, but alas, I must give him a kiss and send him on his way tonight. I hate goodbyes, so sad.
Well must get back to making dinner, will visit again Rosie

Bonnie said...

Lovely photos of Audrey, oh, lovely photos period! I enjoyed that pic of the glass doorknob, it reminded me of Aunt Clara on Bewitched! Remember?

Hope you are enjoying your weekend,

Mimi said...

Beautiful pictures and beautiful words!!!!We should all live by those!!!!Because there is truth in every word!!!!
Loved it , so pleasant and fun!!!!
Happy Memorial Day,

b.b.flockling * Rose said...

So well said and beautifully illustrated! Your blog is one of my most favorite places to visit before I turn out the last lamplight of the day...Thank you for such a sweet dream before sleep!

Martina Voigt-Schmid said...

Dearest Anita, thank you for your lovely comment! I've had some beautiful sunny days visiting my brother in rome, but here in germany it rained the whole of may - also today, and i'm really tired of it! But all the sweet people from blogland, especially you, make everyday a little lighter, and i hope your pupils treat you nice these last days before the holidays! xxM.

Marie-Ange said...

Comment résister à ta joie de vivre ?
D'ailleurs je ne résiste pas, elle est irrésistible ...
Le charme, l'esprit, la pétillance de tes images et de tes mots, je suis sous le charme ...
Bisous de tout mon coeur belle Anita.

Oui c'est ma piscine (depuis presque 30 ans !)..., ma belle-fille ... autour de la table du déjeuner de la fête des mamans ...

The Victorian Parlor said...

It's always a blessing to visit your blog dear friend! You have such a way with words and the beautiful photos that you post always inspire one to contemplate the joys of life:).



{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Ahhhh.....sweet usual your post was captivating. I want to live in the BLUE cute is that?

I hope you "shamelessly take time for yourself" today....

I'll be trying to unearth myself from the painting mess.

Happy Memorial Day!


Velva said...

As always, beautiful.

Violet said...

Guess what Anita?!? At this very moment I am eating my very first dish of the breakfast recipe you gave me! (Finally!) Yummy ... yogurt + chocolate + oats + rasberries + etc!!! I am so late today it is more like lunch : )

thank you!

~ Violer

Anonymous said...

Growing old should be a time when we can be like children again and enjoy our lives and loves once again. Beautiful photos. Lovely post as always.

petitebroderie said...

Des photos magnifiques, des désirs et des conseils superbes!!! Merci pour vos aimables frases pleines de sens, et si pratique pour la vie!!! Kisis. Esther

Belle Vie said...

Bonjour dearest! How did I miss this beautiful post!!?? I agree wholeheartedly with everything you have written. I especially love the photos of Audrey. The one of her "reflectig" is my favourite!
The past week has been a blur with returning home, the children out of school for the summer and as of an hour ago, our backyard is now summer ready... well, except for a last few bags of mulch. I believe I can now relax ♥
Rain showers came at the last moments but only lasted a short while. The sun is now shining again and Isabella is looking for the rainbow.
Have you begun your summer vacation?
Wishing you a beautiful week!
xoxo, B

Rosie said...

Hello sweet girl...
Hope you lounging in the garden, with an amazing book in one hand and a crisp cool drink in the other.
My sweet boy left at 2:00 this morning...I NEED A NAP...but alas, I must paint a lovely end table and her sister. The twins are quite French...and as my Français is VERY limited, I fear the conversation will be limited to Bonjour Mesdames ...Quelle couleur vous mesdames être?...Nuage blanc?...Nuage blanc, il est.
So if you would care to join me, I do have an extra brush, and will make a cuppa PG TIPS just for you. I have been deprived of this decadent beverage so you will have to tell me what I must do, in order that it might be edible...
Oh if only you could be here to keep me awake with a little girl chit chat. But alas I must take the plung and open the paint tin.
Adieu mon cher, nous allons visiter très bientôt ... un baiser et une accolade ... et me voilà...xoxo Rosie

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

So beautifully said my friend, and so very true- I am always amazed how you can combine your eloquent words to beautiful photos- you really get the meaning across like no one else! No one wants to get old....but somehow seeing this, it eases my mind and I can embrace it more readily now! It's all how we look at it, isn't it! much love, deb

Jeri Landers said...

To be comfortable in ones skin, at whatever age, is truly an art. Especially in a culture that worships youth. But honestly, I wouldn't want to go back to my 20's, 30's or even 40's. I feel good where I am at in this life that I have... I think I am living with Joie de Vi vre!

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

Yep, la joie de vivre...We know all about it :)
You surely do :)

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Back to soak it up once more. Such a beautiful post Anita..
Bisous, Penny

Rosie said...

dear one...xoxo...Rosie

Jennifer said...

Thank you for the sincere response to the post on teachers - I am a nurse in a high school health room - but I have also worked one on one with Autistic and Special Needs Children. I am hoping to find out more information about becoming an "Intervener" this summer, working with families and children who are blind and deaf. I have always gained so much more than I have given. On another note as I gazed upon your gorgeous images...I thought about my weekend of weeding my gardens.. it gave more than I did ...Poison Ivy - Lol! Hugs, Jennifer

Rosemary said...

Hi Anita,
Thanks for the visit!!
Had a busy weekend here. Just now getting around to the blog thing.
Your photos are amazing as always!!
Wish I had time for all of that stuff. Soon I hope. It' won't be gloomy for your visit. Usually later in the month is better.
Have a great week,

koralee said...

Magic is always happening over here! Thank you my sweet to reread again. Happy counting down the is coming to an end while the lazy days of summer are knocking at our door. xoxo

Rosie said...

Ahhh, what a lovely day of painting B*L*I*S*S. A pretty little French Provincial china cabinet has crossed over to the "creamy white" side...She will get a little antiquing tomorrow and be in the shop for Thursday. Because of the cold weather, I don't paint in the winter,there is a lot of stock piling that happens in the fall. I had forgotten how much I enjoy the peaceful, tranquility of painting in my workshop at home. Just my Ipod, my pup, and my paintbrush. ...Ahhh
You must be so excited to be almost done for the summer. To be able to relax amongst your beautiful hedges and flowers, while the bunnies happily hop by must be a bit of paradise.
Tell me more of this crazy vintage mantle...You must have been doing "the happy dance" all the way home. Might you share a picture or two?
Would have liked to have been there to do a little dance of my own, in your honor.
Once again, time for bed, see you bright and early...Smile on Rosie

myletterstoemily said...

brilliant! i loved all the audrey photos
and your sweet encouragements.

the antiques were gorgeous. an altogether
magical visit. i love to pretend over here.

and guess what? i lived in minnesota for
two years while my dad did his residency
at the mayo.

i vividly remember watching a giant truck
drive over an icy lake and think, "that just
isn't right." . . . as a four year old. :)

to joy!

Rosie said...

Good Morning Sunshine,
I'm still pondering your great mantle. The last time we had a clawfoot tub in the store, we snuggled it underneath a big old mantle...ahhh...from that moment on, I always said, I "needed" a mantle over my tub...not yet though...maybe when we redo the up stairs bathroom...we'll see.
So, more painting "bliss" today The List is long. The sweet little cabinet went cream...How ever there may be a little blue on my brush today...we'll see..
Time to get started,so will bid you farewell...enjoy this day to the fullest and we shall chat tonight ...keep smiling...Rosie

Rebecca said...

So well composed and inspiring! I'd love to have a copy w/o the pictures to store on my "quote" page.

Miss Sandra said...

Dearest Anita,
*sigh* Simply beautiful..sentiments and images. Thank you for my brief escape into your beautiful world.
Hope all is blissful and wonderful in your life.

Fifi Flowers said...

Another FAB post!

Barb said...

Hi Anita,

I just love visiting your blog. Did I read correctly-do you have 6 blogs?
I have difficulty keeping up with one-hehe.

Thank you for stopping by so faithfully-even when I kind of "drop out".

big hugs,

My Grama's Soul said...

Hi Anita.....such beautiful photos today. I'm quite certain you do each of the items you posted about on a regular basis. You have a certain "joie de vi-vre".



Debi said...

Dear Antia,
What a truly magical post! I found myself dreaming! The way you put images together and your thoughts are an inspiration and as I said, just magic! I honestly felt like I took a mini vacation, even for a moment. I have been away form blogland for too long! I miss visiting you and promise to catch up on all that I have missed!
You are such a talent!
PS I am such an Audrey Hepurn fan!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh Anita, Thank you so much for visiting Colette! You just make me smile.. You have such a way with words.. I am so pleased that she makes you so happy.. Yes, she does have point feet! Maybe I should have made her some pointy shoes! Nine more days to go.. Yes you can make it. Merci cher ami!
Bisous, Penny

Rosie said...

ahhh...well today is done. Managed to get a few more pieces painted. I so look forward to the sunny weather, as everything dries so much quicker. Because we have a lot of rain, our humidity is very high, so everything dries so much slower. Unfortunately there was no "soft turquoise" on my brush. Maybe tomorrow.
Saturday will be a bit "CRAZY"... Fortunately, many pieces sold this week...Unfortunately, they ALL leave the shop on Saturday...Fortunately, I have some pretties to fill the dance floor... Unfortunately, the farmers market opens at 8:00AM...Fortunately, my sweet husband loves me, and will share the stress with me. :)
I should very much like to hide with the bunnies in your garden, until the "merchandising fairies" have put my shop back together. We could sit in shade with our bare feet in the cool grass, a cup of something cool in our hand, and talk of the things that made us smile yesterday. But alas, it is I who have to solve the Chinese puzzle that will await me early Saturday morn. Well, here's hoping the creative juices don't let me down.
I shall definitely pop a "snappy" over to you as soon as I have a spare moment...
Time for bed now...
Le café est frais ... et il ya une chaise belle, juste pour vous .... Bonne nuit ma chérie

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

It's always so wonderful to visit here, you have such a way with words, and your pictures are just heavenly!!! Hope you have a great weekend. Blessings~~~Daphne

Rosie said...

Well Hello Dear One,
So sorry I wasn't very good company today...painted this morning, then laid as I didn't feel so well...a bit of the flu I think...on my way back, to snuggle under the covers...will chat more tomorrow...sweet friend...Rosie

Gypsy Purple said...

Please see my blog for a link and a mention in my Fabulous Friday post. XX Gypsy Purple

Gypsy Purple said...

Please see my blog for a link and a mention in my Fabulous Friday post. XX Gypsy Purple

Desde my ventana said...

Hi Anita,
Thank you for the information about Le Jardin de Miss Clara,I have included it in my post.
I wish you a wonderful weekend

La Petite Gallery said...

I come here to get inspired. Love your post.. Enjoy the Summer., Yvonne


Lovely post - and of course I liked the last picture best of all !

Patricia Cabrera said...

My dear Nita, I was eating fruits and veggies with a little carb but no meat. I did not mean to take the meat completely out of my system, because I *love* a well made filet mignon , but i was trying to do a cleaning on my intestine and the first step is not eating any red meat.
What upset my stomach was not the chicken but the store bought spices. They have lots ingredients that was to harsh on me. I am 100% sure because I have eaten chicken before during this process and nothing like this happen before.

Rosie said...

Good morning dearest,
still not feeling very well, but really do have to go to Vancouver for a few treasures, thanks so much for your morning greeting...will stop by when I get home...have a wonderful day...hey, not too many left!...whats the count down at?...XOXO...rosie

annie said...


Belle Vie said...

Bonjour my dearest! I'm delighted to hear about your productive holiday weekend. Your upcoming travels to California will be a fabulous time, visiting family and blogger friends!! I absolutely love San Francisco and driving along Hwy 1 ~ the views, smell of eucalyptus trees. Have you been to Carmel. We have yet to spend a weekend there but it's on our agenda. We are smitten with Monterey also.
Oh, how I wish I could join you and Rosie in Canada as well. Unfortunately, time doesn't allow for me either. We have much planned for summer. If you travel to St Louis in the future, I would love to get together. Wouldn't it be a dream to have a blogger rendezvous in Paris?!!
Wishing you a lovely weekend! xoxo, B


Simply splendid. I'm a new friend who will be back often.

Nishant said...

I think. These images take my breath away. Oh how I love Roman Holiday!
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Cindy Roehrich... said...

this is one of those posts that i want to print out and look at all the time! love, love, love all the images and words. it just made me feel good. i will be hearing the music in my head all day and be reminded of your words and images~xoxo

BonjourRomance said...

Dear Anita,
I have missed this gorgeous post as well, what has happended to my Blogger feed? Yet again you have captured so much beauty and elegance. Ageing gracefully, looking in the mirros and still being happy! Well said and a goal worth fighting for.
Those first few images with all the spectacular decorative ornaments and brocante made my heart skip a beat!
Okay now I'm ready to buy a Vespa and hit the streets like Audrey..of course my honey may have something to say about in the possibility of roadkill!! Have I mentioned I have a great skill for tripping and fallin! Oh well he still loves me, though I think he worries I'll have a run-in with a speeding taxi!
Just two more days of school for you. Bonne chance!

Ms. K @ Write On Thyme said...

JdV~ I think you have it! And of course, you know how much I love Audrey! I cried the day she died. I had always hoped to meet her...and then she was gone. Always fun to see her face here! Thanks for always visiting me. Big hugs to you, Kirsten